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  • Trucker’s Blog
    have been hit with lots of dump truck business over Continue reading Filed Under Uncategorized Tagged With dump truck financing Lots Of Request for Refinancing September 25 2009 by Jason Dasher We have been getting a lot of request for refinancing trucks and trailers lately The main reason Continue reading Filed Under Uncategorized Tagged With Refinancing semi trucks Our New Commercial Truck Financing Blog September 24 2009 by Jason Dasher

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  • Semi Truck Leasing
    faced all of the following issues Truckers with bad credit can qualify for our program Visit our Commercial Truck Financing Page for more information Leasing allows you to expense the full payment off your tax returns We write full payout leases to avoid large balloon payments We allow our semi truck leases to be paid off early without penalty The first payment on our truck leases are 45 days from time of funding to allow you time to generate cashflow At Capital Solutions Online we understand that it can be difficult for truckers to get the funding that they need in the current economy and we try to make it easier for them We offer leasing on used trucks that are up to ten years old We give our clients the chance to work with the private deal or private seller of their choice so that they can easily get the truck that they need or want We never require our clients to have a minimum credit score and we work with all kinds of truckers regardless of how long they have been in business If necessary we can even offer lease back for truck repairs Types Of Semi Truck Leasing We Offer Used Trucks Up To Ten Years Old Dealer Or Private Party Okay No Minimum Credit Score Or Time In Business Sale Leaseback For Truck Repairs If you have faced credit problems in the past there is no reason to let those issues hold you back now At Capital Solutions we are willing to work with you regardless of your credit history We are in the business of helping people to get the funding that they need To that end we offer all kinds of creative funding solutions Semi Truck Leasing For People With Bad Credit Applying for

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  • 18 Wheeler Leasing
    if you have poor or less than perfect credit histories Capital Solutions Online offers truck financing in order to get your purchasing power up to snuff Our program allows some users who have sub par credit to get through the red tape that separates them from ownership Regardless of the type of 18 wheeler leasing you wish to take on we can find the solution for you We have worked previously with truck producers like Kenworth Mack and Peterbilt in order to get our customers the 18 wheeler that they want Check out the semi truck financing application in order to get more information on your truck and a lease We can get back in touch with you by the next twenty four hours in case you can qualify for a lease The entire application can be done by phone and a pre qualification can be assessed if your credit or collateral are sufficient We can negotiate payment plans fees for insurance or taxes or repairs and other issues Even if you do not have the necessary credit and funds for 18 wheeler leasing it is still possible to hammer out another deal on an individual bases This is the greatest strength of Capital Solutions we tailor our cases to our customers Imagine what you can do once you are approved for 18 wheeler leasing by Capital Solutions You can set your own schedule take on whichever jobs appeal most to you choose which cities to drive to and from and spend time with your family as you desire Where other employers are refusing to hire new workers truckers are enjoying more and more jobs and freedom Think about whether you could benefit from owning and operating your own 18 wheeler then give us a call and we can begin

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  • Semi Truck Rental
    This is reasonable since those who have less than stellar records are often more likely to fail in making timely payments However the people at Capital Solutions know how to make this work for people simple struggling with keeping their business afloat Bad credit or not they can get additional financing for your semi truck rental matter how low your credit score is Financing for a semi truck rental can be hard especially if your business is struggling This is the reason why opting for a company that is willing to finance your purchase for a used semi truck is one of your best options Capital Solutions can finance a semi truck up to ten years old or more depending on the condition of the truck The company also helps you buy the truck you want from any dealer private seller or auction and can assist you in the paperwork to make the entire process easier on you Other advantages of dealing with us if you are looking for reliable semi truck rental include No minimum credit score Used semi trucks for up to 10 years old Any type of commercial truck rental Buy semi trucks from private parties auctions

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  • Dump Truck Leasing
    associated with bad credit Thankfully business owners can obtain the vital equipment they need through the special financing options available through Capital Solutions If you are unfamiliar with the process of dump truck leasing you might have some concerns about the process You may be reluctant to enter into a lease agreement because you fear that you won t be able to obtain the right truck for your needs Perhaps you are apprehensive about paperwork red tape and other hassles that are commonly associated with leasing These concerns are legitimate but Capital Solutions offers a much more pleasant leasing experience than you might expect When you work with Capital Solutions to finance the lease of a dump truck for your business you can feel confident knowing that the company has over a decade of experience in the industry The company understands the needs of your business because it specializes in financing commercial trucks Other companies might finance trucks also but it is unlikely that they understand trucking quite like the experts at Capital Solutions Additionally you can ensure that you obtain the dump truck you need by working with the company Capital Solutions works with all kinds of dump trucks they include Quad triaxle and tandem trucks Articulated dump trucks Side dumps Semi tractor and dump trailer combo Dump Truck Leasing For People With Bad Credit While a number of financing companies have shied away from dealing with customers with bad credit Capital Solutions recognizes that there are many hard working people like you who simply need some financial help in order to obtain the right equipment By helping those with bad credit Capital Solutions puts people back to work and helps them realize their career goals Some of the additional benefits of working with Capital Solutions include No minimum

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  • No Cash Deal Of The Week
    why the dealer sent the deal to us in the first place No cash made this customer a default waiting to happen He had been out of work for over two months Limited track record and no comparable credit And you guessed it he had terrible credit Luckily for the dealer and customer we have a policy of digging deeper to look for that nugget of gold The Solution A 125 000 Piece of Land For Additional Collateral On paper this guy had nothing But we called him up to get his story Good thing we did We funded the deal for 30 000 Here s what we did He had land worth 125 000 that was free and clear He was willing to pledge it to get around the issues Although he didn t have any money he was well connected having over ten years of experience in the business He had a written contract to haul for a national carrier Because we were so well collateralized we were able to give him 5 000 in cash to get him going At Capital Solutions we specialize in doing tough deals like these See Our Ad In The Truck Paper

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  • Trailer Deal Of The Week
    down to about 8 000 but these are deals usually coming from someone with a track record The customer wanted to put 2 000 down financing 8 000 which made the deal even smaller None of these were enough to make us turn away from the deal but it was hard to get excited about it The Solution A 2004 Peterbilt For Additional Collateral This got us much more interested in the deal With the Pete the equity was there But the guy seemed flakey at the start Here s how we put it together One of our greatest talents is our ability to uncover gold in otherwise lousy deals Upon further questioning we found out this customer had some serious personal problems that disrupted his life for a time his wife of 20 years left him suddenly This resulted in the BK His life was now on track and he was serious about making things work We believed him After all he was giving us the title to his truck worth 25 000 He had a contract to drive for a national company These are the deals we like putting together An otherwise good guy that just got into

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  • Behind Payments Deal Of The Week
    getting behind with everyone Surprisingly the lender refused to work with this guy Once he got back on track they wouldn t restructure the loan to allow him to get current We get calls from people in this situation every week Most of them were self inflicted meaning the customer simply didn t handle their finances properly But this one is an example of someone that deserved a closer look The Solution Customer Gave Us The Title To His Second Truck For Collateral The second truck gave us the equity we needed but it was the customers explanation of what happened that made the deal happen Here s the story The customer had been current for two years with the lender before his cash flow crunch The company he hauls for experienced a cash flow crunch themselves resulting in our customer not being paid First time this had happened in the seven years he had been working with them The customers cash flow returned to normal six weeks after the problems started This was a temporary problem The lender played hard ball with their customer which was the real cause of the problem The didn t understand the issues that

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