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  • Choice One Insurance - Content Pages - Featured
    Center Mortgage Calculators Home Purchase Assistant Home Refinance Advisor Today s Mortgage Rates Insurance Website Home Featured To find out which loans work best for you read through these diverse loan options and choose the one that fits your needs and preferences Listing 1 10 of 17 Previous 1 2 Next of 2 Pages Choose Category Featured Extra Pages Newsletter Articles Tip of the Day Birthday Spotlights Seguros De Carro Seguros De Carro Seguros Para Carro 6 Ways Women Can Save on Car Insurance 6 Ways Women Can Save on Car Insurance Save Money On Car Insurance When To Review Your Insurance Policy Review Of Your Insurance Policy Review Of Your Auto Insurance Policy Review Of Your Homeowners Policy Insurance On A Shortage Unit Shortage Units Shortage Unit Insured Insurance on Shortage Unit Avoiding Common Holiday Mishaps Holiday Accidents Holiday Dangers The Lowdown on Rental Car Insurance Auto Rental Insurance Car Rental Insurance Driver s Education Can Pay Off Driving Course Driver s Ed Ride Sharing and Auto Insurance Auto Insurance and Ride Sharing What You Need to Know About Attractive Nuisance Liability Winter Home Maintenance Tasks Winter Home Maintenance Tasks Quick Quote Please turn on Javascript to view this

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  • Defensive Driving Tips
    phone choosing when to change the radio station and waiting to eat the food you just picked up until you get home Distracted driving is the number one cause of auto crashes today Each day in the United States more than 9 people are killed and more than 1 153 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Remember that your most important priority when you re in the car is to simply just drive Be aware of other drivers While you may be practicing safe driving techniques that doesn t mean that everyone else around you is Watch out for those who may be swerving talking or texting on the cell phone nodding off or just being reckless in general Allow a minimum of three seconds in front of you and give space to at least one side of your vehicle as well Avoid packs We ve all seen them many cars bottlenecked together When we drive we re within feet of many vehicles traveling at high speeds Just one mistake can cause a massive pile up As a defensive driver either stay far enough back or get out ahead of the pack This will give you time to react if a problem does occur and it makes for a less stressful commute Many accidents especially in packs are caused by suddenly changing lanes so choose a lane and try to stay in it to avoid getting rear ended Watch for others constantly switching lanes too Many drivers will try to slip in and out of lanes even when it s not safe to do so Watch your blind spot Pay attention to your own blind spot You should be checking your mirrors every five

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  • Choice One Insurance - loanOptions - Featured - 8 Events/Things
    or not comes down to the origin of your mold A sudden burst pipe that you work to address immediately You re probably good But if you happen upon a mold issue when renovating your home that removal is going to come out of your own pocket 4 Relocation expenses If ice dams caused you to flee your home for an extended period last winter you might have found out the hard way that not all insurance plans cover relocation costs even if the home loss itself is covered Tack on additional living expense coverage to your policy and you re safe for up to 12 months even 24 in some states 5 Earthquakes Earthquake insurance it s not just for Californians anymore Don t believe us The U S Geological Survey s seismic hazard map and Trulia Local Maps should do a pretty good job convincing you Tremors happen everywhere and as savvy San Franciscans have long known earthquake damage is not covered under a standard homeowners policy If you don t live near a major fault line rates tend to be affordable but if you re in an earthquake prone area the costs will be relatively high 6 Pools Given the liability and the expense why does anyone have a pool these days If you inherited one or just like swimming a few laps every day you might want to start quaking in your water wings when the neighborhood kids come over for a dip With good reason Your liability coverage probably doesn t go nearly high enough when it comes to pool related injuries and the inevitable legal expenses Call your insurance company and increase your limit up to 500 000 then build a fence around that sucker for good measure or if it is no longer

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  • Seven Surprising Factors That Could Affect Your Car Insurance Rates
    tend to have fewer insurance claims and therefore usually pay less for car insurance than single folks This judgment even extends to people who have lost a spouse according to a July 2015 report from the Consumer Federation of America The group said that four out of six major insurers apply a widow penalty by boosting car insurance rates by an average of 20 for people who become widowed 3 Whether you graduated from college Drivers with more education generally pay less for car insurance For example an Oregon driver without a college degree would get quoted a car insurance rate that is 20 higher on average than someone with a bachelor s degree analysis found Similarly Liberty Mutual quoted high school graduate rates averaging 10 to 13 more than those for college graduates in Baltimore Houston Phoenix and Hartford Connecticut the Consumer Federation of America reported in 2013 4 Your job The insurance industry also says that drivers with certain occupations are more likely to file insurance claims But consumer advocates say insurers charge people with higher status jobs less because they want customers who will buy higher levels of auto coverage and other policies Geico quoted insurance rates for a factory worker in Hartford that were 28 higher than rates for a factory superintendent according to the Consumer Federation s 2013 report Liberty Mutual quoted an Oakland California factory worker rates that were 20 higher than those for an executive 5 Whether you own your home Some companies including Travelers give homeowners a price break on car insurance You don t have to buy your homeowners insurance through Travelers to get the car insurance discount although you can get additional savings if you buy multiple policies with the company similar to most other insurers 6 Your grades Good

