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  • Driver's Education Can Pay Off
    to save on your auto insurance Consider taking a driving course New drivers can often save on insurance costs by completing a driver s education course Additionally more experienced drivers who take an accredited defensive driving class can often reduce the points on their driving records and get an insurance discount A safer driver means fewer claims which is why these discounts may be available Confirm that you will get a discount before registering for a driving class your driving record how recently you ve taken a driving course and other factors can influence your eligibility Wondering what driving behaviors make you a better driver Here are a few examples Avoiding High Risk Situations Learning to identify and avoid potential accident situations even if that means yielding to the other driver Obeying Traffic Laws Adhering to the rules of the road and avoiding aggressive or dangerous driving behaviors like weaving in and out of traffic or drinking and driving Adjusting to Road Conditions Taking necessary precautions during bouts of bad weather when roads become treacherous Following the Posted Speed Limit Maintaining a consistent predictable speed to avoid surprising other drivers and of course avoiding moving violations Staying Focused on the

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  • Ride Sharing and Auto Insurance
    a few things you should knowbefore signing on to be a driver for a ridesharing service These companies differ from traditional taxi services in that passengers do not hail a cab but rather contact an independent driver using an app that they download to their smartphone Drivers for ridesharing services use their own vehicles and are required to have proper auto insurance Ridesharing companies often provide some supplemental insurance coverage but as the services are relatively new the corporate policies and procedures are still changing and evolving as are the laws that govern them in different states What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Driver for Hire Policy Exclusions Confirm that your personal insurance is adequate Often driving for hire is excluded from standard personal versus commercial automobile policies Exact Coverage Amounts Review your coverage limits to determine if your coverage is adequate for the potential liability you are taking on by driving for these services Supplemental Coverage Find out what supplemental insurance is available from the ridesharing company Because their policies are constantly changing it s a good idea to review them on a regular basis to avoid any insurance gaps Licensing Requirements Determine if your state requires

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  • What You Need to Know About Attractive Nuisance Liability
    both attractive and dangerous to curious children can be considered an attractive nuisance making you potentially liable in the event that these objects cause an accident Common attractive nuisances include farm equipment unguarded swimming pools open pits or holes abandoned appliances old vehicles manmade features and trampolines The logic is that even if a child trespassed on your property you might still be liable if you failed to take necessary steps to prevent the accident Here are some ways to minimize your liability Prevent Access Install secure high fences and locked gates to prevent easy access to the nuisance Safeguard Discarded Dangers Remove doors and lids from old household appliances that pose a suffocation hazard Lock Parked Vehicles Always keep the doors hatches and trunks of parked cars locked with windows sunroofs and convertible tops closed Protect Work Sites Enclose work sites in safety fencing to keep curious children out and away from tools and building hazards Enclose Open Hazards Pay particular attention to drainage ditches excavation trenches wells cisterns holding tanks and open pits where children may fall and become trapped Minimize Attractiveness Hide the nuisance behind fences or hedges This is especially important if your home is located

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  • Winter Home Maintenance Tasks
    are best left to experienced professionals Before the winter weather rolls in take the time to prepare your home and protect your investment Prepare Your Heating System Schedule a professional checkup and cleaning of your home s heating system before you need to turn it on While you re at it switch the direction of ceiling fans throughout your house to rotate clockwise Look for Leaks Check all doors windows attic hatches external vents and electrical outlets for air leaks and add caulk weather stripping and insulation to prevent warm air from escaping Don t forget to inspect the roof and replace any loose or damaged shingles Check Fire Safety Equipment Test and or change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors Also inspect fire extinguishers to ensure they re in good working order Prepare Plumbing Turn off and drain outdoor hoses sprinklers and irrigation systems and consider picking up faucet covers for outdoor spigots Protect exposed pipes and plumbing in uninsulated areas with pipe insulation to help deter freezes Tackle Yardwork Clear fallen debris from the roof and rain gutters Now s also the time to trim branches and remove any dead trees or shrubs Update Safety

