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  • Commercial Truck Financing – Four Alternatives If You Have Bad Credit
    If all goes well we will do videos from now on instead of boring text In this post we will talk about four alternatives for people with bad credit There s more than one way to obtain financing if you have bad credit Check out the post here If you would like more information on our program check out our commercial truck financing page Filed Under Uncategorized Apply Here Or

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  • Used Dump Truck Financing
    that trend has stopped It s too early to tell but we are approaching pre recession levels on used truck prices For someone looking for used dump truck financing they are usually looking for fulfill a contract The number of contracts for dump truck work is increasing as well We believe we will see this trend well into the future To remind you of what we do Capital Solutions is

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  • History of Hino Trucks
    decided to merge itself with several other Japanese companies to form the Tokyo Automobile Industry Company which was later renamed the Diesel Motor Industry Company Interestingly enough these are the same founding companies that went on to create Isuzu motors but in 1942 a portion of the company was spun off to create Hino Heavy Industry Company Limited which marked the beginning of the company as we know it Its name derived from the company headquarters location of Hino City within Tokyo The Growth of Hino From its beginning Hino focused on diesel engines heavy duty trucks and buses There is a brief period where they attempt to enter the private car industry through a partnership with Renault but that is quickly put aside around 1967 when Hino first partners with the Toyota group By 1984 Hino trucks enters the US market with a medium duty truck designed with the cab over engine Their first attempt at a practical use for a hybrid vehicle occurs in 1991 with a hybrid diesel and electric engine system to power a bus in Japan Today s Hino Trucks In 2003 Hino officially becomes a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Company and its medium duty and heavy duty trucks are re introduced into the US That same year Toyota and Hino jointly develop the first hydrogen fuel cell bus service in Japan Over the next two years Hino introduces hybrid light duty and medium duty trucks to Japan This commitment to hybrid and electric technologies places Hino on a path to develop some of the most cutting edge commercial vehicles in the world Currently the company is testing a method of hybrid electric bus that does not require a plug for charging Instead a wireless system is built into the road to charge the batteries

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  • It’s 2010 And We Are Already Getting More Request For Commercial Truck Financing
    some momentum This is further supported by the types of inquires we are getting During 2009 many of the calls we got were from people planning on financing a truck at a later date when things got better The calls we are getting now are from people who want to do something now not later This further supports the idea that things are coming back The price of trucks seem

    Original URL path: http://www.capitalsolutionsonline.net/truckers-blog/its-2010-and-we-are-already-getting-more-request-for-commercial-truck-financing/ (2016-04-30)
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  • Five Biggest Trucking Companies
    good news and bad news for a potential lender Some owner operators use brokers as sort of a hit and miss source of business They check the load boards every so often and if they find a load great Other more established truckers have a relationship with a small selection of brokers that feed them a steady stream of business This a better way to work Not much is left

    Original URL path: http://www.capitalsolutionsonline.net/truckers-blog/five-biggest-trucking-companies/ (2016-04-30)
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  • Trucker’s Blog
    we have seen the biggest spike in request of dump truck financing than we have ever seen Most of this is coming Continue reading Filed Under Uncategorized Commercial Truck Financing Picks Up February 11 2011 by Jason Dasher As the weather lightens up in some parts of the country we have seen a spike in request for commercial truck financing We are seeing Continue reading Filed Under Uncategorized Business Vehicle

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  • Ice Storm’s Slow Down Request
    slowed down as well Although things are starting to move we found it interesting that truckers seem to stop planning their business when loads stop moving Today is Friday the 14th as we were busy as usual so it appears things are back to normal Filed Under Uncategorized Apply Here Or Call Us At 520 760 3648 Home How It Works Semi Truck Financing Dump Truck Financing Trailer Financing Sample

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  • Finding Commercial Truck Financing
    date CDL license Additionally they often require copies of the owner s financial statements and proof that they can afford the skyrocketing cost of diesel gasoline If you are one of the many looking for commercial truck financing consider collateral based lending which allows the bank to repossess the truck if the loan defaults This often requires less paperwork and lower credit scores and can make financing an easy process

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