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  • A Guide to Handling Painted Glass | Bill Evans
    on your part Use fine steel wool to remove the overspray from the edges and use paint thinner to remove any that s on the front of the glass For exceptionally thick overspray use a sharp razor blade to scrape it following up with paint thinner as required Cleaning a Paint Gun After Using Glass Paint Here again paint or lacquer thinner is the best tool for the job Use it along with a clean cloth to remove permanent glass paint from your paint gun after every use Spray thinner through your paint gun for a minimum of 30 seconds for a more thorough cleaning take the paint gun apart and clean its internal parts with fresh paint thinner Easy Tips for Installation of Backpainted Glass When you re done backpainting glass for a backsplash or other job it s time to install it without shattering it into hundreds of tiny pieces Double sided glaziers tape and silicone glue is the standard in the industry The tape temporarily holds the glass in place until the silicone glue has dried Alternatively products such as Liquid Nails or Mirror Mastic can be used to install your backpainted glass Glass paint has seen

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  • 5 Ways to Use Glass in the Kitchen | Bill Evans
    while creating an open airy feel Frameless Glass Cabinets A traditional glass front cabinet has a wooden frame with a center panel made of glass Frameless cabinets however have a glass sheet that covers the entire front of the cabinet They have a contemporary feel and the lack of cabinet hardware can lend a sleek look to the room Sliding Glass Cabinets These were very common in the 1970s but they ve come back into the modern kitchen and bathroom The doors of these cabinets glide on recessed tracks and they sometimes have direct drilled hardware but many have a handle that s merely a hole cut into the glass Decorative Glass Whether they re framed or frameless glass front cabinets come in a variety of finishes and patterns some even have glass paint on them You can either have the glass cut when you order your cabinets or you can ask the vendor to prep the doors for glass By painting on glass and using your imagination you can make your kitchen cabinets unique Painted Front Cabinets Here you ll get frameless doors and the glass will be treated with special glass paints on the reverse side In what

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