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  • Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    Tony Rice uses and he s a great guitarist There are also acoustic guitar strings which have an 85 15 formulation These strings are very mellow sounding and are good for an overly bright guitar Lastly Rohrbacher makes Titanium strings wound with either phosphor bronze nickel or coated bronze wire These strings will last longer than steel since Titanium is non corrosive They are a bit pricey in the 20 00 per set range but will last a year or more They have a slightly softer sweeter sound than steel strings COATED STRINGS In general all string makers have a line of own coated strings These guitar strings have been either dipped or sprayed with a fine coating of polymer that protects the string However the coating dampens the sound of the string and the guitar If your hands perspire a lot you can use coated strings or the Rohrbacher Titaniums But if your hands always stay dry then coated strings are not necessary They cost a lot more and really do not sound as good as uncoated strings To us coated strings are just meant to be made for those people with a sweaty palm STRINGS GAUGES Guitar strings come in various gauges thicknesses or diameter A 56 gauge string is thicker than a 54 gauge string Generally the most common gauges for acoustic guitar strings are Extra light 11 47 Light 12 54 and medium 13 56 Do note different string makers may have slightly different string gauges for their products If you have a dreadnought guitar we recommend medium strings Why Because medium strings have a greater tension than Lights or Extra Lights and will transfer more sound to the top or soundboard of the guitar This is recommended for a new guitar especially because the top

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  • D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    Guitar Tuner Guitar Picks Guitar Capo String Cleaner D Addario Acoustic Guitar Strings D Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light D Addario EJ17 Phosphor Bronze Medium D Addario EXP16 with NY Steel Phosphor Bronze Coated Light Search for Most Popular Guitar Strings Best for Beginners Best Value for Money Most Durable Strings Best Phosphor Bronze Best Coated Strings Top 3 Best Selling Guitar Strings Recommended Accessories Clip On Tuner String Winder

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  • D'addario EJ16 Acoustic Guitar String | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    and are easy on the guitar and fingers Phosphor Bronze technology was introduced to string making by D Addario in 1974 and has become synonymous with warm bright and well balanced acoustic tone These D Addario EJ16 strings will get in tune and stay in tune quickly within minutes of being newly strung Many guitar players found the more they play their strings the mellower the tone becomes So if you find that these strings sound too bright give them a few days to settle in The EJ16 will develop a very nice warm sound after a couple of days One thing many people like about D Addario EJ16 is the color code on the ball ends These make it much easier when you do the restringing Because you don t have to worry about mixing your strings accidentally and you will have no trouble identifying which string is which Another advantage is the packaging unlike other brands that keep their strings inside a normal paper envelope D Addario protects their strings with a corrosion proof sealed bag Whether you are a guitar beginner or an experienced guitar player the D Addario EJ16 is the perfect strings for you Although they have some newer formulations such as web coatings on the market many guitar players found the pure natural sound and crisp tuning of the EJ16 is better and more cost effective Once you have discovered these excellent strings you will never look back and will always use the D Addario D Addario EJ16 is now available on Amazon US Amazon UK and Amazon Canada Brand D Addario Model EJ16 Type Acoustic Strings Wrap Wire Phosphor Bronze Coated Non coated Non coated Gauge Light Related posts D Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings D Addario EXP Strings D

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  • D'Addario EJ17 Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    clarity possible The D Addario EJ17 is a type of string that possesses a heavier tension that provides users with better strumming capabilities and sound quality Guitarists love the rich and full acoustic tone the D Addario EJ17 delivered You will be surprised to find these acoustic guitar strings sound as vibrant as some of the non coated strings They hold the tune well and last a reasonable amount of time The quality of the strings is unparallel to others and no other company can come close to their reputation Made from high carbon steel the D Addario Strings will last for months without losing sound quality or tension Another great feature of D Addario EJ17 is their new packaging style Instead of being wrapped in paper sleeves individually the strings are now bundled together into a single plastic bag This is a great move from the string maker to contribute some effort to our environment Here are some of the pros and cons we found about D Addario EJ17 strings Pros The strings produce a nice warm sound The range of sound is excellent String durability and long lasting quality Price of the strings is very affordable Consistent sound quality Cons A finish on the string comes off after a while from playing D Addario is a brand that is often looked upon as the best acoustic strings for musicians to buy As you can see the sound and build quality is something that most users will applaud As always sometimes there are issues with specific users but the vast majority of users prefer this string If you are looking for a new string to try or need just a quality replacement you should take a look and try out any brand of D Addario guitar strings You will

