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  • Step Vans: Versatility and Reliability Packaged in a Plain Metal Truck
    introduced by the Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company Divco Divco started producing step vans in 1926 and it immediately started a truck revolution Divco produced the same basic model from 1930 to 1986 Only the VW beetle stayed in production longer than that Divco truck model Divco step vans are considered collectorís items today General Motors Dodge and Ford all make step vans but unless someone pays attention they all look the same except for the emblem on the grill Step vans represent versatility and reliability in a plain metal truck wrapper Most of the models produced today are built on General Motors Freightliner or Ford truck chassis Five Uncommon Uses For the Step Van Step Van Fever is Traveling Through the Masses Almost everyone has had some kind of encounter with a step van Various industries have put their faith in step vans for years The step van is our modern day workhorse It is a vital ingredient in the success of the delivery and package industry New models are being developed every year and more manufacturers are designing new features or are converting old step vans into twenty first century motor homes and luxury vehicles Some uncommon uses for the step van are surfacing from the well of unique truck desires People across the country are buying old step vans and converting them for other uses Thereís a step van fever and itís traveling through the masses Itís fashionable and in vogue in some social circles to buy a new or used van and build a business around it or use it for some off the wall whim or life long fantasy The uncommon uses of the step van continue to grow as creativity bubbles up from our desire to be different yet the same Here are five uncommon

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  • Semi Truck Financing – Tips For Getting Approved
    our program You can also check out our main site at semi truck financing Check this out Apply Here Or Call Us At 520 760 3648 Home How It Works Semi Truck Financing Dump Truck Financing Trailer Financing Sample Deals

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  • Commercial Truck Financing – How We Approve Tough Credit Customers
    go over the types of credit we can work with and how we get them approved Check out Commercial Truck Financing Bad Credit to see the types of credit we can work with and how we get them done Filed Under Uncategorized Apply Here Or Call Us At 520 760 3648 Home How It Works Semi Truck Financing Dump Truck Financing Trailer Financing Sample Deals FAQ Apply Here Deal of

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  • Trucker’s Blog
    part guest post series If you re a trucker you re probably in love with the open road and all of its possibilities The last thing you want to do is spend your time researching interest rates But for any independent operator Continue reading Filed Under Uncategorized Semi Truck Financing May 26 2011 by Jason Dasher Here s another guest post by one of our esteemed trucking vendors Being a truck driver is not for the faint of heart True there are plenty of perks associated with the job the freedom of the open road relative peace and quiet and the Continue reading Filed Under Uncategorized A General Post About Dump Trucks And Financing May 21 2011 by Jason Dasher Here s a guest post provided to us by Rita over at Trucks Central If you re looking to buy a dump truck you re probably already aware that you re entering a niche market Unlike pickup buyers you re not going to have the advantage of dozens of Continue reading Filed Under Uncategorized Owner Operator Revenues Seem To Be On The Increase April 14 2011 by Jason Dasher As we process request for commercial truck financing we are noticing

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  • Heavy Duty Truck Loans
    Equipment Financing Specialists Inc specializes in providing heavy duty truck loans for people who have bad credit Capital Solutions is a commercial truck financing company that Went into business in 1997 Specializes in financing dump trucks semi trucks and other types of hauling trucks Deals with heavy duty truck loans for several makes of trucks including Volvo International Peterbilt Mack Kenworth and Freightliner What Capital Solutions is Well Known For Financing those individuals who have been declined by other financing companies Not requiring you to have a minimum credit score Providing people with the means to purchase the trucks they need to build their businesses Allowing you to conveniently complete an application online or receive pre approval over the phone Either way you will speak with someone within 24 hours regarding heavy duty truck loans We Offer Assistance with the Following Situations Repossession Bankruptcies Tax Liens First Time Buyers Slow Pay How We Get Around These Issues Additional collateral is what we can use to provide you with your loan We can work with nearly any credit situation by using free and clear title on any real estate equity existing trucks and trailers that you may own If you do not have any collateral yourself we may accept collateral that is owned by a co signer Do not hesitate to tell us about your situation and hopefully arrangements can be made In Addition To The Above we offer Approval for used trucks Possibility of private party sales Option of skipping payments You can choose the dealer After nine months there is pre payment penalty Heavy Duty Truck Loans For People With Bad Credit You do not have to let your past affect your present desire to own a commercial trucking business With our excellent customer service and willingness to work