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  • Choice One Insurance Partner Links | Cheapest Car Insurance | Homeowner Insurance in Florida
    to optimize your placement in search engines and promote traffic to your site join our Partner Links Program by filling out the form at the bottom of the page It s Free and helps us both After your submission we will review your information and notify you of approval Listing 0 0 of 0 Previous 1 Next of 1 Page Join Our Partner Links Program Name Email Link Link Text

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  • Seven Surprising Factors That Could Affect Your Car Insurance Rates
    tend to have fewer insurance claims and therefore usually pay less for car insurance than single folks This judgment even extends to people who have lost a spouse according to a July 2015 report from the Consumer Federation of America The group said that four out of six major insurers apply a widow penalty by boosting car insurance rates by an average of 20 for people who become widowed 3 Whether you graduated from college Drivers with more education generally pay less for car insurance For example an Oregon driver without a college degree would get quoted a car insurance rate that is 20 higher on average than someone with a bachelor s degree analysis found Similarly Liberty Mutual quoted high school graduate rates averaging 10 to 13 more than those for college graduates in Baltimore Houston Phoenix and Hartford Connecticut the Consumer Federation of America reported in 2013 4 Your job The insurance industry also says that drivers with certain occupations are more likely to file insurance claims But consumer advocates say insurers charge people with higher status jobs less because they want customers who will buy higher levels of auto coverage and other policies Geico quoted insurance rates for a factory worker in Hartford that were 28 higher than rates for a factory superintendent according to the Consumer Federation s 2013 report Liberty Mutual quoted an Oakland California factory worker rates that were 20 higher than those for an executive 5 Whether you own your home Some companies including Travelers give homeowners a price break on car insurance You don t have to buy your homeowners insurance through Travelers to get the car insurance discount although you can get additional savings if you buy multiple policies with the company similar to most other insurers 6 Your grades Good

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  • Choice One Insurance - loanOptions - Extra Pages - FORECLOSURE – Tenants Rights
    tenants when the property they are renting is foreclosed For a tenant to receive these protections a bona fide lease or tenancy as defined by PTFA must have been entered into before the date of the notice of foreclosure What notice of foreclosure means was unclear under PTFA but has been clarified by the 2010 Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Dodd Frank Act The Dodd Frank Act now defines the date of notice of foreclosure as the date on which complete title to a property is transferred to a successor entity or person as a result of an order of a court or pursuant to provisions in a mortgage deed of trust or security deed As a result tenants are now presumably protected by PFTA as long as they entered into a bona fide lease or tenancy before the new title was issued Under PTFA the immediate successor in interest usually the bank is required to honor the terms of the lease unless it sells the property to a buyer who will occupy it as a primary residence If the property is sold to such a buyer the tenants are entitled to receive a 90 day

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  • Choice One Insurance - Content Pages - Extra Pages - Citizens Windstorm Mitigation Re-Inspections
    Wizard Mortgage Center Mortgage Calculators Home Purchase Assistant Home Refinance Advisor Today s Mortgage Rates Insurance Website Home Citizens Windstorm Mitigation Re Inspections Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is conducting Windstorm Mitigation Re Inspections You may receive a notice from Citizens advising that an inspector will be contacting you to make an appointment to inspect the property to confirm if the credits that were originally applied to the policy are correct This inspection is very important and needs to be completed or all credits will be removed Once the inspection is submitted Citizens will send a notice advising you of any changes to the upcoming renewal A copy of the inspection can be obtained through Citizens web site www citizensfla com or your agent If for any reason credits are removed do not panic These changes will not be reflected on the policy until your upcoming renewal This allows time to make the necessary upgrades or to provide the supporting documents to reinstate the credits You may also visit Citizens website or contact your agent for additional information Reporting by Jennifer Gall Erin Land Ludy Invernizzi Editing by Marcos Fullana Quick Quote Please turn on Javascript to view this form Type

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