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  • Christians Together : A Message to the Palestinian People
    how Israel cares for her citizens by building a network of bomb shelters reinforcing buildings and public structures and providing early warning systems for her people I challenge anyone to find a nation who would tolerate what Israel has had to from radicalised people In contrast the leaders of Gaza given so much aid by the West appear to have spent much of it on building and preparing for war rather than helping or protecting the people Sadly militants hide like cowards behind civilians using public civilian buildings as cover for launching rockets in order to draw Israeli fire Women and children are called to be jihadists on rooftops and pay with their lives defying the IDF s warnings to evacuate It breaks my heart to see the one called the enemy work so hard to avoid collateral civilian damage whereas the other my own people think of them as a credible sacrifice for their cause Statement by Hamas leadership We Palestinians whether Fatah Hamas Moslem or Christian must accept responsibility for our actions and those among us who seek to perpetuate violence We must recognise that violence only leads to more violence and must admit we are committing war crimes ourselves The consequence of our actions is that we are reaping what we have sown Israel s military might causing so much damage in Gaza is a consequence not a first strike reaction to the provocation of those militants among us who for years have launched thousands of rockets onto Israel Violence can never be justified and what Israel has found herself forced into doing is wrong I challenge anyone to find a nation who would tolerate what Israel has had to from radicalised people who seek to destabilise the entire Middle East I call upon world leaders to

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  • Christians Together : Christian Palestinianism; a response
    18 22 The video in this article outlines the background from recent events leading up to the conference a report from the conference by Dr Wilkinson and a statement concerning the conference from international Messianic leaders Some of the footage was shot in Dundee in an hotel and the following day in the church of Rev Robert Murray McCheyne the Scottish minister who led the pioneering 19th century Mission of Enquiry to the Jews Paul Wilkinson s two essays entitled Prophets who Prophesy Lies in My Name and The Church at Christ s Checkpoint 2011 and 2012 respectively are available by clicking on the titles the images below or from the side bar of this page The sidebar also contains links to other articles on the subject of the Gentile church and Israel Click on images below to access these documents Footnotes From a Scottish perspective the Church of Scotland spent the best part of an afternoon at its General Assembly in May 2011 discussing how it could best campaign to boycott Israeli products while staying just within the law At the General Assembly of 2007 such was the anti Israel bias that a senior retired Church of Scotland wrote a letter i n response to the Assembly of that year The document A Covenant keeping God outlines the biblical covenants with a focus on the Abramic Covenant and the conflicting theological perspectives of Covenant Theology so called and Dispensationalism The theological arguments used to support infant baptism based on a refusal to differentiate between Abraham s special natural children the Jews and his spiritual children all believers run right through mainstream Presbyterian doctrine As a natural outworking these lead directly into a Replacement Theology position Christians Together 08 05 2012 Christian Palestinianism Dr Paul Wilkinson Dr Paul Wilkinson speaking on an American radio programme about the rise of what he has dubbed Christian Palestinianism a modern outworking of a theology dating back to the earliest NT times which teaches that God has finished with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in His plans and purposes Downloads 826 Recorded 23 02 2011 Length 21 minutes Listen Download MP3 Audio 20 171 KB Britain s Last Mandate David Davis Speaking in Birmingham on the occasion of the National Day of Repentance 2006 David Davis spoke a message concerning Britain s destiny in terms of our history responsibility and calling under God to align ourselves with God s sovereign purposes for the Jewish people David sees us as living in a season of Sudden Downloads 922 Recorded 17 09 2006 Length 54 minutes Listen Download MP3 Audio 128Kbps 38 199 KB Feedback Brian Ross 08 05 2012 19 56 Have just read the article i e haven t yet followed any of the links and the words that are already ringing in my ears heart are those quoted by the father of Corrie ten Boom to his then young daughter They Israel are still the apple of His eye We

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  • Christians Together : Error
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  • Christians Together : 's Details
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  • Christians Together : About us
    version Email to a friend About Us This section is gives you some background information relating to Christians Together in the Highands and Islands Click on some of the sections on the left of this page or from the drop down menu to learn more NOTICE The Response facility on some articles may be restricted to CT site members In these circumstances comments questions from non site members should be

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  • Christians Together : Our History
    events the newsletter carries a list of regular meetings A facility is also offered whereby inserts fliers can be posted out in the same envelope The use accessibility and functionality of electronic communications has grown considerably in recent years An electronic copy of the newsletter has now been available for over 3 years in Adobe Acrobat format via email to over 50 recipients and the quarterly publication is now supplemented by a growing email list carrying news of events which may because of their timing have missed inclusion in the newsletter Present position 2016 In January 2007 the current web based version of Christians Together was launched and has evolved so that the site now has an international membership spread over 4 continents In this context the content and purpose of the site has changed considerably The advent of social media has allowed local information on meetings etc to be disseminated by other means and the nature of the articles on site are now more international in their relevance Much of the early Scottish Highlands and Islands material is now in the Archive section of the site For a more detailed update see Editor s Update Dec 2015 Footnote In

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  • Christians Together : Our Vision
    only way to God through Jesus Christ With the introduction of this website we hope to serve a much wider Highlands and Islands geography and to open up further avenues for communication prayer support and edification within the Body of Christ We hope you find this website useful and we encourage you to explore and contribute We will continue introducing features to the website to promote an active expression of

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  • Christians Together : Editorial Policy
    the local Christian community All editorial rights reserved Responses to articles and discussions See Article Response facility And all contributions from all sources should be in accordance with the Site Ethos Caveat The Editor and Editorial Board do not necessarily agree with all the material contained on the Christians Together website nor necessarily endorse all the links contained therein Neither does an inclusion in the web site of news or information from any individual church or organisation imply any endorsement or support Equal Opportunities Guarantee This site is called Christians Together This will inevitably mean that Christians from a range of ecclesiastical and theological backgrounds with widely differing views on this or that will engage with or at least be faced with topics on which there could be a range of deeply held opinions Accordingly there may be material which is at any one time controversial and attracting varied responses In this context Christians Together is an Equal Opportunity site every site user should be able to find something somewhere with which they can disagree However this in the belief that it is intrinsically more honest to God to discuss and even with respect and courtesy disagree with one another

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