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  • Choice One Insurance - Content Pages - Featured - Shedding Light On Car Insurance Savings
    an independent agency ChoiceOne Insurance can help We can review your policy and possibly help you find a variety of illuminating ways to save money Here are some things you may want to consider Ask us to check several companies rates This is the single most important thing you can do to get the best possible rate and we can do it for you quickly and easily The difference between the highest and lowest rate available to you from different companies could vary by hundreds of dollars Reduce or drop physical damage coverage on an older car Depending on your car s age and where you live comprehensive and collision coverage may not be worth keeping We can give you advice on whether it makes sense to reduce or drop this coverage altogether Raise your deductible According to the Insurance Information Institute raising your deductible from 200 to 500 could reduce your collision and comprehensive cost by 15 to 30 percent In addition because the average driver files a collision claim only once every ten years odds are that over the lifetime of your car a higher deductible will save you money We can show you how raising your deductible will lower your premium Look for discounts Many insurance companies reduce premiums for certain driver traits or car features For example being a homeowner for more than three years nonsmoker nondrinker students with good grades senior citizens who have taken an approved defensive driving course people who only drive for pleasure cars kept in garages antilock brakes antitheft devices air bags etc Ask us to check Don t assume having your car and home insured by the same company is the best option Because auto insurance rates vary so much from company to company it may make sense for you

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  • Choice One Insurance - Content Pages - Featured - Insurance Choices
    View Featured Listings Home Value Wizard Mortgage Center Mortgage Calculators Home Purchase Assistant Home Refinance Advisor Today s Mortgage Rates Insurance Website Home Insurance Choices Types of Insurance Available Auto Insurance Local Car Insurance Motorcyle Insurance Boat Insurance RV Insurance Commercial Auto Insurance Truck Insurance Homeowners Insurance Renters Insurance Life Insurance Health Insurance Umbrella Insurance Quick Quote Please turn on Javascript to view this form Type of Insurance Select One

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  • Seguros De Carro
    Local Resources for Insurance Clients Free Insurance Reports Home and Auto Marketplace Home Search View Featured Listings Home Value Wizard Mortgage Center Mortgage Calculators Home Purchase Assistant Home Refinance Advisor Today s Mortgage Rates Insurance Website Home Seguros De Carro Quick Quote Please turn on Javascript to view this form Type of Insurance Select One Auto Insurance Home Insurance Health Insurance Life Insurance Business Insurance Credit History Select One Excellent

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  • 6 Ways Women Can Save on Car Insurance
    year to year This is especially true if you ve moved to a new state Rates charged by the 10 biggest insurers in three states found that Geico had the lowest rates in New York but the most expensive in California 2 Ask For Discounts Most major insurance companies offer a wide variety of discounts so ask your agent what s available You might be able to lower your rate by being retired or a recent graduate not driving very much taking a defensive driving course buying multiple policies or types of policies from the same insurer having a car with certain safety features such as automatic seatbelts or antilock brakes or paying your premiums with automatic withdrawal If you re looking for a safe driver discount find out how long it takes to qualify For example Allstate requires only three years of driving without a violation or accident before it ll grant the price break while Geico requires five 3 Buy A Car That s Easy To Insure Your choice of vehicle will affect your rates especially if you re purchasing collision and comprehensive coverage Your insurer determines your premium in part based on its past experiences with your car model including claim history repair costs and theft rates Minivans and small to medium size SUVs are among the cheapest vehicles to insure 4 Reduce coverage costs If you have a late model car you probably want comprehensive and collision insurance They ll be required if you re financing the vehicle But you can lower your premiums for both by choosing a higher deductible Studies found that raising your deductible from 500 to 1 000 saves an average of 200 per year and raising it from 500 to 2 000 saves an average of 362 per year Just make

