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  • atoms.net
    App Store There has never been a better time to buy this app Users call it delightful View details Web Responsive LAMP etc pick your century and imagine the appropriate buzzwords here Those buzzwords will probably be applicable And on time And under budget Pick your Century Still Working on the Time Travel Thing Actually I have it working in the forward direction in real time only for now hang

    Original URL path: http://atoms.net/ (2016-04-27)
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  • the goods
    horizontally on devices with a primarily vertical orientation Integrated schedule items via a REST API Developed initial Android version and deployed it to Google Play Naledi RingFinder iOS REST JSON Objective C Core Data Git Localization 2014 2015 Added several enhancements new features and brought the app up to date for iOS 7 8 and 9 Designed a system to allow users to change the apps language directly without changing the device settings Diagnosed API issues with the e commerce backend and intermediate JSON layer Localized the app adding a French language version Summersweet Chicago site Foundation Motion UI PHP Git Responsive DNS Postfix 2016 Developed brochure web site for a Chicago garden design firm Responsive Summersweet Chicago Endofacts Road to Relief iOS Objective C SQLite REST JSON Parallax Graphics Animation SVN MDM 2013 Developed full life cycle of the app everything except the graphics Designed system to push app content updates on demand Engineered animation graphics based naviation system Implemented extensive and intuitive user help system GiggleBop iOS Box 2D Core Audio Objective C C Accelerometer 2011 Solo developer including the design all the graphics and sound GiggleBop is a simple yet delightful 2D physics game for iOS A re write in Swift is in the works More info at the GiggleBop web site About Me At the core of every app is a story These stories and the way they evolve and develop is one of the reasons I love what I do It also explains how an English major found himself building software this is how we tell stories now Most recently I ve shipped lots of iOS apps and a couple of Android apps working in contexts ranging from a first generation dot com monster that is Monster com to large advertising agencies to small branding

    Original URL path: http://atoms.net/portfolio/ (2016-04-27)
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