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  • Christians Together : Israel; at the centre of God's purposes!
    word arar which means bitterly curse and speaks of judgment The second use is the Hebrew word qalal which means to criticise or to belittle Accordingly the verse could be translated i e God speaking to the Jews I will bring judgment on those who speak badly of you Of course the unbelieving world is not likely to know God s heart but He has revealed it to those who trust in His Word Are we aligned with His plan As the time of Christ s return draws ever closer so will the activity of God s arch enemy seek to frustrate the Almighty s purposes Just as Satan was behind the crucifixion of Christ he is also active behind the scenes of all that we see happening in the Middle East in the knowledge that Jesus is coming back to capital city of Israel Acts 1 11 the country which God calls My land Ezek 36 5 Jesus is not returning to London Paris Tokyo New York or Rome The Saviour of the world is returning to Jerusalem the city in which God has set His name 1 Kings 9 3 Ezra 6 12 Just as he left Jesus is to returning to that Holy city and his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives which is before Jerusalem on the east Zech 14 4 This is not allegorical as some teachers would have us believe it is literal the prophet even defines the exact spot on the map before Jerusalem to the east It is in this context that the nations will be united cf the United Nations the Quartet the EU Islam against the Jewish people and the land Zech 12 3 Zech 14 2 However God will have his way and bring down those who oppose His divine plans Joel 3 2 Zech 12 3 14 2 The Almighty is Sovereign and unchanging in His purposes So the question that God is putting to every believer is Whose side are you and I on Let us be very careful lest we end up putting more store in media headlines than in the inspired inerrant and unchanging Word of God He is watching over His Word to perform it and He would surely have His children orientate themselves around His plans and purposes The prophet Zechariah declared declares God s word Zech 1 15 I am very sore displeased with the heathen that are at ease the word connotes haughtiness for I was but a little displeased with the Jews and they the nations helped forward the Jew s affliction The Christian church has enough shameful anti Semitism in its history let s not become part of that in our day The Lord will deal with His people it is not the task of the Gentile nations of their own volition to do that for Him Refs Israel and the Middle East in prophecy Bishop J C Ryle commenting on the church and the Jews Israel

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  • Christians Together : Jesus, Israel and the Kingdom of God
    God Ellel Ministries Scotland are running a new week long course led by Murray Dixon examining how Israel s destiny is inextricably linked with Jesus past present and future 5 10 October 2015 Ellel Ministries Scotland 12 11 2014 Article

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  • Christians Together : The Co-op, the Methodist Church, Israel and God
    56 Dale where Christians gather as long as it is a place where they can fellowship together in peace is of no consequence The house of a godly person or persons is obviously very suitable On the other hand if the number exceeds that which is comfortable and appropriate it is better to rent or purchase a suitable meeting place The important thing is to seek out and participate in collective worship and witness That is a clear pattern in Paul s ministry In many parts of the world today our brothers and sisters in Christ are prevented from doing this or do it at the risk of their lives Those who sit at home in self righteous isolation are simply saying that there are no born again believers in their vicinity who are worthy of their Christian fellowship It shows a lack of understanding and appreciation of the biblical teaching of the body of Christ here on earth Colin Ford Guest 02 12 2013 21 37 John I would respectfully ask you to reconsider your last paragraph Some cannot for many and varied reasons find the Christian fellowship in their locality that you are obviously so blessed to enjoy John Miller 03 12 2013 10 01 Colin I am in periodic contact with the Christian community in China They risk liberty personal safety and life itself in a determination to fellowship with God and one another I could go into graphic details how their bibles are ripped from their hands when their services are rudely and illegally interrupted etc these Christians put us to shame Paul counselled the church at Ephesus to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace Many confuse unity with unanimity In our fellowship I do not know if some others share my judgement about the interpretation of certain scriptures They may but there again they may differ on certain points of theology That doesn t trouble me I believe that we do meet together in the unity of the Spirit and are held together in the uniting peace of our fellowship with the Father the Son and the Spirit I state this I trust with all due humility and solemnity You live as I understand on the Island of Lewis We have several in our fellowship from Lewis and are looking forward to a visit from a servant of The Lord from lLewis God willing he will preach on Saturday evening and twice on Lord s Day I have never been to Lewis but am assured by my local brothers and sisters in Christ that godly enjoyment of the things of God can be experienced there Of course if lack of transport or ill health prevents you getting to a place of biblical Christian worship that is another matter To go back to my earlier reference to our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ I could well imagine that they would walk miles to enjoy what we can do in what

