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  • Buddhist Mantras | Food & Health Facts
    of oneself outside of physical barriers and restraints Buddhists describe it as an awakening out of the influence of the ego It changes the way people perceive the world themselves and the influence everyone has on each other In a mantra words may have literal meaning or be sounds with powerful vibrations and feeling The words come from ancient languages Sanskrit being among the most popular These languages had no written equivalents and were historically passed down the generations orally In the mantra above only two words have a literal translation Mani means jewel or beaded and padme means lotus flower The om and hum in the mantra are void of meaning amd instead are sounds full of intent They describe a feeling or an energy This chant can be dissected further Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum Each sound has it s own intention or meaning Since the written equivalents were not introduced until hundreds or years later after many people lost their fluency in these ancient languages it is hard to say which version of the words or sounds were the original intention Once thing we do know is the general energy around the mantras For instance the Avalokitesvara Mantra is a chant designed to attract positive energy purity and compassion into ones life Mantras are also used to promote healing and well being ask for protection against evil to help the mind ease into relaxation and serve as a way for Buddhists to pray to their deities Though this culture does not believe in a single god they do ask for light energy and help from gods goddesses and people who have reached the highest level of enlightenment There are many mantras but a few are very common just as the Avalokitesvara Mantra Below are some of the most popular and their meanings The symbols around the vowels helps denote the length or tone of the sound Omkara Om Aum Simply stated this mantra means it is or it will be It is a positive way of thinking or asking what we desire It also means all that is or all that will be It is among the most unviversal sounds Buddhism and Hinduism Om Shanti Shanti Shanti The word shanti means peace therefore this is a simple yet powerful and beautiful chant requesting peace Shakyamuni Mantra Oṃ muni muni mahāmuni śākyamuni svāhā This mantra is designed as a prayer to the original Buddha Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni is another name given for this historically important figure and the chant simply says wise one wise one greatly wise one of the Shakyans hail This mantra signifies the closeness that a Buddhist feels towards their original who reached enlightenment Amitabha Mantra Oṃ Amideva Hrīḥ Increase benevolence in your life by reciting this mantra repeatedly in succession It works to block obstacles and negativity while increasing ones own positivity Medicine Buddha Mantra Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha BeKanze Radza Samudgate Soha This is the mantra to chant if you want

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  • Exercises to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Food & Health Facts
    loosely and press the clenched hand gently with your left hand ii Try resisting the pressing force with your closed right hand for about 5 seconds making sure the wrist remains straight iii Turning the right fist palm downward press the knuckles firmly against your open left palm for about 5 seconds iv Lastly turn the right palm to make the fist s thumb side face up and press against it for 5 seconds v Repeat the exercise with the left hand b Wrist Exercise 2 Shoulder High Salute i Holding one hand straight and shoulder high with palm facing outward and fingers together bend the exercised hand backwards with the other free hand for 5 seconds with fingers still together ii With the hand still bending backward spread the thumb and fingers open and hold the position for 5 seconds iii Repeat 5 times on each hand c Wrist Exercise 3 Wrist Circle i Holding the second and third fingers up while closing the others draw 5 clockwise circles in air using the two fingertips second and third ii Again draw out 5 anticlockwise circles iii Repeat with the other hand d Wrist Exercise 4 Wrist Flexor Stretch i Extending your arm frontward in front of you with the palm facing up bend the wrist gently to point your hand towards the floor ii Using the other hand bend your wrist gently to create a mild to moderate stretch on the forearm iii Hold the position for 30 seconds and then repeat 4 times e Wrist Exercise 5 Wrist Extensor Stretch i Extending your arm frontward with the palm facing down bend your wrist gently and point your hand towards the floor ii Using the other hand bend your wrist gently stretching it until you experience a mild to moderate stretch on the forearm iii Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat 4 times Hand and Finger Exercises a Exercise 1 i Clench fingers of one of your hands to form a tight fist ii As you release the fist make sure to fan out the fingers iii Repeat 5 times before turning to the other hand b Exercise 2 i Bend your thumb against the palm beneath your little finger and then hold the position for 5 seconds ii Now spread out the fingers with your palm facing upwards and hold this for 5 seconds iii Repeat the exercise 5 10 times with each hand c Exercise 3 i Pull your thumb out gently and draw it backwards Hold the position for 5 seconds ii Repeat 5 10 times with each hand Forearm Exercises Stretching the muscles of the forearm will minimize the tension on the wrist Here is how to proceed i Hold your hands together in front of the chest with fingers pointing upwards in a prayer like position ii Keep the palms flat together and raise your elbow in order to stretch your forearm muscles iii Stretch for at least 10 seconds iv Shake

