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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Articles :: The Spaceman Cometh (Again)
    screaming kids We sold about three and a half million records around the world in the space of a month It seemed like everybody wanted to know this Asian guy who was playing rock n roll I remember the first place I went to was Milan there was just me my guitar and my manager There was all these bouquets of flowers and all what seemed like thousands of people It was just mad My first thought was who s arriving after me You just can t imagine all these people have turned out to see you There was all these gun carrying uniformed guards and one signalled over to me I thought he was going to pull his gun but he reached into his pocket and pulled out 10 picture postcards of me and said could you sign them for my family In a strange but true revelation Mann confides he had already been talking to the directors of the jeans advert about doing the video for his debut track They had heard my song before they started work on the advert and when they got the contract they got in touch with me to ask if they could use Spaceman I said yes because I was really keen to work with them Even now Mann isn t bitter about being associated with just one song I don t mind being labelled because of Spaceman because as a song it s still strong and that s three years on But having such a success does go against you After such a rip roaring start Mann s career faltered and his new single is the first offering from Babylon Zoo for more than 18 months I won t deny that the success of this single is important for me to survive I do want my music be successful and be heard Otherwise I won t be able to make another album But being told you re a one hit wonder is nothing compared to the fight you have when you have to start out That was a nightmare To begin with at home you have to try and explain to your relatives who just keep saying get a job That pressure is triple on Indian youngsters because there are no role models for us He was born Jaswinder Mann in Dudley West Midlands When he was three his family moved to India living in the Himalayas for two years before returning home to the Midlands As a teenager he spent the majority of nights locked in his bedroom reading Marvel comics science fiction books and watching Indian movies At the age of 11 he started playing the guitar when his dad brought a second hand Fender from one of Mann s friends who was more interested in becoming a footballer Mann explains I was never really into going out With our culture going out boozing wasn t a big thing It was never really encouraged by my parents It was

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Articles :: Article from an Italian Magazine
    chart in 19 nations then I ve decided to take time to reflect about what I really wanted to do I ve never thought to leave music I only wanted to look around me and clear up my ideas My parents come from Punjab a rural part of India I ve been shaken by the big success so I ve come back home My parents have a farm in north India near Pakistan and for me it has been like breathing pure oxygen I ve left in England my guitar video books cd and everything about western world I ve left the rest of the world and it has been of use I ve found again a harmony I thought I ve lost and a big inspration in 6 months i ve written 50 new songs It s like going to a psychoanalyst where we remember our past to accept our present and to imagine our future It s not purely concidental if the single s title is All the money s gone In this song I explain my return to my origin without the superfluous but surrounded by the essential things a life s philosophy that I think is valid We all should try it reflection meditation communication with the others through the music What are your favourite topics My favourite topics are the infinity space the sensation that I m an alien on the earth and identifing myself in the personnage of a sci fi story these are my aims and spaceman was the prove Today I like to work with sound track sound united with images Manhattan Martian has been written for Independance Day but I didn t finish it in time Chrome Invader was born while I was thinking about a scenography of a film about

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Articles :: Review of King Kong Groover
    content targetted for these browsers Review of King Kong Groover Shan t be nasty about Mr Jas Mann he lives near our office so he might come and duff me I rather like him anyway His second album is like his big hit Spaceman T Rex Bowie esque bubblegum pomp pop with synth bits vocoders and FX pedals no doubt covered in hologram sticky backed plastic and labelled interstellar squonk

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Articles :: Review of All The Money's Gone
    Review of All The Money s Gone Having added themselves to the list of one hit wonders to make their name via a jeans ad Jas Mann and his Babylon Zoo cronies are back with a new 10 track album King Kong Groover and yet more absurd space related hi jinks On the back of this comes the new single rather appropriately named All The Money s Gone Considering how bad their last efforts were we re not surprised It seems like they ve had a bit of a rethink in the old music department as this is dum dum dummmm an excellent track Shocked Us too Sounding like Oasis have discovered electronica and smoothened up Liam s voice slightly it s a so so rocky number that even the grungiest of headbangers might be inclined to listen to Or not but it ll be their loss and our gain Side by side with their debut release that Spaceman song you ll be fooled into thinking this is a seperate band Well maybe band is a bit too strong considering Jas IS the band he plays all the instruments We d never expected to hear from them again after first

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Articles :: Babylon Zoo set to win over Canadian fans
    encountered his first stalker a weepy young fan who tailed his every move in a cab she kept on call The fuss is on the strength of Spaceman a song that sold a half million copies in the U K within a week of its release in January It became the fastest selling debut single of all time in merry old England bumping a resurfaced George Michael from the No 1 spot The subsequent album The Boy with the X Ray Eyes has sold a respectable 12 000 copies in Canada since its release March 26 but that pales in comparison to sales overseas If you re successful all across Europe and you approach somewhere you re not successful yet it s very easy to get very blase and get very well you re missing out people says Mann in town last week on a publicity tour But it isn t like that You ve still got to do the work I like challenges On this day there s no sign of the foil sarong Mann favors skirts that wrapped his slender frame in the Spaceman video This is after all a guy featured in one of his press shots talking to a herd of sheep through a toy microphone Mann who calls himself an intergalactic 21st century salesman opted for a less alien look for his Toronto interview schedule His black shiny pants matching top and black and white running shoes wouldn t raise an eyebrow on Toronto s avant garde Queen Street A closer look just might Mann has dark saucer eyes products of his Asian native American heritage and skin toned makeup evenly coated over his oval face Mann 25 a former art film student wrote and recorded Spaceman as a soundtrack for a 15 minute film

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Articles :: The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes Review
    of this website which we provide You are using a text only browser or similar Please visit the compatibility section for more details and alternative versions of this content targetted for these browsers The Boy With The X Ray Eyes Review The trip hoppy euro pop of St Etienne also comes to mind as one component of this fascinating kitchen sink acquired taste hybrid out of Wolverhampton England Add unique lead distortion achieved by plugging a cheap second hand guitar and amp straight into the mixing desk and a variety of vocal and instrumental sound effects that create a cross between Tommy James and the Shondells Crimson and Clover and low budget sci fi horror flick special effects and you have some insight into the mind of 24 year old part Asian part Native American vocalist writer producer Jas Mann A dash of rave a sprinkle of Sisters of Mercy like Goth an undercurrent of Bowiesque Glam and through this sonic jam soars the yearning child simple siren melodies of Zodiac Sign and the title track An electro pop cornucopia done on the cheap and with a knowing wink Babylon Zoo is a magpie speaking in tongues while deftly decorating

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  • Babylon Zoo Online :: Articles :: The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes Review
    website Visit compatibility for details and alternative versions of this website which we provide You are using a text only browser or similar Please visit the compatibility section for more details and alternative versions of this content targetted for these browsers The Boy With The X Ray Eyes Review Babylon Zoo front man Jas Mann has the best of several worlds Thanks to an exotic heritage his mother and father are Native American and East Indian respectively he possesses handsomely askew facial features that practically demand a second look And Spaceman his group s debut single has a similar head turning hybrid quality that has made it a chart topper throughout Europe Boasting ecstatic distorted vocals Spaceman constructs its wall of sound from used parts The portentous industrial crunch of Nine Inch Nails mingles with the sludgy wallop of grungemeisters like Alice in Chains and the punky dance groove of techno Aside from scattered digressions such as the Middle Eastern swing of Don t Feed the Animals and the torchy symphonics of Is Your Soul for Sale the tunes basically reprise the sonic spirit and hooky appeal of the single Before long you just might find yourself humming them in

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