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  • Tractor Loan
    not have to have an existing business because we can also assist new entrepreneurs we can assist you in any of the 50 states We can help you because we ensure that the collateral that you need is available You can provide the following collateral to secure your loan Other Tractors Real Estate Heavy Equipment Capital Solutions can provide financing for you to purchase these types of tractors Off road tractors which are used on construction Over the road tractors Financing for Class 8 trucks Tractors for agricultural purposes and Tractors that are made for use in the mining industry Tractor Loans For People With Bad Credit You may be reading this and still be concerned that you may not be able to secure financing after looking at your finances Capital Solutions not only finances tractor purchases but we can also finance the purchase of any heavy duty commercial asset If you have bad credit then do not worry because Capital Solutions will still work with you We do not turn anyone away regardless of their credit history We can help you even if You have limited or no credit You declared bankruptcy or You have had your truck or

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  • Heavy Truck Financing
    when they have no credit or poor credit This allows them to get the equipment needed to run their business If you have experienced bankruptcy repossession or if this is your first purchase of a truck or heavy equipment we can assist you by obtaining other collateral These securities can be from other heavy equipment you own or from real estate equity Our company provides financing for People having low credit scores First time owner operators Personal sales between individuals Individuals with past credit problems Truck drivers and heavy equipment operators who are interested in buying a truck or other equipment should contact us at Capital Solutions because we have a solution for you We realize that many people have lost employment because of the economy Construction has slowed down retail and manufacturing has plummeted The value of trucks has dropped Numerous drivers have had to turn their trucks over to the bank This is a prevalent problem and it has put many people out of business Heavy Truck Financing A Solution Our heavy truck financing provides financing for truckers Credit problems are not an issue We have the solution you need It is our specialty to obtain trucks and other commercial vehicles for individuals with an unsatisfactory credit score We want to help you get back to business You may call us or fill out the commercial vehicle application today In addition to semi trucks and trailers the following are a few of the vehicles that can be financed Tow Trucks Delivery Trucks Boom Trucks Service Trucks For folks who are in need of heavy truck financing to start or enlarge their business but have been faced with hardship due to the economy we would like to help you Bad credit or bad luck shouldn t stop you from

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  • Bad Credit Truck Financing
    Chose How to Apply for Financing A person who wants to get bad credit truck financing from Capital Solutions should either phone the company directly or fill out the form posted on the website Filling out the form is generally the best option The more information the company has the faster a person can get loan approval and know the details of the loan terms and conditions Are There Any Conditions There are very few conditions to getting a bad credit truck financing loan from the company Capital Solutions accepts applications from First time buyers Individuals who have declared bankruptcy in the past People under a tax lien Victims of repossession The company s only condition is that a person be able to show some collateral in order to obtain a loan The collateral may be a title on a truck or trailer that you already own We also accept real estate equity and even collateral owned by a cosigner on the loan Loan Term And Conditions The exact terms and conditions for a financing loan will depend on a person s credit score what collateral is put up in order to obtain the loan and the repayment time period chosen by the borrower However Capital Solutions does offer some very borrower friendly terms and conditions to all borrowers such as no prepayment penalties after a person has been paying off a loan for nine months Anyone who is looking for bad credit truck financing will find that Capital Solutions has the most flexible terms and conditions for obtaining such a loan Applying for a loan is easy and can be done right on the website The company has a high loan application approval rate and is willing to work with and help borrowers who would otherwise find it impossible

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