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  • Yourself and I together will give you a self-esteem so high that you will accomplish anything | Food & Health Facts
    I found and how it is applied in general life Motivate People around You To get motivated it is important to put your contribution in the world Whenever a person motivates someone he she is motivating herself too The mutual motivation is caused when one of your peers becomes successful and admire you for whatever you did Reward Yourself You are always important and you need to celebrate whenever you achieve something You should not think that what you have achieved is small and there is no reason to be happy You should party or feel happy whenever you win some deal Emotional Balance Forget aggressiveness and vengeance if you want to succeed in life Every successful person is emotionally stable This balance is attained when you are ready to face challenges and have faith in you The spirit originates when you are balanced emotionally Success Appreciation Common mistake people make to feel jealous when someone is progressing You have to do something good to yourself whenever you fall or see someone going ahead You should appreciate him to share his success and to take a bigger step Instead of thinking how to compete you should adopt a life in which you consider yourself ahead from everyone Love Everyone It is a feeling that you will find everywhere What you should do is to explore more love and share with people Instead of demanding things and expecting a lot you may give lots of love in the form of feelings and presents to your near ones It will increase your satisfaction level and lead you to a higher place High Self Esteem While doing all these things you are increasing your self esteem However most of the people think that without higher self esteem they can achieve everything but they

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  • Marine Life or Fishing: Small Pontoon Boats Work for Everyone | Food & Health Facts
    of boating Most of the time these boats are made up of good plastic and PVC They are light in weight and perfectly designed The reason for using these materials is to keep it lightweight and user friendly Less weight of a boat also let you drive it easily and by putting less force It is up to you whether you like to use paddles manually or wish to attach the electric motor The shed provided with the small pontoon boat save you from sunlight and rain It also keeps the balance of boat in a better way and can withstand some amount of wind storm So making it safe for you the paddles are attached firmly and angled for the best speed They are tailored in such a way that less effort can increase the speed of the boat in no time There is an option to attach a little fuel engine or electric motor to drive the boat Most people prefer electric engine because it produces less sound and helps in a smooth float However the inflatable pontoon boats come with the great option You only require a 12V electric pump that can make your boat ready for the journey The same inflatable boat is viable with multiple options You can buy for one or buy for two It is entirely your choice If you buy it with an electric motor then you can enjoy from the heavy thrust Such handy experience is always useful when you have a small car and want to take the family along You can just pack it in a bag and assemble it when required Small ponds or lakes are perfect for such boats However their performance in the river is also not reduced Therefore we highly recommend these inflatable pontoon boats

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  • HEALTH | Food & Health Facts | Page 3
    in America was totally different He just set up a hook for new governments to increase the impact of health food Most of the people do not realize The effects of Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract Written on by Are you aware of few natural things that can help you in killing all the extra pounds in the body Well it s not about some steroids or fat burners that just contain an excess of Caffeine I understand that people are looking for Why does Chris Evans workout stand on the top of the list Written on by Hola People hope you are doing well I have been writing much about different topics on buy green coffee but now I consider that my health blogs need something special After reading a lot of things about muscle and health care finally Chef Remi Review Written on by Chef Remi is an award winning chef who has worked on multiple continents and has over 18 years experience cooking food that will tantalize the tastes buds of even the harshest of critics His website http www chefremi com showcases recipes which include easy to The best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits UK for New Year Written on by There are several reasons to choose this one for you E Cigarette needs In this article we are going to explore different things about a starter kits In the UK there are multiple suppliers and stores for the public But unfortunately there Teeth Whitening Find Out About The Way That It Works Written on by Does it present any issues in the future In addition it will lessen tooth damages on the surface Why can I want my teeth whitened It is a no brainer in any way Our teeth often get darker which is a result

