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  • The Bill Frisell Discography Tim Sparks 2004
    Tim Sparks University of Minnesota July 14 2004

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  • michaelhedgespage
    Russian on break and had stunned the audience especially the two guitar players sitting in front of us with his fretwork He was simply AMAZING If you read down the 1997 concert schedule below you will see that that evening was the next to the last show of a nearly 1 1 2 month road trip By the end of November Michael was dead Michael was 43 years old and

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  • davehollandtedmann
    Dave Holland Big Band March 15 2003

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  • randynewman
    Randy Newman Solo July 19th 1993 Murray Theatre Highland Park Illinois

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  • The Bill Frisell Discography Franks Wild years Page
    I had the pleasure of seeing Spalding Gray 3 times in Chicago in the 1990 s

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  • harrychapin
    Harry Chapin s Last Minneapolis Appearance

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  • Frank Zappa and The mothers
    with The Phlorescent Leech Eddie vocals This was a great concert part of which ended up on Frank s steller release CHUNGA S REVENGE I remember that the concert program was printed on bubble wrap and by show time the hall was loud with patrons poping them The band walked on stage with half off a female maniquin and Frank settled in front of his mic and said Don t

    Original URL path: http://www.bryanaaker.net/zappa1970 (2016-04-27)
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  • bluesdreampress
    and trombonist Curtis Fowlkes The follow up to the intimate solo guitar album Ghost Town 2000 Blues Dream presents Frisell s music painted across a much larger canvas tying together strands that have been running throughout several of his most recent offerings For the last few years I ve been floating around between a lot of different projects playing with different people that I didn t know and instruments I d never played with he says On Good Dog Happy Man I met Greg Leisz that was the first time I d ever played with him I started feeling like I was getting into having a more regular group like a language and communication was beginning to gel with these people Leisz brought his frequent collaborator Piltch Holly Cole Blood Sweat Tears ro Frisell s attention while Wollesen is one of New York s most respected drummers and a member of Frisell s working Trio The music on Blues Dream combines the homespun lyricism of Frisell s recent records with the expanded tonal pallette and harmonic sophistication afforded by a larger group something he has explored as far back as his first Nonesuch recording Before We were Born 1989 Every few years or so I have a little working group and then I get the urge to expand it a little The center of this record for me is the regular quartet I ve been working with and the horns are people that have been invovled in all sorts of things I ve done Far from serving as mere window dressing the horn section is fully integrated into the band s arrangements The arranging is a way for me to illustrate and expand what s going on like things that I do all the time with just my guitar It

    Original URL path: http://www.bryanaaker.net/bluesdreampress.html (2016-04-27)
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