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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: News
    we don t already have or would be willing to help write a Sandkings Biography please get in touch and help out Ideally I would love to at least have a high quality copy of every music video Interviews from television shows and live performances would be a plus Lastly some pages dedicated to The Sandkings including history of the band the music released and any photographs from the time and scans of cover art would really help document the whole creative journey leading to BZ If you can help out please contact me Thanks Insomnia 30 05 2009 I m Cracking Up I Need A Pill Paranoia À La Mode I was recently sent details of an article which talks about Babylon Zoo and the often overlooked tracks It s great to see people are still talking about Babylon Zoo 15 years on You can read the article here 08 04 2008 A Graphic Novel I m a little behind on posting up this news but a huge thanks to the person who emailed me about it It would seem a graphic novel is in the works for Immortal Features with a tie in to Jas Mann s latest film The blog entry for the artist working on it can be read here Edit The blog post has now been removed for unknown reasons 12 02 2008 The Whisperers Just when we were starting to think it may be all over Jas Mann manages to surprise us all once again The Whisperers is a upcoming film Jas is working on described as a thriller Plot outline a psychological tale of a spiritual woman who suffers tragic loss and is plunged into a silent world only to rediscover her faith and find peace in a dark deadly unexpected place Jasbinder Singh is listed as the film director writer co producer and composer Thanks to accadia for keeping up with the news on this For the latest check this topic on the forums 15 04 2007 The end of Babylon Zoo In 2004 some positive developments were to be seen on the Babylon Zoo front Hub Records emerged resulting in a steady flow of communication between Jas and his fans With the working title of his album announced in 2005 new material started to seem only a heart beat away But premature excitement has paved the way to disappontement The first blow came with the closure of Hub Records and with no word from the Mann himself since it leaves the burning question is this the end for Babylon Zoo and Jas Mann as a recording artist 12 05 2005 Regarding the New BZoo album The working title The new BZoo album is still underway and I ve been informed exclusively that the working title for the new Babylon Zoo album is Cold Clockwork Doll It s nearly 7 years since the last BZoo album was released to see new material slowly becoming reality is fantastic 27 04 2005 What s

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    visit the compatibility section for more details and alternative versions of this content targetted for these browsers Article List Click to view article Article on Babylon Zoo Re New album etc Article on Jas from Italian Magazine Album review of King Kong Groover Album review of All The Money s Gone single Article on Babylon Zoo Album review of The Boy with the X Ray Eyes Another album review of The Boy with the X Ray Eyes Yet another album review of The Boy with the X Ray Eyes Album review of Spaceman single Album review of Animal Army single Interview with Babylon Zoo Interview with Jas Mann from French magazine XL Who is Jas Mann Article 1 Scan Article 2 Scan Article 3 Scan The following articles were gathered and submitted to Babylon Zoo Online by accadia Thanks Sari girls sex god Jas is still a virgin The Questionnaire Jas Mann Squeaky voices are go Pop Babylon Zoo LA2 London Pop Releases Record Reviews Animal magic of Spaceman Jas Scarier monsters Rock Culture Music CD of the Week Babylon Zoo Jean genie shakes off the jean jinx Pop The Hits Files File 001 Observer Newspaper 1999 Interview The following

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Exclusives
    browser doesn t support style methods used on this website Visit compatibility for details and alternative versions of this website which we provide You are using a text only browser or similar Please visit the compatibility section for more details and alternative versions of this content targetted for these browsers Exclusives Click to view article Q A Session with Jas Mann 08 03 2004 Q A Session with Jas Mann