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  • D Addario EXP Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    responsible for making the EXP strings not just the sound similar to regular bronze but sustains up to several times much longer durability This is also the very great feature which made D Addario EXP16 strings a famous choice of many professional guitarists These strings will definitely make a big difference in your guitar playing D Addario EXP16 strings are something that can deliver the perfect balance of tone as well as comfortable playability These guitar strings sound pure and crisp Your fingers will experience an amazing feeling The strings have a longer life too and they can sustain much better compared to other coated guitar strings As the biggest manufacturer of the world of guitar strings D Addario is highly known to be The Players Choice that has the reputation of great consistency and quality We highly recommend the EXP16 to our readers because these strings can deliver the long lasting and natural sounding and it is the best coated strings that you can ever find in the market D Addario EXP16 is now available on Amazon US Amazon UK and Amazon Canada Brand D Addario Model EXP16 Type Acoustic Strings Wrap Wire EXP Coated phosphor bronze Gauge Light

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  • Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    Size Guitar Tuner Guitar Picks Guitar Capo String Cleaner Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings Elixir 80 20 Bronze Guitar Strings Light Elixir 80 20 Bronze Guitar Strings Medium Elixir Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings Light Search for Most Popular Guitar Strings Best for Beginners Best Value for Money Most Durable Strings Best Phosphor Bronze Best Coated Strings Top 3 Best Selling Guitar Strings Recommended Accessories Clip On Tuner String Winder Click here

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  • Elixir Acoustic Strings 80/20 Nanoweb | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    because of the effect they can have on your instrument in long term This is why we always recommend our readers to go for the great quality strings like the Elixir Nanoweb coating 80 20 strings Generally Elixir acoustic strings come in 3 major types Polyweb 80 20 Nanoweb 80 20 and Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze We recommend you to go for the Elixir Nanoweb 80 20 because some guitar players commented that Polywebs are a bit dull in tone and that Nanoweb coating is not as thick as the Polyweb You will get a brighter tone and the coating doesn t peel like the Polyweb The Elixir Nanoweb strings will make you guitar sound great and lively Experienced guitar performers love it because the Nanoweb coating is so thin that it feels no different from playing an uncoated string These strings deliver beautiful sounds The tones are soft and bright The effect is just amazing Another great feature of Elixir Nanoweb strings is their consistency They sound great when you first play them And they still sound that good months later Other strings may sound good at first but after a couple of days they start to sound dead So rather than changing your strings about every couple weeks you can go months on end with an acceptable sound from the Elixirs The Elixir Nanoweb strings are great for the acoustic guitar Beginner intermediate guitar player will be more inclined to get these strings Because they don t hurt your fingers as much as the other cheaper kinds do Elixir Acoustic Strings 80 20 Nanoweb is now available on Amazon US Amazon UK and Amazon Canada Brand Elixir Model 11052 Type Acoustic Strings Wrap Wire 80 20 Bronze Coated Non coated Nanoweb Coating Gauge Light Related posts Elixir Acoustic Guitar

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  • Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings, NANOWEB, Medium | Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
    sound best after a couple days of breaking them in though like most strings Elixir uses a nanoweb coating on some of their acoustic strings a super thin coating which makes them feel and sound like uncoated strings They also tend to last longer than polyweb coated strings In our opinion nanowebs feel better on the fingers and make playing far smoother and easier Elixir makes their nanoweb strings without sacrificing tone and that s something that is hard to find The tone of these Nanoweb strings is crisp and rich and differs with the type of acoustic string For instance the nanowebs give a brighter sound while the phosphor bronze strings have a deeper tone to them We like to alter the strings based on the type of music we are playing bluegrass vs blues or jazz for instance We would want the brighter sound for bluegrass and deeper for jazz All of Elixir s strings have that same wonderful playability and rich tone though so there s a pack of strings to suit anyone One of our pet peeves is guitar strings that won t hold a tune Few things are as annoying as playing a gig and gradually falling out of tune with the rest of the band Luckily these particular guitar strings hold their tune longer than most others we have played with That if for no other reason makes Elixir strings worth buying Elixir has excellent customer service too If there s ever a problem with a pack of strings or even a single string within a pack if you let them know they ll send you a whole new pack The company knows they have high quality strings so they have no qualms about making sure their customers are satisfied The Elixir strings are

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