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  • Capital Solutions – The Equipment Financing Specialists, Inc.
    We finance semi trucks dump trucks car haulers trailers and other heavy duty trucks We ve been in business since 1997 We specialize in working with heavy duty trucks like Peterbilt Freightliner Kenworth Mack International Volvo etc Semi trucks dump trucks and other hauling trucks is mostly what we work with What we do Capital Solutions truck financing helps people that have been declined by other financing companies We can get you into the truck you need today so you can grow your business We don t have a minimum credit score We can pre approve you over the phone or complete our application and we will call you within 24 hours We understand problems can happen that can adversely affect your credit We work to get around these past issues so you can grow your business Don t let the past get in the way of financing your commercial vehicle Commercial Truck Financing For People with Bad Credit Bankruptcies Repossessions Tax Liens Slow Pay First Time Buyers Additional Collateral The key to getting around these issues is using additional collateral Using free and clear title on your existing trucks trailers or equity in real estate we can get around

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  • Application
    to put up an existing truck title free and clear equipment or equity in real estate to qualify Without it we can t approve you for financing exception down payments of 50 or more A cosigner can put up the collateral for you Check out our How It Works Page for more info First Name Last Name Cell Number Email Truck Equipment Being Purchased Price Price Range Down Payment Trade

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  • How It Works
    have the additional collateral for approval Documents are overnighted to you for your signatures Once we receive your documents back we fund your seller Want To Get Started Complete our Commercial Truck Financing Application We will get back to you within 24 hours to let you know if you qualify Give us a call and do an application by o phone If we determine you have sufficient additional collateral we

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  • Semi Truck Financing
    semi truck loan Get pre approved over the phone For those truckers that prefer semi truck leasing we have programs that offer tax advantages and low down payments as well Don t let past credit problems stop you from getting the semi truck financing you need to grow your business We have been providing 18 wheeler financing and 18 wheeler leasing for truckers for over twelve years We understand the over the road business Don t let past credit problems get in the way Semi truck financing is our business Semi Truck Financing For People With Bad Credit Sometimes someone with bad credit might be looking for a semi truck rental This is because they don t think they can get the financing necessary to get their own truck Well with our program there s no need to waste your money renting a semi truck Kenworth Financing Freightliner Leasing We work with all the major manufacturers including Kenworth International Mack Freightliner Peterbilt and other semi truck manufacturers Peterbilt Loans Freightliner Loans A Quick Note About The Economy It s been a rough ride for most of us in the trucking industry Many people have lost their jobs and business In late 2008 the trucking industry took a two punch hit First loads were harder to come by as manufacturing construction and retail slowed down This put many in the trucking business on the skids Second truck values plummeted causing some to lose their trucks to the banks This was a wide spread problem so if you were one of the ones affected don t feel bad it happen to a lot of people Peterbilt Financing 18 Wheeler Loans We want you folks to know that we understand what everyone has gone through and want to help you get re established

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  • Dump Truck Financing
    terms you can create a partnership with Capital Solutions in order to take advantage of profitable business opportunities that can put you ahead of the competition Apply for a dump truck loan is now easier with our program Advantages Of Using Capital Solutions Dump Truck Financing Services Expertise in dump truck financing No minimum credit score Used semi trucks and dump trucks up to ten years old or older No reason to use a dump truck rental Don t let your bad credit keep you from having your own truck Start ups are allowed to put up additional collateral Speedy pre approval over the phone Any kind of commercial truck financing Access to various truck manufacturers including Kenworth International Mack Freightliner and Peterbilt Capital Solutions does not shy away from dealing with business owners who have less than stellar credit records We all fall into financial ruts sometimes but what matters is what you do to get back in track We can help you get the dump truck financing you need whether you are a first time buyer or not It does not matter if you have gone through bankruptcy or repossessions we can get you the collateral you need to keep your business afloat Of course not every application can be approved if they do not meet standard requirements but if there is a way that we can create acceptable agreements on financing then rest assured we will find that agreement and put it to good use Plans are personalized according to the payment options that will suit your financial situation As soon as you make that call we can tailor dump truck leasing options immediately so you can start conducting your business in a more profitable manner We Finance Dump Trucks For People with Bad Credit The people

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  • Trailer Financing
    trailers As Well As Any Type Of Commercial Truck Financing We are proud to offer special financing for your convenience and we can even help you if you have poor credit We are dedicated to small owner operators so you can contact us for help even if you have been turned away by other lenders Bad Credit Doesnt Have to Prevent You From Getting Trailer Financing When you have poor credit itÕs hard to get the financing you need We appreciate that you need the new trailer to expand your business and increase profit levels ThatÕs why we offer financing for people with bad credit There is no minimum credit score and we allow start up owner operators to put up their own private assets as collateral against the loan You Choose the Trailer Let us Help with Trailer Financing ItÕs up to you to find the trailer you need at a price you can afford However you can call on us for the financing when you find the right deal We offer financing for trailers purchased from all types of sources Auctions Private parties Local dealers Internet purchase We can provide you with the financing you need to take advantage of that great deal and take your business to the next level Over the Phone Approval Your extremely busy as you focus on developing your business and succeeding You donÕt have hours to spend sitting on hold filling out applications and waiting for an answer You have decisions to make accounts to earn and work to do ThatÕs why we off pre approval over the phone You can get a tentative approval from us so you can go on and make informed business decisions while the loan is finalized When you are ready to take your business to the

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  • Sample Deals
    000 00 Additional Collateral One Case Backhoe with Trailer Sample Deal 3 Equipment Being Purchased 2001 Case 850G Cost of Equipment 28 000 00 Down Payment 5 000 00 Additional Collateral Two Other Pieces of Yellow Iron Sample Deal 4 Equipment Being Purchased Two 2001 Peterbilts Cost of Equipment 50 000 00 Down Payment 0 Additional Collateral Second mortgage on clients home worth 200 000 owing 35 000 Sample Deal

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  • FAQ
    score We don t have one Because we get additional collateral we can work with people with very low scores Can I buy from a private party Absolutely We encourage you to find the best deal you can whether from a dealer or private party Can I buy from an auction Again we want you to get the best deal you can on your equipment We suggest getting pre approved a week before the auction so you have the financing in place before you go What happens if I can t make a payment Call us 90 of our transactions are in the trucking business We know that motors fail contracts get lost divorce the list goes on As long as you keep in communication with us we can work with you to resolve the matter Think of us as your partner We are in this for the long haul Can I pay this off early Yes you can pay the entire balance without a penalty after nine months Or you can do what many of our clients do which is pay extra each month and pay it off early that way The extra amount goes towards principle How is

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