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Biography
    be trashed all the work of Babylon Zoo had also changed hands The CD s and video s had to be re recorded under the new label in the meantime Spaceman was aired on local radio in Manchester it had not at this stage been released as a single One of the listeners of the radio station were the people who were making the next Levi s advert they chose this as their soundtrack for their campaign The Levi s Jeans ad was shown on UK television towards the latter end of 1995 George Michael after a five year absence had released his first record Jesus to a Child which topped the charts Spaceman the single was officially released onto the British market a week later on 15th January 1996 The single overwhelmed the UK market over 500 000 copies were sold in the first week of sales It broke records by becoming the fastest selling debut single in British pop history toppling George from the number 1 spot The Manager at Virgin Megastore in Birmingham said Babylon Zoo was selling 9 copies to every 1 of George Michael s George therefore sold approximately 56 000 Sales for Spaceman started on the Monday and by first thing Thursday it was a fact that Babylon Zoo was Numero Uno The single stayed firm in the top slot for an incredible 5 weeks in the UK charts more copies had to be cut due to enormous demand Spaceman the track expressed the need to keep true to oneself despite outside peer pressure in the same way that a visitor from another planet would be free from earthly influences It is about recognising that we all have our spaceman a projection of our inner soul of how we feel about ourselves Our outer personalities are so easily affected by our social environments but we must stay true to ourselves and not compromise our spaceman I write about what it would feel like to be a person from another planet rather than romanticising science fiction explains Jas Babylon Zoo has a vision of personal liberation that encourages the asking of questions without preaching a set of proscribed answers Jas says You don t have to listen to me turn it off rip up the paper break my record I m not here to patronise the individual and say you have to like me The music artwork and visual ideas were all generated from a studio in Wolverhampton New Atlantis Productions Jean Francois CecilIon President and C E O of EMI Records Group U K and Ireland stated Babylon Zoo s phenomenal success proves that British music is red hot Our companies around the world are gearing up for a No 1 hit Clive Black EMI UK s Managing Director at the time and the man responsible for signing the act to EMI commented The success of Spaceman has been literally out of this world It looks like being EMI s biggest selling single since

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Zoology :: Facts / History
    was never released for some unbeknown reason perhaps for the better Also at this time there were strong rumours that Jas Mann and Robbie Williams the ex Take That member might be teaming up to do this number but once again nothing transpired However more recently whilst working on the new Album the vocalist Ian Hunter surprisingly from the 70 s band Mop The Hoople approached Clive Black Babylon Zoo s Manager with one of their golden oldies called Honaloochie Boogie Clive didn t need persuading his vision told him this was perfect for Jas and was he right We have heard a rough mix which is an excellent cover of the original which incidentally reached number 12 in the charts hack in June 1973 Ill taly Christmas 1996 was a very bad time for J Mann the night before Jas was due to fly back from Italy to spend a well deserved Xmas break he fell seriously ill Three weeks in an Italian Hospital felt like a lifetime family and friends rushing to his side to best comfort his fearful thoughts It s a time I think we would all like to put behind us but unfortunately our minds will not erode those memories Even with this experience Jas has a special place in his heart for Italy it s a place he has always been welcomed with open arms The many friends he has made have shown him a lot of love and affection a couple of his closer friends include the Italian Radio DJ Ringo and the Italian Footballer Paolo Maldini Ivan No vello Although 1997 was a quieter year for Babylon Zoo it did give the band some official recognition by nominating it for the Ivan Novello Awards Disappointingly though it wasn t to be the award was picked up by the one and only Girls of Spice Album to Title KING KONG GROOVER the entitled second Album was not chosen without competition other titles included Silver Surfer and Chrome Invader It was not legally possible to adopt Silver Surfer due to copyrights this name depicts a comic character and hence there may have been too many complications in attempting to use this title And Chrome Invader well this came second to King Kong Groover personal choice I guess The first single on the Album KKG and the first to be released on 28th September in the United Kingdom is titled All The Money s Gone In brief this track makes the observation that when someone comes into money for example winning The Lottery there are so many friends so many people that want to be associated with you However when that money dwindles away your so called friends vanish they play dead it s a crazy world True friends are always there no matter what your circumstances Singled Out The video to this single different from the previous ones yet again which is animated in its entirety took 7 months from conception to completion However

