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  • Bustler: ‘Abstract is Real’ International group exhibition
    via online gallery but will automatically be pre selected for the 1 edition of Abstract is Real International group exhibition in Paris scheduled for winter 2013 2014 TBD Additional info at www ewnsartproject eu UPDATE The deadline has been extended through October 15 2015 Tags for this entry europe photography france paris drawing call for entries sculpture painting call to artists digital art previous competition next competition Comments Francesca Tuesday

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  • Bustler: Museum Of Architecture (MOA), London Competition
    ltd that trades in Jeans Now is the first price a lifetime supply of stonewashed denim Jeans metaprotodrop Monday July 16 2012 Plus the whole thing looks like a bad AC CA org copy From their Terms Conditions it seems that they deserve the right to cancel any 1st stage competition with less than 25 entries 25 x 100 250 2500 6250 in fees Somebody is trying to mke a quick buck here Big nope ArchTriumph London Tuesday August 21 2012 Dear All Thank you for your comments We here at ArchTriumph sincerely wish we didn t have to waste our time responding to some of the rather negative comments founded on very little fact It will also be nice if you could also comment with your full names and professional position Please ring us if you have any qureries about the Awards We encourage freedom of speech but we should all remember and be aware that it comes with responsibilty We will however take time to respond to every comments listed above Sau 1 The names of the Jury is on the website and it is nothing usual to state that the names of the jury to be announced TBA for a competition 2 The award is in dollars because we are an international competition and was deemed the most universally used currency easy for our participant and payment gateway provider It does not matter where a landmark resides or a development Is not usual to carry out a build in say Dubai and the agreed contracted sum to be paid in say dollars 3 We clearly stated in the brief that we are not in any way connected to the previous owners developers of the site or any other past developer and do not need the competition set in conjunction to any RIBA rules 4 It is not our place to conserve the landmark but we have organise a competition to encourage discussion about of this iconic structure with strict condition that all proposal preserve the four chimney which are protected Sau I think you know and understand very little of the site in question We here have a desire to see the best possible outcome for this prime and also iconic site An The website had a message to advise visitors on when it will be fully functional during our initial maintenance and update It was not a case of the URL not working or domain not found Visitors were kept informed jececol It is an ideas competition with 24 000 total fund 12 000 distributed to winners of stage 1 and again 12 000 distriubuted among stage 2 winners I am not sure where RIBA and AIA which we abosutely repect comes into it elnoma 1 There are twelve categories for stage 1 which gives participants the choice to select a competition project They do not have to pay anything else for stage 2 You did not visit the site or read the detail It is

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  • Bustler: Call for Submission - Revenant: the Undeath of Ideas in Architecture Exhibition
    not the death of ideas CALL FOR SUBMISSION Revenant The Undeath of Ideas in Architecture calls for young architects and recent graduates to participate in the production and exhibition of self critical work that reflects the primacy of ideas in architectural and urban project rationalized through introspective allegorical and or narrative means Utopian subversive and or vanguard proposals are highly encouraged The exhibition is an introduction to series of exhibition and publications in an effort to re recognize and re commiserate the legacy of ideas as the lexicon of avant garde in architecture and urbanism The exhibition s goal is to critically examine and protest the trend toward marginalization and lost of avant garde and utopian ideas in contemporary architectural discourse particularly in architectural practice and architectural education Download the Information Flyer http www mediafire com view 2867ass5y2bjq7j SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS To be considered for this exhibition the prospective artists architects should submit no less then 5 slides of their previous work including project description that reflects the philosophy of the exhibition via wetransfer to the following address progento xmanifold com This exhibition is open to architects and students of all level of experience The deadline for submission is October 31 2012 For questions please contact proto xmanifold com Mass standardization of digital workflow in architectural education and practice Individual access and universal availability of information and ability to broadcast information through instant global communication This event is organized and presented by Intelligent Design for Eclectic Mind IDEM Limited IDEM is a non profit venture of XMANIFOLD ADRL LLC Los Angeles New York Honolulu www xmanifold com IDEM s purpose and goal is to promote emerging architecture and design culture to the public domain No contents within this poster may be distributed duplicated or used without permission All Rights Reserved Tags

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  • Bustler: La Spezia Arsenale 2062 Open Competition
    Closing date for submitting questions on the site is 31 August 2012 Participants La Spezia Arsenal 2062 is an international Concept and Design Competition open to everyone Projects can be submitted by a single contributor or by a team The same person can t be in more than a team The same person cannot participate alone and in a team Every participant being a team or a single can submit only one project Anonymity and compulsory content on every document and package Every team or single participant must choose a unique code in order to associate it to his her its project It consists of 3 letters of the Roman alphabet followed by 3 numbers The code must be present on the graphic and digital documents as well as on the sealed envelope containing personal informations on participants and team members The package containing all of the above documents must be sealed Language Projects must be written in Italian or in English Items to be submitted A3 Board The project must be on a single board format mm 297 x mm 420 it consists of graphic documents mounted on flat stiff light strong backings The board can be laid horizontally or vertically Digital Document It consists of a digital copy of the A3 Board at point 1 it should be a pdf file either on a cd or a dvd The pdf file must be the same size of the board mm 297 x mm 420 and must have a resolution of 300 dpi The digital document must have a cover with the chosen code printed on it Personal informations It consists of a A4 sealed envelope containing all the necessary documents needed for the disclosure of names and verification of the validity of the proposals Documents must be filled and signed following the form which can be downloaded together with the site documentation on the internet site The chosen code must be written on the envelope Please note that failure to include all the documents results in the participant or team in question being disqualified Documents should be formal author s declaration and acceptance of the competition rules with all participants infos in case of team participants acceptance of team leader s assignment A photocopy of a valid ID document of each participant Submission of entries Closing date for submitting packages is 30 October 2012 UPDATED Packages must be sent anonymously to Wenext org Firenze Via Bisenzio n 25 50127 Firenze Italia Togethere with the address above on the package there will be written only Progetto per il concorso La Spezia Arsenale 2062 Results Winning projects will be announced during the last Liquid Lab Festival s event Winner s Prize Competition s winners will be granted a full holiday weekend for two persons in the Gulf of La Spezia including accommodation in a local fishing village lunches and dinners based on typical dishes and free transportation Winners will be also invited to discuss their project and meet the associations