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  • Christians Together : Esther 4:14 Group
    is not aligned to any one organisation but aims to work with and assist all Christians organisations that support and pray for the Jews Those participating in this group will believe that God has plans past present and future for the Jews and hold fast to God s promises for them in the face of Replacement Theology which believes that God has finished with the Jews in terms of any

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  • Christians Together : Greenbelt on the Haman/Hamas trail
    Ireland escaped the horrors of the Third Reich and the extermination of unwanted members of society and especially of Jews On 25th August at Greenbelt Christian Youth Summer Camp Cheltenham Racecourse the Amos Trust launched the Kairos Britain network of Churches linked to Global Kairos as part of the Festival s focus on human rights The Amos Trust is one of 62 signatories to the Iona Call 2012 which seeks to provoke a response to a plea from Palestinian Christians for support in their struggles for justice The Kairos network will continue the work of the Iona Call which portrays Israel as an oppressive and unjust nation which denies political and human rights to Palestinians The Kairos Network will urge the Church to put pressure on governments to engage in boycott disinvestment and sanctions against Israel There is no recognition of benefits received from Israel in terms of infrastructure technological training and sharing of medical advances and expertise Boycotting Israeli goods would in fact be counterproductive causing even greater distress as thousands of Arabs who work in Israeli businesses would lose their jobs a fact which some Palestinian officials have recently been expressing anonymously Israel Today website 22nd July Anti Israel presentations and rhetoric can quickly descend into anti Semitism Efforts to approach the organisers of the Festival to ask them to include an Israeli perspective were in vain In any conflict it is unwise to focus only on the rights and sufferings of one side especially in the midst of peace negotiations Anti Israel presentations and rhetoric can quickly descend into anti Semitism We have only to recall where political and religious meetings condemning Jews led to in Germany before WWII Surely the Church the pillar and bulwark of the truth 1 Tim 3 15 should be engaged in

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  • Christians Together : Kirk burns bridges with Jewish community
    convinced from the Bible that God has not forsaken His eternal and unconditional promises to the Jewish people through the patriarchs and the prophets In January 2007 a grouping called Yachad was formed which aims to work with Christian organisations and individuals who also hold to the revealed promises of God Yachad is planning to hold a 3 day conference in the Cairngorm National Park in November 2013 The conference title and description is A Taste of Israel Further details can be found here Alternatively visit the Yachad website Scottish Council of Jewish Communities 26 05 2013 Feedback page 1 2 Charles cottam Guest 27 05 2013 14 21 How very sad When the Tron broke away they said tut tut Its so precipitate Now it looks to be far sighted and prophetic Homosexual marriage Being anti Jewish You are either for or against God s word The C of S has just consigned itself to irrelevance and powerlessness Ruth Kennedy The Jacob Plan Guest 29 05 2013 10 51 In light of the recent Church of Scotland s decision to accept The Inheritance of Abraham Report The Church at Stirling wishes to express their continued support for the Jewish communities here in Scotland and across the World and for the Nation of Israel As a Bible believing Church the Nation of Israel is important to us because we believe that the Scriptures teach that Israel remains important to God We believe that if something is important to God that it should also be important to those who say that they believe and follow Him For the Church at Stirling therefore we continue to support and do good to the Nation of Israel and her people as an expression of our faith and trust in Him We would also like to publically state that there are Christians and Churches in Scotland such as The Church at Stirling who have serious concerns both about the content and the general approach taken in this report and that we remain completely committed to holding out our hand of friendship and support to the Jewish communities here in Scotland and around the world Covenanter 1 Guest 29 05 2013 12 49 That s encouraging to hear Ruth The Lord bless you and all who support Israel John Miller 29 05 2013 13 40 All who love The Lord Jesus and cherish the word of God say Amen Covenanter 1 Guest 29 05 2013 17 26 Amen and Amen John Sutherland 12 06 2013 22 33 God s blessings upon Israel the children of Jacob are unchangeable Even if we prove untrue he is always true to himself His promises are new every morning His covenants are unbreakable Those who bless Israel he blesses Those who curse Israel he curses I fear for Scotland with so many of The Enemy in the courts of the CofS We must always stand with God and with His people everywhere And pray and work for the conversion of