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Biographie
    être enregistrés de nouveau sous la nouvelle étiquette Pendant ce temps Spaceman jouait sur les ondes d une station de radio locale à Manchester À ce moment la chanson n était pas encore sortie en single Parmi les auditeurs de la station de radio il y avait des gens qui préparaient la prochaine publicité de Levi s Ils ont choisi la chanson comme thème de leur campagne La publicité des jeans Levi s a été présentée à la télévision britannique vers la fin de l année 1995 George Michael après une absence de cinq ans a sorti son album Jesus to a Child qui a atteint le sommet des palmarès Le single de Spaceman est officiellement sorti sur le marché britannique une semaine plus tard le 15 janvier 1996 Le single a submergé le marché britannique 500 000 copies ont été vendues au cours de la première semaine Il a battu un record en devenant le single d un nouvel artiste se vendant le plus rapidement dans l histoire de la pop britannique et a délogé George Michael du numéro un Le directeur du Virgin Megastore à Birmingham a déclaré que Babylon Zoo vendait 9 copies pour chaque copie de l album de George Michael qui en a vendu 56 000 Les ventes de Spaceman ont commencé le lundi et rendu au jeudi Babylon Zoo était numéro un Le single est resté au sommet pendant 5 semaines au Royaume Uni D autres copies ont dû être fabriquées en raison de la demande énorme La chanson Spaceman exprime le besoin de rester soi même malgré la pression de l entourage de la même façon qu un visiteur venu d une autre planète ne subirait pas les influences de la Terre Il y est question de reconnaître que nous avons tous notre spaceman astronaute une projection de notre âme intérieure Nos personnalités extérieures sont facilement affectées par notre environnement mais nous devons rester soi même et ne pas compromettre notre spaceman J écris sur ce que ce serait pour une personne venue d une autre planète plutôt que de faire de la science fiction romancée explique Jas Babylon Zoo a une vision de la libération personnelle qui encourage à poser des questions sans prêcher une série de réponses proscrites Jas affirme Vous n avez pas à m écouter éteignez cela déchirez le papier brisez le disque Je ne suis pas ici pour dire vous devez m aimer La musique et la présentation artistique et visuelle ont été produites dans un studio à Wolverhampton New Atlantis Productions Jean François CecilIon président et directeur général de EMI Records pour le Royaume Uni et l Irlande a déclaré le succès phénoménal de Babylon Zoo prouve que la musique britannique est ardente Nos compagnies partout dans le monde se préparent pour un numéro un Clive Black directeur général de EMI pour le Royaume Uni à l époque et responsable d avoir fait signer un contrat au groupe a commenté Le succès de Spaceman a été extraordinaire

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Zoology :: Faits / Histoire
    la pièce a été enregistrée elle n a jamais été sortie pour une obscure raison peut être pour le mieux De plus à cette époque il y avait des rumeurs selon lesquelles Jas Mann et Robbie Williams un ancien membre du groupe Take That s unissent pour enregistrer cette chanson mais encore une fois rien ne s est concrétisé Cependant plus récemment pendant l enregistrement du nouvel album le chanteur Ian Hunter du groupe des années 1970 Mop The Hoople a approché Clive Black gérant de Babylon Zoo avec une de ses vieilles chansons Honaloochie Boogie Clive n a pas été difficile à convaincre sa vision lui a dit qu il serait parfait pour Jas et il avait raison Nous avons entendu un enregistrement brouillon et il s agit d une excellente reprise de l original qui avait atteint le 12e rang des palmarès en juin 1973 PETITE ITALIE Noël 1996 a été un mauvais moment pour Jas Mann La veille de la journée où il devait retourner à la maison en avion depuis l Italie afin de profiter d un congé bien mérité il est tombé gravement malade Trois semaines passées dans un hôpital en Italie lui ont paru comme l éternité Sa famille et ses amis se sont rendus à son chevet pour le réconforter Il s agit de moments que nous voudrions tous laisser derrière mais malheureusement ces souvenirs ne peuvent quitter notre mémoire Malgré cette expérience l Italie a une place spéciale dans le c ur de Jas Il s agit d un endroit où il a toujours été accueilli à bras ouverts Les nombreux amis qu il s est fait là bas lui ont démontré beaucoup d amour et d affection Parmi ses meilleurs amis il y a l animateur de radio Ringo et le joueur de football Paolo Maldini IVAN NOVELLO Même si 1997 a été une année tranquille pour Babylon Zoo le groupe a tout de même obtenu une reconnaissance officielle en étant mis en nomination pour les Ivan Novello Awards Malheureusement le prix est allé aux Spice Girls TITRE D ALBUM King Kong Groover le titre du deuxième album n a pas été choisi sans compétition Parmi les autres options il y avait Silver Surfer et Chrome Invader Il n était pas possible de choisir Silver Surfer an raison de droits d auteur Il s agit du nom d un personnage de bande dessinée et il aurait été trop compliqué d utiliser ce titre Chrome Invader a été devancé par King Kong Groover question de choix personnel probablement Le premier single de l album KKG est sorti le 28 septembre au Royaume Uni et est intitulé All The Money s Gone En résumé cette chanson parle du fait que lorsque quelqu un gagne de l argent par exemple à la loterie il y a tellement de gens qui veulent se rapprocher de lui Cependant lorsque l argent disparaît ces soi disant amis disparaissent aussi they play dead it s a crazy world

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Music :: The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes
    alternative versions of this content targetted for these browsers The Boy With The X Ray Eyes Release Date 1996 Singles Spaceman Animal Army The Boy With The X Ray Eyes Where to buy Amazon Digital Download UK Play com Digital Download UK Spotify Free Track Listing Animal Army Spaceman Zodiac Sign Paris Green Confused Art Caffeine The Boy With The X Ray Eyes Don t Feed The Animals Fire Guided

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