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  • Catholic Research Resources Alliance :: Bibliographies, Directories, and Reports
    Bibliographies A Selected Bibliography of United States Catholic Printed and Digital Sources This bibliography includes electronic and print resources about Catholicism and Catholics in North America Directories Directory of Catholic Libraries and Archives The directory is intended to identify libraries and archives at Catholic institutions primarily in the United States and Canada The directory provides contact information for librarians and representatives at universities and colleges in North America Religion Media and the Digital Turn Potential Projects and Case Studies This guide composed in a Google Doc by Christopher D Cantwell and Hussein Rashid thoroughly lists projects ongoing publications new media projects and platforms networks that cover multiple faiths through a digital medium Reports Survey of Digitized Rare Catholica A Summary Report of Results July 2011 A report summarizing the current availability of digitized Catholic resources Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Historians This is a report by Ithaka S R a service of Ithaka the not for profit organization that also manages JSTOR and Portico The study was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and focuses upon today s historians specifically their academic and research needs The study suggests how historians might be best assisted by research support

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  • Catholic Research Resources Alliance :: Catholic Resources in Digital Form
    similar subjects to which Catholics have traditionally contributed a unique perspective Catholics Cultures This is a new global initiative sponsored by the Rev Michael C McFarland S J Center for Religion Ethics and Culture at the College of the Holy Cross to explore the religious lives and practices of Catholics around the world The website is a growing changing chronicle of what it means to be Catholic in a particular culture and context today It features scholarly articles videos slideshows audio clips demographic data and bibliographic resources Viewers may browse by country or by themes such as Family Marriage Gender Roles Shrines and Pilgrimage Home Practice and Worship The site also begins to explore the 23 Eastern Catholic Churches The Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative CDRI This resource from the American Theological Library Association ATLA and the Association of Theological Schools ATS is a repository of digital resources contributed by member libraries CDRI includes over 14 000 images including woodcuts photographs slides papyri coins manuscripts and more Coverage areas include architecture art iconography ancient Near East texts sermons missions world religion and more Digital Catholica Collection The project from Villanova University plans to make available digital content of Catholic materials including books journals papers and manuscripts dealing with the Roman Catholic church in general and in particular works created or published in the Americas Much of the digitized content will come from physical works made available from Digital Partners French and Spanish Missions in North America This resource describes Spanish and French missionizing in North America This site contains historic primary source maps and includes a Dynamic TimeMap of Mission History along with descriptive text and narratives Guide to Catholic Literature New This guide to Catholic literature is an 8 volume collection with all volumes complete except for volume 5 Date ranges for the collection span from 1888 to 1967 International Mission Photography Archive IMPA The International Mission Photography Archive IMPA offers historical images from Protestant and Catholic missionary collections in Britain Norway Germany and the United States The photographs offer a visual record of missionary activities and experiences in Africa China Madagascar India Papua New Guinea and the Caribbean The Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project The goal of the Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project is to uncover the history of the acquisition and use of Loyola s original library books It grew out of an initiative to reconstruct the earliest surviving library catalogue of St Ignatius College founded 1870 the forerunner to Loyola University Chicago In the course of this work it was discovered that over 1 750 original books still survive in the Loyola university libraries today in Special Collections in the Library Storage Facility even still circulating in the main stacks of the Cudahy Library The National Institute for Newman Studies NINS The National Institute for Newman Studies NINS is creating a nexus where faith and culture conflict and reconciliation diversity and unity can meet and discover new intellectual and religious insights based upon the life work and influence of

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    by eight Catholic colleges and universities to share their resources electronically with librarians archivists researchers scholars and the general public all who are interested in the Catholic experience The mission of the CRRA is to provide enduring global access to Catholic research resources Our immediate focus is creating access to those rare unique and uncommon research materials relating to every aspect of the Catholic experience which are held by college

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  • CRRA Update Winter 2016 – Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA) Blog
    Bulletin Collections Committee DAC Welcome to New Member Edgewood College Newspapers Project Updated Listing of Priority Papers Tech Corner Recent Website Updates CRRA EAD Template Collection Highlights The Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project News from Our Members News From CRRA Google Analytics Winter 2016 Report For Your Consideration Call for Catholic Cookery Sources Save the Date CRRA Annual Meeting 2016 University of San Diego Digital Initiatives Symposium 2016 American Theological Association Annual Conference The Promise of the Vatican Library International Conference Pre IFLA Satellite Program August 12 2016 CLA 2016 Author Rose Fortier Posted on February 26 2016 Categories Uncategorized Post navigation Previous Previous post The Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project Categories Announcements 24 Collections 3 Events Meetings 14 Newspapers 2 Tech Issues Tips 47 Uncategorized 7 Updates 45 Search Search for Search Archives February 2016 December 2015 November 2015 June 2013 May 2013 March 2013 February 2013 January 2013 December 2012 November 2012 October 2012 September 2012 August 2012 July 2012 June 2012 May 2012 April 2012 March 2012 February 2012 January 2012 December 2011 November 2011 October 2011 September 2011 August 2011 June 2011 May 2011 April 2011 March 2011 February 2011 January 2011 December 2010 November 2010 October 2010