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  • Get Pregnant Today with the Proven Miracle! | Food & Health Facts
    These factors can be tackled and a woman can easily conceive There is no requirement to take unnecessary medicines that are not only harmful to the woman health but also for the baby Stress Yes your job is killing it You should not be spending more time in office unless you get pregnant We are spending most of our time in useless activities and take their stress accordingly This does not let our hormones work in a correct direction Food Do you eat a burger daily Don t you remember the fact an apple a day keeps the doctor away Yes this is what Lisa wants us to know in her Lisapregnancymiraclereview com She has elaborated in detail how a little change in our eating patterns and food choices can help us in getting pregnant Similarly there are many other issues that act as a hurdle in getting pregnant Before checking all of them we should see what the magic Lisa Olson has introduced is What is the REAL MIRACLE She is an alternative health specialist and made a complete solution get pregnant through adopting nutritional hacks in just 47 She suffered from the problem One day she decided to try her hypothesis in real and see the results She was astonished to have twins Similarly she did the experiment on other women It worked for many others who were suffering from pregnancy issues In the end she decided to launch it in a form of a book so everyone can take benefit Difference between Lisa Olson s System and Other Ways 47 is less than fifty bucks for such blessing Medicines and doctor s cost is more than 1000 and the results are not proven There is not a single side effect of Lisa s system Medicines are not

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  • Happiness: The path is your choice to make | Food & Health Facts
    diet due to society pressures and norms You should feel free to make your own healthy choices Once you define your choices in front of friends and family members you will feel happier and more relaxed Prioritize your diet Your diet is the most important thing in the world If you re persuaded into making poor choices don t listen to negative advice Instead tell your closest friends that your diet is important and you want to prioritize it If you are looking for a treat then consider having healthy smoothies If you plan to have some veggie curry next day make arrangements today The more importance you give to your diet and nutrition the greater your satisfaction level will be Learn to think in Positive Manner Always think carefully about the nutrition you are consuming For instance there are many people who take part in weight loss remedies With every bite they keep thinking that this diet is not going to work Instead you should say that it is working This way you will feel happier with the diet and your health choices Don t stick to a single diet The typical banana and milk diet is not good for you People who are constantly taking a single type of diet every day get frustrated earlier Instead you should be trying multiple things Do you know about the colorful diet This term is not new Add colorful fruits and vegetables in your daily diet It will give you happiness The new taste will keep you feeling alive Invite people to Share Good Nutrition Whenever you are eating something good invite people around you Share with them They will appreciate your gesture and start eating with you This way you will not feel alone anymore Instead they will suggest how

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  • Resveratrol & its Top Rated Benefits | Food & Health Facts
    increases the strength of our heart due to which it starts pumping with more power Similarly it has grape red wine in it which is proven health supplement Decreasing Aging Process Women are more worried due to their aging process However this issue is under consideration in every kind of medical field Currently there is no method to stop the aging process but we can slow it down There are multiple factors around us that increase aging process These factors can be stress environment and tension We need to figure out everything to keep our aging process slow Resveratrol helps a lot in decreasing the aging process The premature facial muscle change can be treated It can also aid in looking prettier than ever According to some studies this is one of the things that increases overall beauty of the skin Improves Muscles Muscles are over strength Without them we cannot do anything Our daily routine and its efficiency mostly depend on the performance of our muscles If they are weak and unable to provide us support then our success is suffered Resveratrol Supplement is a good source of multiple nutrients that powers up the muscles The stronger your muscles are more will be your stamina That is why this supplement is famous for it strengthens endurance properties It is rather a way through we can change our life Improves the Strength of Cells Our each cell is centralized with a brain Its brain is the command center It is important to strengthen the brain of the cell to make our body functioning correctly There are multiple confusions regarding the strength of the Cells and most of the people think that there is no way to stop them from aging Whenever their efficiency is decreased you can just restore it

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