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  • Christians Together : The Church of Scotland denies God's plans
    chosen people infuriates the human spirit The unconditional and eternal nature of the covenant outworked through Sarah not Hagar through Isaac not Ishmael and Jacob not Esau is summed up by the Psalmist who wrote He remembers his covenant forever the word he commanded for a thousand generations the covenant he made with Abraham the oath he swore to Isaac He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree to Israel as an everlasting covenant To you I will give the land of Canaan as the portion you will inherit Psalm 105 8 10 Of course the fact that God has made a choice in having chosen people infuriates the human spirit The notion that the Almighty deigns to do what He wants when He wants and through whomsoever He wants is such an affront to the world it is hardly surprising that anti semitism is the most enduring and universal form of genocidal hatred the world has ever seen While one might puzzle why it is found in sections of the church which purports to believe the Word of God it suggests that many within the institutions which claim that name either do not know God s Word or if they do are not prepared to accept it The following videos illustrate the nature of the political and spiritual battle which surrounds a little nation the size of Wales or the American state of New Jersey What strikes the historian surveying anti Semitism worldwide over more than two millennia is its fundamental irrationality Historian Paul Johnson Ultimately the enduring phenomenon of anti semitism cannot be explained in human terms It is a spiritual dynamic and the hatred of Israel and the impelling desire to destroy the Jews can only be understood in purely spiritual terms But what the Church of Scotland has done this last week is to have set itself on a collision course with God If as the Times article suggested the liberal wing of the Kirk shot itself in the foot the Assembly by adopting the report has effectively shot the Church of Scotland in the head In His further words to Abraham God warned I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse Gen 12 3 But for those including those within the Church of Scotland who have little regard for the veracity of God s Word or His ability to fulfil His intentions these words will hold no threat whatsoever The Political Battle see article British Army Officer is right on target The Spiritual Battle see article Christian Palestinianism Get the Flash Player or an HTML 5 compatible browser to see this player Get the Flash Player or an HTML 5 compatible browser to see this player Footnotes Because of the increasing anti semitism in society and the church a section of the website relating to Israel now appears as a main menu item Esther 414 The article Israel the world and the church first published in Christians Together in

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  • Christians Together : Christians encourage Israeli Ambassador
    cf Gen 12 3 Ed after a two thousand year exile If these Christians do not hold by Israel always right in terms of the country s conduct neither have they lost sight of the huge miracle of the re birth of a Jewish state and the significance this has for their own faith They are not fiery advocates of an impending Armageddon They see standing with Israel as a key to strengthening and blessing the Churches in this country Even more deafening is the silence from the academic political and Church elites I followed onto the podium Israel s deputy ambassador Alon Roth Snir Earlier in the week Alon had been confronted at a UK university by a gang of about 40 or so protesters chanting from the river to the sea Palestine will be free meaning the obliteration of Israel The demonstrators thought they had secured a great victory for Palestine by preventing Alon from speaking on the campus as a result of their loud and threatening actions Even more deafening is the silence from the academic political and Church elites to this brazen denial of freedom of speech But here at the church in central London Alon heard much greater noise being generated in love and not hate in support of him as a speaker rather than shouting him down It was an emotional moment for the both of us Over the past year as consultant to the Board of Deputies on engagement with Israel part funded by the Jewish Leadership Council I have worked closely with organisations such as Christian Friends of Israel and the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem Their work for Israel in prayer fundraising pilgrimages education and practical support is rarely reported in the national or church media We in the Jewish community are often left feeling that the Church is coldly indifferent to the challenges Israel faces from the likes of Hamas Hezbolla and Iran or even downright hostile last year approximately 400 Christians honoured the Jewish state at an evening of celebration in Glasgow But some statistics of events and rallies across the country suggest the Churches do not speak with one voice on these matters In Cardiff over 600 attended a tribute evening for Israel put on by Christian group Bridges for Peace last year approximately 400 Christians honoured the Jewish state at an evening of celebration in Glasgow and later this month approximately one thousand Christians will fill the Ulster Hall in Belfast as they did last year to acknowledge Israel as a light to the nations I left the church that night while a massive conga danced round the Church to Hinei Matov In the battle for Israel s legitimacy being fought in this country we have dedicated and enthusiastic allies I heard the Megilla late this Purim but in excellent spirit CT Ed footnotes In 2011 a group of Christian leaders was invited to the Israeli Embassy in London to meet and speak with an Israeli government

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