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  • The The Bill Frisell Discography Unknown Public Ad

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  • The Bill Frisell Discography Homepage
    649 4745 or online at www AcousticMusicResource com 27 Guitarists on 2 CD s More info here or at 2003 Wanna See Some CD Covers Bill appears in the March 8 2004 issue of TIME A Little Dog Production Thanks For Visiting Bill Frisell was born in Baltimore and grew up in Denver Colorado He discovered the guitar through the omnipresence of pop music on the radio Soon a passion grew for Chicago Blues fed by the likes of Otis Rush B B King Paul Butterfield and Buddy Guy which in turn led to an affinity for jazz and the music of Charles Ives and Aaron Copland Frisell studied at the University of Northern Colorado before enrolling at the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied with John Damian Herb Pomeroy and Michael Gibbs In 1978 he lived and composed in Belgium then went to New York spending the next ten years with some of the most creative people of the Downtown Scene Frisell moved to Seattle in 1989 where he is still at home His expressive virtuosity led to him being much in demand as a guitarist and musician He has worked with artists as diverse as Ginger Baker Gavin Bryars Don Byron Ron Carter Elvis Costello Bono Jerry Douglas Marianne Faithfull Robin Holcomb Wayne Horvitz Paul Motian David Sylvian Hal Wilner and John Zorn to name but a few His recordings of the past decades span a wide area of musical influences His vast back catalogue also including 15 recordings for Nonesuch was lauded by Downbeat as being the best recorded product of the decade Frisell wrote original music for numerous movies among which are The Million Dollar Hotel by Wim Wenders two movies by Gus Van Sant Finding Forrester and his remake of Psycho American Hollow by Rory Kennedy an HBO documentary on an Appalachian family an educational program on the human genome entitled The DNA files for the radio and two animated movies by Gary Larson Tales from the far side I II Bill continues to amaze audiences into this new century Drawing by Bill Frisell PEACE Michael Wilson has taken some great photos of Bill and Others Terpstra Design does some of Bill s CD graphics Claude Utley did one of Bill s CD Covers Bill s Wife Carole is a WONDERFUL painter Random and Misc Bill Frisellism s Bill s been playing a new guitar Thanks David www davidcooperorton co uk Congratuations To Bill For his 2005 Grammy Win Category 45 Best Contemporary Jazz Album For albums containing 51 or more playing time of INSTRUMENTAL tracks Unspeakable Bill Frisell Nonesuch Records Minneapolis s Walker Art Center s Behind The 8 Ball Interview April 2005 What musical performing visual artist s turned your world upside down as a teenager Ed Big Daddy Roth Bob Dylan Miles Davis What s the last or favorite book you read Bob Dylan s Chronicles Vol 1 What are you obessing about these days I worry alot about

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  • The Bill Frisell Discography Walker Booklet

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  • burtnotes1997
    is arguable that the history of the Jews in this century has produced one of the most richly rewarding periods of culture in Jewish history Yet this fact is somehow kept neatly hidden WHAT Compare Philip Roth to Sholem Aleichem Kafka to Moses de leon Walty Benjamin to Rashi Wittegenstein to Spinoza Steve Reich to Felix Mendelssohn Allen Ginsberg to Yehuda Helevi Einstein to Nostradamus Lenny Bruce to Hillel Burt Bacharach is such a name A traiblazer A questioner An unbridled genius More than a great tunesmith he s a conduction a pianist and a singer a bold arranger with an original vision and sharp ear for detail a brilliant producer and a sensitive collabrator Bacharach s songs explode the expectations of what a popular song is supposed to be Advanced harmonies and chord changes with unexpected turnarounds and modulations unusual changing time signatures and rhythmic twists often in uneven numbers of bars But he makes it all sound so natural you can t get it out of your head of stop whistling it Maddeningly complex sometimes deceptively simple these are more than just great pop songs these are deep explorations of the materials of music and should be studied

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  • gingerbakerinterview
    and me I said Chip if you could get it together I d love to do it Because I love Charlie Haden and I like Bill Frisell So we got together totally unrehearsed and went into the studio and made Going Back Home Amazon com So that was a set it up and go session Baker Yeah And that s the difference between that band and the Denver Quintet to Octet DJQ2O The DJQ2O has been going for four years The lineups vary from a quartet to a quintet a sextet a septet or an octet We have that range of color And Ron Miles and I write stuff for the band It s the best band that I ve ever played with Amazon com You attract some great younger jazz stars like James Carter on 1999 s Coward of the County and Bela Fleck on Falling Off the Roof and others How does playing with those guys compare with your Denver based band Baker It s no different at all We re jazz players We play jazz Amazon com On Coward Ron Miles writes some strenuous tunes Baker When I saw the part for Jesus Loves Me I went Jesus Christ Ron This is never going to work However on playing it it did work and that shows where Ron is coming from that he can write something with so many different time signatures in it and yet it swings from top to bottom Amazon com If the Denver band were in New York would it be working constantly wowing crowds Baker We played New York in 1998 and blew everybody away which is how we got to do the record because my record company that s the first time they heard the band I ve been telling them for years I ve got this band and we finally came to New York and our record company heard it So we ve already been in New York and we blew New York totally away This band live is frightening Absolutely frightening I mean we did Coward of the County in two days It s live on the record It s straight onto two track No overdubs no multitracks Amazon com You talk in the liner notes about your drum family Art Blakey Elvin Jones Max Roach and Phil Seaman How did they influence you Baker Phil Seaman was the greatest drummer ever to come out of Europe and he was almost a godlike person to me And I think it was in 1960 Tubby Hayes the tenor sax player heard me playing an all nighter at the Flamingo and ran up the road to where Phil was at Ronnie Scott s club and told Phil to come down and hear the drummer I was unaware that he was there till I got off the stage to be confronted by God And I went back to his place and we spent all night listening to African records Amazon com And

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  • ronmileswdpic

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  • The Bill Frisell Discography Songs We Know Page
    in this Fred Hersh Bill Frisell musical merger shares some of the blame for it s weaknesses Hersch uses occasional brittle dissonance and some Monkisms in his mostly failed attempt to avoid the stylistic domination of Bill Evans And Frisell loses his distinctiveness on this type of material It s to his credit however that he wisely shuns much of the twangy thing that makes up his style it just wouldn t have worked the way things are set up here This collection of standards a couple of jazz classics and a widely know Brazilian work is most effective on It Might Be Spring Softly as in a Morning Sunrise Blue Monk My Little Suede Shoes and in especially cogent fashion Yesterdays On the aforementioned tunes thers a meeting of the minds within largely lyrical frameworks as well as inspired intersecting lines Things go less well on Someday My Prince Will Come What is This Thing Called Love and particularly I Got Rhythm where a certain corniness is allowed to enter Perhaps what Hersch and Frisell should have done was to work largely with original tunes then really throw into the mix a combination of their stylistic differences Let Frisell

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