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  • Elixir Phosphor Bronze Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    with Nanoweb technology microscopic coating They make your guitar sounds incredible in whatever extreme conditions We found Elixir phosphor bronze are above and beyond any strings we have played in the past They can still sound the same even after 6 weeks of use This had made them a very good choice for acoustic players who change strings often to keep that bright clear and resonant tone They may be a little pricey but that s okay because they last longer than other brands For tone freaks who won t settle for anything less than that rich phosphor bronze sound they will love the Elixir Phosphor Bronze strings These strings will give you more confidence in your playing Because they simply sound better which of course makes your playing sound better too The string noise is minimal and your fingers will just slide smoothly up and down the neck You have nothing to lose by trying the Elixir phosphor bronze strings These strings will definitely make you a better guitar player Elixir Phosphor Bronze Strings are now available on Amazon US Amazon UK and Amazon Canada Brand Elixir Model 16052 Type Acoustic Strings Wrap Wire Phosphor Bronze with Nanoweb coating

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  • Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    Capo String Cleaner Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Martin MSP4150 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Medium Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Martin M130 Silk Steel Folk Guitar Strings Light Martin FX740 Phosphor Bronze Light Search for Most Popular Guitar Strings Best for Beginners Best Value for Money Most Durable Strings Best Phosphor Bronze Best Coated Strings Top 3 Best Selling Guitar Strings Recommended Accessories Clip

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  • Martin SP Strings Review | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    deliver outstanding tone Many guitar players who used the Martin MSP4100 strings for the first time found themselves very pleased with the results These strings use a brass electroplating on the non wound strings What you will get is a softer and fuller tone Like D Addario strings Martin MSP4100 also deliver a very consistent performance From day one you put them on your guitar they sound absolutely amazing And after a few month of playing they are not losing any of that perfect sound Many users commented that while they slight the Martins seems singing in fuller and more complete tone compare to the D Addario We agree with many people s opinions that your perfect string is ultimately come down to your guitar and your ears It s kind of personal preference So we would suggest you to give Martin MSP4100 a try Feel them on your guitar You might find they are perfect for you Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings are now available on Amazon US Amazon UK and Amazon Canada Brand Martin Co Model MSP4100 Type Acoustic Strings Wrap Wire Phosphor Bronze Coated Non coated Non coated Gauge Light Related posts Martin MSP4150

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  • Martin MSP4150 SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    of the finest in guitar making They are also one of the oldest guitar makers in the world They have been setting the standards for styles of guitars for many years and their guitar strings are some of the finest around They have been hand made since the inception of Martin Guitars and even though technology has come to the life of guitar making they still produce the finest in strings The Martin MSP4150 SP strings can be used on any guitar but they are designed for the Martin Guitar so naturally they sound best on one They have been used by some of the biggest in icons rock stars country folk and bluegrass stars You can see Martin guitar strings in videos and on MTV and even on television shows But they are a personal choice Unlike other medium gauge strings Martin MSP4150 will not exerting too much tension on your guitar These light medium strings exert exactly the right amount of pull on your guitar and give you a beautiful and loud tone These strings are very finger friendly and give you a good feel on your fingertips Whether you re just starting out learning to play a guitar or are a veteran guitar player you ll find owning and using Martin strings gives you the sound you re looking for on your guitar If you re looking for a bright deep supporting tone plus longevity then Martin strings will bring out the best in your playing You might even be surprised at how long they last no matter how many gigs rehearsals and shows you do they do resist breakage better than other guitar strings If you re looking to make your guitar shine with beauty then the golden bronze finish of the Martin SP strings will

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  • Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    and clear treble tones while offering the deepest and richest of bass tones They are specifically made to endure all manner of everyday playing and provide good longevity with that in mind Being a Martin strings fan for years we could tell that these Martin SP strings are produced to strict exacting standards They never intentionally send out below par strings for retailing They are wound with expertise and finesse to ensure that they sound great last long and are easy to use What makes Martin MSP4200 different from other strings is they are good quality strings at a low price These strings deliver the beautiful tone and last long too You don t have to worry about easy breakage with Martin MSP4200 Reviews of these Martin MSP4200 strings on the whole have been positive A few niggles here and there are dwarfed in comparison to the raves about the ease of stringing a guitar with these and the different in the sound they can give to a guitar in comparison to other brands The price seems to be a shining glory as they outprice many big guns in the string business but offer the same quality and in some cases even better quality than their rivals Many reviewers have commented that now they have used Martin strings that they would never use another make of strings again They are best matched with a smaller guitar as there is less string tension and therefore more comfortable to use than if you used them on a full size guitar Smaller guitars by nature are less powerful and often harder to project sound with by using these Martin medium strings this will lend a helping hand to produce more vibrant attention grabbing sounds Whether novice or a seasoned pro the reviews speak

