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  • Kenworth Financing
    that your clients can rely on We are willing to accept many forms of collateral that other lenders won t honor We will finance you if you have Residential or commercial properties Heavy duty equipment that is fully paid off Trucks that have been paid for in full A cosigner who has collateral that can be leveraged on your behalf Kenworth Financing For People With Bad Credit This is why we are able to accommodate such a broad range of needs Your collateral can help you to secure the Kenworth financing you have been searching for even if other lenders have refused to honor it In addition to our willingness to work with many different consumers and their varied circumstances and needs we Have nearly twenty five years of experience Specialize in many types of heavy duty truck financing options Make it our business to accommodate high risk applicants If you have been turned down by a number of lenders you may be disheartened and ready to throw in the towel We are happy to help you get the Kenworth financing that is vital for keeping your company afloat You can build your fleet and increase your purchasing power Best

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  • Freightliner Leasing
    not get paid get a divorce loose a contract truck will break down etc These situations will adversely affect your ability to get a loan We can help people in these situations Bad Credit Freightliner Leasing By getting additional collateral we can get around almost any credit problem Some of the collateral we can use Paid off trucks and trailers Heavy equipment that is free and clear Real estate equity

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  • Peterbilt Loans
    best credit risks and that leaves you without the Peterbilt loans you need to keep your business growing We are here to provide a real solution to your need for Peterbilt loans and other truck financing regardless of your credit history or the length of time you have been in business So long as you have collateral whether it is your existing fleet real estate or any other investments of value we will find you a solution even if you have experienced Slow Payments Bankruptcy Repossession or if you are a first time applicant in search of Peterbilt loans or other truck financing Co signers are also accepted for our collateral requirement and we will try our best to help you grow your business by providing you with the credit you need as quickly as possible We fund used and new trucks from any dealer or private sale and we quickly respond to requests for financing by phone as well as inviting you to fill out our convenient online Commercial Truck Financing Application We are here to help you keep on rolling See Our Ad In The Truck Paper Call Capital Solutions Today Or Complete Our Commercial Truck Financing Application

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  • Freightliner Loans
    to pay back taxes Starting a trucking business is not easy at the best of times and having a bad credit score makes this bad situation even worse Capital Solutions can and will help you to get the financing you need no matter how bad your credit record is To get around the issues surrounding your bad credit record the company accepts collateral to secure the financing in the form of Trailers and trucks that are fully paid for Building equipment Property Someone to cosign and put up the collateral on your behalf Provided that you have any of the above to secure the loan you need the company will be able to help you with that all important financing for your trucking business Bad Credit Freightliner Loans For Truckers With Bad Credit There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you have failed to get the financing you need from a bank Simply contact Capital Solutions if you have a willing co signer or any of the above to use as collateral complete the application form and leave the rest up to them They will establish whether or not your co signer or the collateral you

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  • Peterbilt Financing
    fortunes have been unkind Another specialty of ours is working with young and first time buyers We know that everybody had to get started sometime so we won t hold it against you if you are new As long as we can arrange the appropriate conditions we will be happy to help you get your start There are several ways that we can work with truck drivers who need Peterbilt financing even if others won t They include accepting alternative collateral sources accepting cosigners working with truckers regardless of credit score offering financing on used trucks allowing truckers to buy wherever they want By allowing these alternative approaches we are able to get many drivers the Peterbilt financing they desperately need We won t be able to work with everyone but we will certainly try our best to find a Peterbilt financing solution that works We invite you to fill out our application so that we can begin the conversation right away Peterbilt Financing For Truckers With Poor Credit Starting up or reinvigorating a trucking business has several unique challenges First and foremost is obtaining that huge and expensive machine that is your lifeline In fact until you have wheels you won t be making any money as a trucker Complicating things is the fact that most truckers operate on a shoestring at least some of the time It can often be the case that the incoming and outgoing invoices have remarkably similar numbers on them If the economy takes a turn for the worse or if the unexpected happens it is all too easy to get behind on your bills At Capital Solutions we have been working with truckers for well over a decade We know the people the lifestyle and the financial realities Most importantly we know that

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  • Dump Truck Loan
    to have a certain credit score Many other companies require that you have a credit score next to perfect If you are trying to get your foot in the door it can be quite difficult to purchase the dump truck you have wanted for so long Regardless of what your credit situation may be we want to help get you back on track and secure the loan you desire Pre approvals are given directly over the phone to make the buying process simpler You donÕt have to worry about waiting for an approval at the dealer because you know ahead of time what you are working with and how much you can afford Regardless of whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned veteran we have a loan for you We feel that everyone deserves a chance to own their own dump truck which is why we welcome those who are buying their first dump truck The truck will be titled in your own name but we will be listed as a lienholder Just like any other type of secured loan we are listed as the one holding the lien on the dump truck This gives you the

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  • Dump Truck Rental
    ownership instead of throwing money away on dump truck rental Rebuild your credit by purchasing instead of renting your credit will look better because you successfully made truck payments to us Get a better quality truck instead of a beat up rental Secure better contracts with a truck you own instead of rent you will get your investment back in short order Dump Truck Rental Isn t It Better To Buy Do not settle for a rental when you could be the owner of your own machine and your own professional future With the Capital Solutions purchase program we can get around your bad credit and start rebuilding your credit today Visit our commercial truck financing page for more information about getting started The first step towards owning your dump truck is to phone Capital Solutions for preapproval of a loan The next step is completing a simple application which you can do online Indicate how much money you want to borrow and the value of the truck you plan to buy You will also be asked the sort of collateral you can put forward and what it is worth For instance if you own a 200 000 house but

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  • Five Ways To Handle Balloon Payments On A Semi Truck
    get them to refinance the balloon payment down to monthly payments Many times these monthly payments will be less than what you have been paying previously This is the best way if they will work with you 2 If you can t work something out with the current truck lender consider calling your credit union If your not a member go see one As I have mentioned in previous articles credit unions are one of the most aggressive sources when it comes to semi truck financing Remember you have two things going for you First you should have some equity in the truck You have made payments for many months so there should be good equity Second you have a payment history hopefully on time and lenders like that 3 Call an independent semi truck financing company There are truck lenders that cater to all types of credits We handle customers that have less than perfect credit history There are companies that handle the good credits as well You can find these companies online or call up your favorite truck dealer for ideas 4 Turn the truck into the financing leasing company Many times the residual payment is set up in such a way where they give you credit for payments made and you can swap out the truck for a newer one Not a bad deal if you don t mind continuing making a monthly payment Maintenance repairs and insurance can sometimes be a part of these agreements so they re not a bad deal Just be sure you read the fine print to be sure your covered on all the particulars 5 If you are good at budgeting and you are aware of what the amount of the residual payment will be from the start of the agreement

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