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  • New Champions
    SWE CH Borzowski s Penelope Pepper CH Ardagan s Yondalar x Stravi Magdalena Annica Nilsson NEW July 2000 Dt Ch VDH Ch Prodigy Krylov owner M K Stephan New July 2000 SWE CH Borzowski s Cindy Cinnamon CH Ardagan s Yondalar x Stravi Magdalena owner Annica Nilsson New June 2000 Dt CH Chaconne von Prisca owner Ilona Kromrei von Astrachan New May 2000 Slov CH Haroschij von Schloss Olef Owner

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  • Barsoi-Net© Borzoi-Net© by Bigeschke All about Borzois in Europe
    it there was no hunting of chase Borzoi and there was no chase Borzoi it self before XV century in Russia There was hunting only with set dogs and with the dogs like husky Chase Borzoi had no application because of dense forests which didn t not allow to hunt with them Those dogs need difinite space to catch wild beast The first appearance of Borzoi is connected with Mongolian invasion to Russia In XVI century Russia Tzar moved many Tata princes to nothern provinces of Russia and they brought Central Asiatic Borzoi with them And since that time the process of crossing between breeds took place Only by the end of the XVIII century intencive development of the breed began There appread nurseries and some landlords kept Borzoi and hounds There exist four varieties of Borzoi Russian chase Thick haired Pure chase and Baltic chase As to the first three they are the result of crossing Central Asiatic Borzoi with Russian dogs like husky Baltic Borzoi appeared in the result of crossing with dogs like Irish Wolfhound That is why they have frightful and fierce appearance These dogs were of big height playfulness and power By the way the

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  • Barsoi-Net© Borzoi-Net©
    Corazon click to see pedigree Aspazija back to start YOU REACH US THIS WAY SO ERREICHEN SIE UNS Telefon 0049 0 03338 768575 Fax 0049 0 1805505254 378506 E Mail webmaster barsoi net de barsoi net c o Familie Bigeschke

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  • Barsoi-Net© Borzoi-Net©
    dogs they ran and ran and ran That s how I knew we could never own one because we didn t have a castle to provide it with enough running space It was love at first sight Little Agisha moved into our hearts and into our home We called her Angie like Angel and she sure lived up to her name Aleksandrian Agisha Angie was out of Int Nord Ch Polongain Fjor x Metsänreunan Viivuska As we had taken her for a pet and a companion the thought of breeding from her came much later She had two litters both of which were sired by Taivalkuohun Aleksanteri aka Juri out of Int Nord Ch W 84 Margiitan Tiritomba x Millan Anastasia Both litters were very small only 2 boys both times Out of the first two boys born in 1987 Don went to Moscow Russia to madame Lidia N Anihreeva In addition to enjoying his life to the fullest as the apple of her eye yet he had quite impressive success in shows hunting trials and as a stud as well All this would have been remarkable under any circumstances but considering madame Anihreeva s age it is something to be truly admired From Angie s second litter in 1989 came Maladetz or Warlock as we like to call him He is a tender companion father and grandpa living now with two of his grandchildren Hope and Wolfie who adore him from the bottom of their hearts Together with Tuulennopean Amanda Manteli Lempi out of Fin Ch Margiitan Eliitti Elmo x Fin Ch Fin Track Ch Margiitan Huumorin Kukka Warlock gave us our third litter in 1994 Out of this litter Tzamilja aka Tuuli went to Germany to Mr Stefan Bleier and Tzarai aka Ljollja went to Mr Aleksandr B

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  • Pedigree: Aspazija
    Birchwood s Huntress Nadia Dam Majenkir Bellefleur Sire Ch Bevro s Rocky B Majenkir Sire Ch Majenkir Artizan Dam Tooth Fairy Duncan Dam Ch Majenkir Cassandra Sire Ch Majenkir Gyrfalcon Dam Crescent s Crafty Dam Rus Hunting Ch Miskat Tzarai Sire Miskat Maladetz Sire Taivalkuohun Aleksanteri Sire Int Nord Ch W 84 Margiitan Tiritomba Dam Millan Anastasia Dam Aleksandrian Agisha Sire Int Nord Ch Polongain Fjor Dam Metsänreunan Viivuska Dam

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  • Barsoisois von der Rheininsel / CH
    by Barsoi Net zurück zur Rheininsel Hauptseite klicken Barsois von der Rheininsel Nun sind wir 12 Wochen alt 01 2001 Familie Hutter Tel 071 733 40 04 Privat Rheinhofstr 1 071 733 10 49 Geschäft 9444 Diepoldsau SG Natel 079

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  • Europe´s Borzois - Barsoi-Net© by Bigeschke
    Photo of Bjelka The Story My ex wife who promissed me to care about you during my 3 weeks absence in April 2001 gave you back to the breeder who sold you without my permission However after a not so good time at the new owners the Breeder got you back and you since that time you live with Gabi Hoyer Kennel Garico s November 17th 2001 I was informed by good friends that Bjelka occured an accident and one of her legs has been broken in addition she was falling in a swimming pool but saved by her new owners I wish her all the best and hope that she will be in good health again I miss you very much Bjelka you are unforgettable in every way Jens Garico s Bjelka 21 04 2000 Sire Doubravskaya s Derskie FCI World Race Winner 1998 Dame Garico s Akira GER Federal Race Winner 1999 Breeder Gabriele Hoyer Neuenhagen Germany The biggest succes 2 Place FCI Worldchampionship 2003 Mit Urteil vom 12 Mai 1998 312 O 85 98 Haftung fuer Links hat das Landgericht LG Hamburg entschieden daß man durch die Erstellung eines Links die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf mit

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  • Barsoi-Net© Borzoi-Net©
    Tsar Spirit of the Tsar Borzois Edith H Titze Waldstr 16 72805 Lichtenstein Tel 0171 3032427 Fax 08233 210318 EMail Spirit of the Tsar gmx net http welcome to Spirit

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