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  • Approval Criteria For Our Program
    the payments as well we want to make sure you have work for the truck That you have some sort of cash flow in the past or going forward and that you re responsible enough to make the payments If you have the ability to make the payments were even relaxing a little bit on the collateral requirement We still need it but we look less at that and more

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  • Large Increases In Request For Commercial Truck Financing
    for the trucker because it indicates that there is a lot of business out there and it s keeping you guys busy This is in stark contrast to 2009 when you guys didn t have as much work out there and as a result request for truck financing was at an all time low So the quick take away from this is that we have a reason to be optimistic

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  • Used Truck Financing – More Relaxed Guidelines
    want to look at deals that involve trucks older that ten years For example dump trucks maintain there value better than any other commercial vehicle in our experience That is followed up with car carriers which also hold their value very well I don t want to give the wrong impression that we will finance any age of truck The point here is that we will look at the age

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  • Tractor Financing Increasing – Slowly
    more proof that while the economy has improved it has tapered off somewhat this does not mean that we are in threat of another recession in my opinion Fundings are still happening at a steady pace and truck values are back up the what they were a couple of years ago So my over all impression is that we will continue to improve through the end of the year and

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  • Freightliner Century – Guest Post
    hood that reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency the front grill maximizes airflow and helps keep the engine cool and operating at a peak level Even the driver s comfort has been addressed with incredibly comfortable seats that absorb the bumps and shocks of the road The very quiet air conditioned cabin will allow the driver to remain alert and aware on those long stretches of wide open highway Yes

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  • Commercial Vehicle Loans
    We re not like other financing companies We don t utilize traditional lines of credit to fund our transactions This would require climbing over the very obstacles that prevent getting loans and credit in the first place Capital Solutions gets its funds from the private sector That gives us total autonomy in approving commercial truck financing With this methodology we ve successfully helped truckers grow their businesses for over a decade Capital Solutions is the place to come to if You re a first time buyer who ironically can t get credit because he has no credit history Have suffered a bankruptcy or repossession in the past You have collateral like other free and clear trucks semis trailers or equity in real estate We understand how important big truck financing can be for an over the road business We do not believe any business should be held back because of credit problems We will do everything we can to make sure credit issues don t stop your business from achieving its full potential Here are some of the benefits of using our financing No minimum credit score required Start up owners can put up additional collateral Semi trucks up to 10 years old older depending on condition can be used Once approved buy your truck from any dealer auction or private party We provide many types of commercial vehicle loans Pre approval can take place over the telephone If you re looking for commercial vehicle loans you re at the right site Take time to review our referral program Make cash while helping out other truckers Review our financing programs for semi trucks dump trucks and trailers Go through our Deal of the Week which is a comprehensive listing of how Capital Solutions has helped keep its customers on the

    Original URL path: http://www.capitalsolutionsonline.net/commercial-vehicle-loans/ (2016-04-30)
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  • Commercial Vehicle Finance
    This means that among the people who have low credit scores many are financially competent individuals Capital solutions has realized this and the company always welcomes commercial vehicle finance applications from applicants who have low credit scores Bad Credit Commercial Vehicle Finance Nobody wants to be exposed to too much risk For this reason Capital Solutions normally asks loan applicants to provide additional security The good news is that there are many types of securities that are accepted by the company They include Free and clear vehicles like heavy duty trucks Sufficient equity in real estate property Free and clear capital equipment Qualified cosigner It is important to note that Capital Solutions always wants to lend money to enterprising individuals The company therefore always works with individual loan applicants to find solutions to arising issues Advantages of Borrowing From Capital Solutions There are many benefits of getting commercial vehicle financing from this lender For instance You get to choose the point of purchase of the vehicle it can be from an auction a friend local dealership or straight from the manufacturer The title to the vehicle will be in your name You can apply online You can be pre approved

    Original URL path: http://www.capitalsolutionsonline.net/commercial-vehicle-finance/ (2016-04-30)
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  • Commercial Vehicle Lease
    the above applies to you we have a solution for you We offer commercial vehicle lease financing to people past credit problems Bad Credit Commercial Vehicle Lease We understand that you may not have enough cash flow in your business However that does not disqualify you from our financing plans We can provide financing if you have any of the following additional collateral Real estate equity Commercial equipment Other commercial

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