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  • Rose Fortier – Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA) Blog
    rights movement but the Second Vatican Council s call for the laity to be active in society had something to do with it too But I think the blend of those two motivations is more complicated than it seems at first More generally my dissertation asks how Catholics in one midwestern place Cincinnati Ohio responded to the Second Vatican Council and how the presence of a substantial Jewish community inflected that response This presents us with a fascinating opportunity to understand the real richness of American Catholicism which I think we miss out on if we overlook places like Cincinnati which usually don t seem to be all that important to us Graduate students in search of dissertation topics are well positioned to draw attention to topics and places long untouched by scholars And while there are many scholars across the career timeline ready to embrace digitization I think the younger generation has a natural ability to work with these resources maybe even an impatience to do things the old way This is a transitional moment in academia though so there s a real need for students and future scholars to straddle the line between technologies old and new How do you use CRRA s resources for your research I first came to know about CRRA just after I had finished a research project on The Criterion the Archdiocese of Indianapolis s official newspaper I did it the new old fashioned way cranking through what felt like miles of microfilm Now I work with CRRA s newspaper digitization project and have been excited at the conversations surrounding getting these sources into a format that we can use quickly and easily CRRA has been particularly useful in considering how I might shape my research projects to benefit from digitization in the future Since most of my sources are not yet digitized it s been wonderful to look ahead and consider what might reasonably be digitized in the future and the scholarly community that will arise around those sources It s exciting to think about being part of a conversation that more and more people enter as sources open up to easy access from afar What is the most exciting surprising source you ve been able to get access to for your research I have to point to the old school method of research for this one too because Cincinnati doesn t get the attention it really ought to a lot of Catholic scholarship has been focused to this point on more important places in the American Church So the biggest and most impressive collections that CRRA catalogs come from elsewhere an imbalance that CRRA is sure to fix in coming years and as more and more diocesan archives get involved But I would say the most exciting or one of the most exciting sources has been The American Israelite which was published by and for American Reform Jews It s fully digitized but only accessible in certain locations a prime opportunity for CRRA since the Israelite reported on things Catholic quite often The American Israelite points up the potential of partnerships between the academy and religious institutions While no small project that one newspaper presented a relatively straightforward digitization task And many organizations would only be too happy to let CRRA digitize their materials if the funding is available and it can be done in a reasonable amount of time Furthermore CRRA has utilized an excellent strategy of asking scholars themselves what they need access to as this provides a clear if not concise idea of sources that might be targeted for digitization Most scholars with particular research projects can identify exactly which collections it would be useful to digitize which makes the process manageable even if not all that easy From there related collections can be identified for future scholars who aren t working with them just yet or individual archives can propose collections that really ought to be made digital and so on It pretty plainly represents the future and I m happy to know CRRA is working hard to get ahead of the game What do you wish you could have access to but is currently unavailable I sound like a broken record whenever I m asked this in CRRA conversations fully digitized diocesan newspapers from across the United States I think that would open up research fields historians have not even begun to consider especially since having all of that information readily available would really help us uncover the complexity of American Catholicism from place to place Many dioceses have the entire run of their newspaper preserved in some cases very well so A program just for diocesan archives and especially their newspapers would be a fantastic way to bring these sources into the mainstream of academic research especially those smaller or less important dioceses that historians haven t thought of yet I also think that archival sources on parish histories are a goldmine yet to be tapped by most scholars The problem here is accessibility or even knowing where they are kept more than once I have run into a parish saying their materials are held at the diocesan archives while the diocesan archivist says the materials are at the parish And in many cases people just haven t saved much But if we really want to know about American Catholicism we desperately need access to the sources pertinent to the vast majority of American Catholics the laity who connect to the Church first at the parish level These materials don t need to be all that in depth to provide something useful either I d be perfectly happy with a solid set of parish bulletins over a given period of time for example for what it would tell us about parish life Again this is where CRRA is in a great place to help through utilizing scholars needs and wants to identify catalog and digitize collections Author Rose Fortier Posted on February 23 2016 March

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