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  • Martin M130 Silk And Steel Folk Guitar Strings, Light | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    why the sound coming out of it bared little to no resemblance to the Jimi Hendrix riff that you re trying to play Some people may say that it s down to a lack of practice a lack of skill or even a lack of any sort of musical ability but that s not always the case sometimes you just need the right equipment to get the right sounds coming out and that s where switching to silk and steel strings has helped many people out Many people recommend switching to the Martin guitar strings and the Martin m130 silk and steel strings in particular because these strings seem to have a better feel to them Silk Steel have a reputation for being easy to play They are easier to use with just your fingers and will produce the type of sound that you always aiming for a more sort of melodic sound There are other outstanding steel strings available depending on your needs and personal preferences but these Martins are tough and durable they are softer on the fingers and easier to play and they will also look nice on your guitar So will Martin m130 silk and steel strings make you into the next Eric Clapton Well that all sort of depends on the commitment you put into your practice the talent that you have to start with and getting the correct number of string for your guitar but switching from what you already have to the Martin guitar strings and especially the Martin m130 silk and steel strings is going to make a difference no matter what your current level and ability is Martin M130 is now available on Amazon US Amazon UK and Amazon Canada Brand Martin Model M130 Type Acoustic Strings Wrap Wire Silk Steel

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  • Martin FX Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    also gives guitarists more playing control What is especially nice is that the advanced core wire manages to do all of the aforementioned without sacrificing playability durability or tone These are light gauge strings with the tension measuring 164 8 String gauge measures the diameter or thickness of the strings They are measured in thousandths of an inch When deciding on which Martin acoustic strings a person should buy a few considerations need to be made amongst them price string type string gauge required tone and the age of the guitar The right strings will affect the quality of the sound Price will be an important consideration for some people though obviously not for everyone If it is it is important to avoid paying more money than one has to on strings Martin FX740 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings are very affordable and can typically be purchased for a small amount As mentioned above the gauge of the string measures its diameter There are four primary gauge options for acoustic guitars They are Extra Light Custom Light Light and Medium gauge The Martin FX740 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings have a light gauge which measures between 12 and 54 These are often used by professional musicians The tone a guitar player is seeking will also affect their strings choice Bronze strings are great for people who want a bright and clear tone These strings however have one downside Their tone tends to fade Phosphor Bronze Strings which the Martin FX740s are are ideal for warm tones with long holds Individuals in need of affordable high quality guitar strings may want to consider the Martin FX740 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings This is especially true of individuals that desire to play warm tones with long holds and who want light gauge

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  • Ernie Ball Strings - Earthwood 80/20 Bronze | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    sound pretty good too If you are someone who desperately looking for a string that has deep bass and non tinny high notes the Ernie Ball Earthwood 2003 is your answer These strings sound clean resonant and lasting Other than clean tone another thing makes Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings attractive is the price They are cheap but give you good and crisp tone Unlike those high end strings which cost you twice or even 3 times of the price but you couldn t tell that they sounded or lasted any better the price of Ernie Ball strings is very reasonable And many people found they sound great for fingerstyle playing These strings are sturdy and easy to play They tune up very quickly upon install and stay in tune We would recommend you to try them up because Ernie Ball strings are simply good and cheap Ernie Ball Earthwood is now available on Amazon US Amazon UK and Amazon Canada Brand Ernie Ball Model Earthwood 2003 Type Acoustic Strings Wrap Wire 80 20 Bronze Coated Non coated Non coated Gauge Medium Light Related posts Ernie Ball Acoustic Strings Ernie Ball Super Slinky Strings D Addario EJ17 Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings

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