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  • Bustler: Mera Gaon Mera Base
    the backbone of India its rural strength Scattered throughout India are more than 6 45 000 villages These settlements range from tiny hamlets of thatched huts to larger settlements of tile roofed stone and brick houses It is in these villages that India s most basic occupation agriculture takes place which accomplishes the challenging task of feeding our nation It is our firm belief that villages in India should be evolving as one of our strengths and on par with urban India if India is to aim for sustained growth THE NEED FOR ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE INTERVENTION IN VILLAGES Mahatma Gandhi said India lives in her villages Today our villages are languishing due to the lack of political will availability of resources and most importantly abject neglect by the intellectual capital of the country Among the many problems faced by the village we have identified the lack of engineering and architecture initiatives to be a crucial one From limited or no access to design talent technology and new and improved building methods our villages are being forced to remain as crumbling units of a derelict past Therefore there is a need to address the problem and bridge the need for

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  • Bustler: New National Stadium Japan International Design Competition
    already slated to host the 2019 Rugby World Cup and will also be offered as a venue for the FIFA World Cup the IAAF World Championships in Athletics concerts by world renowned entertainers and a wide range of other cultural and artistic events As an all new stadium we want to create it in an all new way with full public participation and we pledge to make the entire process from design selection to final completion fully open and transparent What Japan needs now is the power of dreams Ichiro Kono President JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL Judging Committee Jury Chair Tadao Ando Judging Comittee Members Hiroyuki Suzuki Takayuki Kishii Hiroshi Naito Makoto Yasuoka Junji Ogura Shunichi Tokura Norman Foster Richard Rogers Ichiro Kono More information www jpnsport com en Tags for this entry asia japan tokyo stadium olympic games sports athletic tadao ando new national stadium japan previous competition next competition Comments burk Wednesday August 01 2012 wow look at the qualification criteria haha nick Tuesday August 28 2012 why doesn t tadao just do it himself haha Ruwan Tuesday September 04 2012 Not sure this competition should be posted here the qualification criteria limits it to about a dozen firms

    Original URL path: http://www.bustler.net/index.php/competition/new_national_stadium_japan_international_design_competition/ (2012-12-02)
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  • Bustler: NEW Contemporary Bridge in PARIS
    make a statement create a new Icon or landmark in Paris considering that there are approximately 37 Bridges over the Seine and should take into account the position location and the expectations for such an Iconic bridge in a city like Paris ELIGIBILITY Architects Architecture Graduates Architecture Students Team Architects Architecture Graduates Architecture Students Inter Disciplinary Teams engineers designers in conjunction with an architect Special Registration 100 USD until 16th April 2012 11 59 GMT Prize and Awards Total prize fund of 12 000 USD Website www archtriumph com Facebook www facebook com archtriumph Tags for this entry europe france paris bridge previous competition next competition Comments natalie miami Monday April 16 2012 this site looks like a scam Jinge LA Monday April 16 2012 Yeah totally agree everything charges at least 100 dollar registration fee and the registration fee rise over time ArchTriumph London Saturday September 01 2012 Dear Natalie Jinge Please get your facts right We are happy with the site and it is one of the most technologically advanced competition awards sites Bustler is a professional platform and not one for personal gossip and speculation We are also not the only competition or professional registration with fees

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  • Bustler: Call for Submissions at Mole Magazine: Cute Little Things
    As our world expands its components are becoming infinitely small smartphones microchips mp3 s teacup chihuahuas and so forth We have become obsessed and increasingly adept at compacting complex systems and ideas into cute little packages The downsizing movement has become immensely profitable even the infamous American consumerism has been won over by this ubiquitous trend putting pressure on product designers to cater to a marketplace where smaller is better nanotechnology fun sized snacks Smart cars and microbreweries have established a viable and pervasive market New forms of infrastructure technology and architecture are emerging in response to this vastly expanding framework Architectural representation has begun to stray from the standard methods of communication encapsulating entire projects into intellectually bite sized diagrams Ironically while the objects are becoming smaller the modes of operation have become incredibly efficient in fragmenting holistic systems into a list of parts The design community is tasked with the exciting challenge of exploring new means and narratives in response to the contemporary compacted landscape What could be the new methods in organizing complexities embedded in our social networks and consumer culture What is the role of designers in a world that asks for hyper specialization What are the potentials of small in mobility transferability economy new materials and customizations Mole begins its inaugural launch with small beginnings and invites a discussion on all things cute and little Deadline is September 30th 2012 Submissions should be article project drawing or photography based Send submissions to editor molemagazine com For more specifics refer to the submissions page at molemagazine com or send an email to info molemagazine com Tags for this entry call for submissions magazine mason white things little cute mole magazine university of waterloo george baird daniel d oca previous competition next competition Comments Madley Canada Wednesday

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