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  • First Time Deal Of The Week
    business experience He worked at his father s garage since graduating high school He had no budget worked out on the truck He didn t realize what it cost to run a truck This was a failure waiting to happen The Solution Mom And Dad Offers To Put Up Their 300 000 Free And Clear Home For Collateral What we do as parents to show our love and support for our kids These kind folks offer to put up their greatest asset to help out their son Well we have a surprise WE STILL DECLINED TO DO THE DEAL Here s why Based on our interview with the customer we felt there was no way he was going to make it The parents would have lost their home The parents were doing it out of love for their son not because the felt strongly about his prospects We couldn t do the deal with a clear conscience We were convinced the guy would fail While the vendor was upset that we didn t do the deal the parents seemed a bit relieved No we didn t close the deal for the vendor but we saved the parents some very serious

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  • Repo Deal Of The Week
    full balance Customer only had 4 000 in cash The truck was going to auction in ten days Plus they were charging the account 100 a day storage should he want the truck back Tough deal to say the least The first thing we wanted to know was why he got into trouble in the first place We broke out our magnifying glass The Solution The Truck Was A 2007 Kenworth We Had Equity And An Explanation About The Repo The truck booked out at 35 000 so we had the equity collateral What we really wanted to know was how and why he got into this mess in the first place Here s what we found The customer experienced a temporary cash crunch with some unexpected personal bills his wife crashed their car into their living room This was an unusual set of circumstances not indicative of his normal business He had strong relationship with the company he hauled for He had been there five years and all indication was that he would be there for many more years After speaking with the lender we confirmed they were difficult to work with We got a final payoff letter and

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  • Balloon Payment Deal Of The Week
    due on a 2003 Freightliner Auction value on this truck was not enough to get the funding he needed His credit was bad due to a divorce He had a home in his name that was under foreclosure He didn t have any cash to buy down the residual He was a very unhappy guy If he doesn t fix this problem he has to give the truck back Not good since he had been paying about 1 500 a month for the past three years The Solution Additional Collateral He Was Able To Put Up A Second Truck To Solve The Problem With our program additional collateral is 90 of the solution The customer had a second 2003 Freightliner he could put up for additional collateral Here s how we did it We found out the foreclosure was due to the ex wife not paying the mortgage after they split up The second truck gave us enough equity in auction value to put the deal together We confirmed he had solid contracts to work off He was a well established guy Big problem diverted We got the additional collateral and the customer was able to keep his truck All

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  • Dealer Deal Of The Week
    morale was low to say the least Their current marketing wasn t bringing anyone into the dealership The dealer was having a rough go of it for sure Since we are very active marketers and have a great financing program they called us to see what we could do The Solution We Increased Their Exposure Got More People In The Dealership And Grew Their Business By 50 We are not a marketing company but here s how we used our financing program to increase their business We had the dealer put a Bad Credit Okay in their print advertising This increased the amount of inquires to the dealership We had them put our Bad Credit Need Financing link on their website This accomplished two things First it allowed us to pre qualify visitors to their website And second it brought in more leads from prospects that didn t have financing lined up We educated their sales staff on how to offer our financing program when they had a customer that was not bankable By asking a customer with bad credit if they have additional collateral they were able to pick up a deal here and there that they would not

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  • Needs Cash Deal Of The Week
    business He was a first time owner operator with no experience owning a truck before Also he had no comparable credit He had a 550 credit score lots of late payments This is the type of customer you hate to waste your time on On the surface there was nothing to put a deal together with The Solution We Were Able To Secure The Deal With Real Estate Using real estate affords us lots of flexibility on how we structure deals His parents had a free and clear home we could place a lien on to put this one together Here s what we were able to do The equity in the home allowed us to pay for the truck and give him 3 000 in cash to start his business The customer had a written contract to haul for the same company he had been working for We allowed an early payoff after nine months so he could refinance the truck or pay it off completely The equity in the home and his relationship with his company were the tools we used to put this one together We actually funded this deal two months ago and he is doing

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  • Low Credit Deal Of The Week
    to attract capital We use private investor money to fund our transactions Not bank lines The collateral gives our investors additional security to invest in our program Gets the commitment from the customer When he has more to loose he gets more serious about making his payments While we are strict about the use of additional collateral the extra equity allows us much more flexibility of who we can approve The Solution The Customer Had An Annuity From A Lawsuit That Could Be Pledged For Collateral The customer had been injured in an auto accident and was awarded a fairly large sum in a settlement He was to receive a certain amount of money every month for compensation Here s how we did it We contacted the attorney to verify the information we were receiving from the customer He was able to confirm that the payments were coming in and the source was sound financially We paid the attorney to write up an assignment on the proceeds from the annuity in case of default We verified the customer had a place to put the truck to work to make sure he could make the payments Because the only paperwork we

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  • Older Truck Deal Of The Week
    Peterbilt The auction value on this truck was below our minimum Customer had little in cash reserves in the case of a problem down the road This created a huge cash flow threat if there was a problem with the truck This was probably the toughest deal we have looked at recently Our success depends on the success of our customers This one was in doubt The Solution The Vendor Provided A Warranty For One Year And The Customer Had Sufficient Collateral The vendor understood our concerns about the age of the truck He agreed to stand behind the motor for a period of twelve months Here s how we put it together Customer had a 2003 Freightliner FLD 120 for additional collateral He had a written contract with a major company He had been with this company for three years The dealer warranty sealed the deal We had great equity in the additional collateral But we don t want to set this guy up for a problem The dealer warranty eliminated the threat of sudden cost of repairs With the help of the vendor we were able to close the deal Yes we can work miracles but sometimes we

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  • Truck Trailer Combo Deal Of The Week
    do the trailer for example The customer may get approved for one and not the other Too many inquiries on the credit bureau s tend to bring a score down further This is a factor for a guy with already damaged credit This is an issue that keeps someone from buying a truck They need a trailer to go along with the truck but can t get the financing so the don t buy the truck in the first place It affects everyone The Solution We Structured A Master Lease To Accommodate Both Deals The truck sold for 23 000 and the trailer sold for 15 000 We approved the customer for 38 000 did one set of documents and we sent out two separate checks one to the truck vendor and one to the trailer vendor Here are some other facts Customer signed one set of docs for both truck and trailer He will make one monthly payment for both Both truck and trailer vendor got paid before the equipment left their location For future credit reference purposes he has a high credit of 38 000 not 23 000 had this been done separately It sounds like a sales

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