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  • When To Review Your Insurance Policy
    year Does my policy now include a separate deductible for risks like hurricane or hail Should I raise the deductible to save money Am I taking advantage of all available discounts Do I need to raise the amount of coverage for liability personal possessions or the structure Should I comparison shop for a cheaper rate Do I need flood earthquake or an umbrella policy 2 Major purchases or alterations improvements to your home If you have made any major purchases make sure that you have the proper coverage And don t forget about gifts If you have received a diamond engagement ring or if a member of your family has bought you expensive artwork or a computer talk to your agent about either increasing the amount of insurance you have for your personal possessions or purchasing a floater endorsement for these items A floater will give you higher and broader coverage for these items than you have under your homeowners policy If you have made major improvements to your home such as adding a new room enclosing a porch or expanding a kitchen or bathroom you risk being underinsured if you don t report the increase in square footage to your insurance company Don t forget about new structures outside of your home If you have built a gazebo a new shed for your tools or installed a pool or hot tub you need to speak to your agent Keep receipts and records in case you need to forward copies to your company 3 You have made your home safer If you have installed a state of the art fire burglar alarm system or upgraded your heating plumbing or electrical system make sure that your insurance company knows about these improvements You may qualify for a discount Do you need

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  • Insurance On A Shortage Unit
    Need Additional Insurance Approximately 10 percent of American households use off site self storage either as a way of managing the storage space in their current home or as a temporary measure while relocating to a new one If you are storing your belongings at a reputable storage facility the likelihood of losses due to theft or vandalism is low but that is not the only type of loss you may suffer There is also the risk of damage due to fire flood rodents or mildew Whether or not Choice One Insurance is your insurance agent the good news is that your current homeowners or renters policy likely covers items kept in storage but it s important to understand exactly what your policy does and doesn t cover before deciding whether or not you need to upgrade your policy Limitations Find out if there are any coverage limitations on your existing policy Often insurance policies will cover only a percentage of the total coverage amount for items stored off site So if the value of what you are storing exceeds that amount you should consider increasing your coverage Exclusions Check that what you are storing isn t excluded from coverage when kept at an offsite storage facility Common exclusions include jewelry and precious stones currency and securities art and antiques business inventory or records and collectibles Risks Confirm which perils are covered under your existing policy Your existing insurance policy may cover losses due to fire or flood but exclude damage done by rodents or mildew or even negligence on the part of the facility operator Confirm your coverage and check out these tips on how to protect your belongings Deductible Confirm what your deductible would be in the event of a claim Most often it s the same as

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  • Avoiding Common Holiday Mishaps
    are cut short by a trip to the hospital thanks to one of these holiday hazards Decorate With Care Use caution when stringing lights and hanging ornaments Always position ladders on level ground stay centered between the rails and never overreach or step on the top two rungs Know the Warning Signs Learn how to recognize the warning signs of heart attack Holiday heart attacks are often triggered by the increase in stress excessive eating or skipping medication Beware of Plastic Packaging Never open plastic packaging with scissors or sharp knives one slip of the hand lands you in the emergency room Instead use a good old fashioned can opener to cut along the edge Protect Against Slip and Fall Keep hallways and pathways in and around your home clear of Christmas clutter especially if you are hosting elderly family members Designate a Driver Don t become another holiday accident statistic Always designate a driver or take a cab to and from holiday events if you know you will be partaking in festive cheer Watch for Tippy Trees Always secure your tree in a sturdy stand and position it away from traffic Keep a close eye on young children and

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  • The Lowdown on Rental Car Insurance
    depends Many people aren t aware that their personal auto policy may extend to their rental car making the daily insurance offered by the rental car company a waste of money Sometimes this coverage is limited to personal use if you re traveling for business you should confirm that your rental car will be covered by your existing policy Here are three alternatives to expensive rental car insurance Comprehensive Coverage Use your personal car insurance policy If you have a comprehensive policy for your personal car it is possible your coverage will extend to the rental car Confirm your coverage before your next rental Rental Car Coverage If you don t own a car or frequently rent cars for business personal coverage may not extend to business travel look at your policy It may make sense for you to add rental car insurance as a separate policy or as an add on to your existing auto coverage All policies are different so confirm your coverage and limitations Credit Card Coverage Take advantage of built in car rental insurance on your credit card It s important to note that you are covered only if you pay for the entire car rental

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