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  • Choice One Insurance - Content Pages - Featured - BofA pushes short sales, not foreclosures
    estate analysis company RealtyTrac The national average foreclosure timeline is 318 days I think this is a positive sign that the bank is being creative to try and help homeowners and get things moving said Paul Baltrun who works with real estate and mortgages at the Law Office of Paul A Krasker in West Palm Beach With real estate attorneys handling these cases you re talking two three four years before there s going to be a resolution in a foreclosure Guy Cecala chief executive officer and publisher of Inside Mortgage Finance called the short sale payout a bribe You can call it a relocation fee but it s basically a bribe to make sure the borrower leaves the house in good condition and in an orderly fashion Cecala said It makes good business sense considering you may have to put 20 000 into a foreclosed home to fix it up Homeowners especially ones who feel cheated by the bank have been known to steal appliances and other fixtures or damage the home This might be the banks finally waking up that they can have someone in there with an incentive not to damage the property said Realtor Shannon Brink with Re Max Prestige Realty in West Palm Beach Isn t it better to have someone taking care of the pool and keeping the air conditioner on A spokesman for Bank of America said the program is being tested in Florida and if successful could be expanded to other states Wells Fargo and J P Morgan Chase have similar short sale programs sometimes called cash for keys Wells Fargo spokesman Jason Menke said his company offers up to 20 000 on eligible short sales that are left in broom swept condition Although the program is not advertised deals are mostly

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  • Choice One Insurance - Content Pages - Featured - Five Steps to Take After an Accident
    to Take After an Accident Five Steps to Take After an Accident If you re ever in an accident it s easy to forget what to do right away Follow these five steps to ensure the safety of you your passengers and everyone else involved Call the Police Even for small accidents call 911 Police will help redirect traffic and document the incident Avoid Additional Damage Move your car from the roadway as soon as possible to prevent additional collisions Get the Right Information for the Insurance Process You ll need the other driver s name license phone number insurance information and license plate number Document the Accident From taking pictures of the damage and the overall accident to interviewing witnesses and taking down their information The more accident evidence you can gather for the insurance claim the better File an Accident Report File a state vehicle accident report available at police stations and DMV websites to help speed up the claims process Be a safe driver Take the National Drivers Test Share and compare your scores with your family and friends and determine who the smartest and safest driver is Visit www nationaldriverstest com and click on the National

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  • Choice One Insurance - Content Pages - Featured - Shedding Light On Car Insurance Savings
    an independent agency ChoiceOne Insurance can help We can review your policy and possibly help you find a variety of illuminating ways to save money Here are some things you may want to consider Ask us to check several companies rates This is the single most important thing you can do to get the best possible rate and we can do it for you quickly and easily The difference between the highest and lowest rate available to you from different companies could vary by hundreds of dollars Reduce or drop physical damage coverage on an older car Depending on your car s age and where you live comprehensive and collision coverage may not be worth keeping We can give you advice on whether it makes sense to reduce or drop this coverage altogether Raise your deductible According to the Insurance Information Institute raising your deductible from 200 to 500 could reduce your collision and comprehensive cost by 15 to 30 percent In addition because the average driver files a collision claim only once every ten years odds are that over the lifetime of your car a higher deductible will save you money We can show you how raising your deductible will lower your premium Look for discounts Many insurance companies reduce premiums for certain driver traits or car features For example being a homeowner for more than three years nonsmoker nondrinker students with good grades senior citizens who have taken an approved defensive driving course people who only drive for pleasure cars kept in garages antilock brakes antitheft devices air bags etc Ask us to check Don t assume having your car and home insured by the same company is the best option Because auto insurance rates vary so much from company to company it may make sense for you

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  • Choice One Insurance - Content Pages - Featured - Insurance Choices
    View Featured Listings Home Value Wizard Mortgage Center Mortgage Calculators Home Purchase Assistant Home Refinance Advisor Today s Mortgage Rates Insurance Website Home Insurance Choices Types of Insurance Available Auto Insurance Local Car Insurance Motorcyle Insurance Boat Insurance RV Insurance Commercial Auto Insurance Truck Insurance Homeowners Insurance Renters Insurance Life Insurance Health Insurance Umbrella Insurance Quick Quote Please turn on Javascript to view this form Type of Insurance Select One

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