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  • Enlightenment: Interview with Sri Ananda Giri
    teaching or spiritual practice or start receiving very profound knowledge inside of us there begins a change We must be able to identify where and in what level this change is occurring only in this way can we understand if there is any change at all At the moment when we discover a new teaching or philosophy there starts inside of us a renovation of thoughts concepts and creeds Every change that occurs in the realm of the ideas concepts beliefs our mental schemes is basically a change in the level of our mind It does not mean that our inner nature has changed or that our perceptions of life have undergone a definite transformation Instead of it a new idea that can be wonderful starts taking shape and it forms into a new mental scheme Maybe we will see a change in our behaviour it means we have obtained some reformation in our lives which is very different from having a profound and real change in our inner nature When there is a real change in the inner nature of man only then can we call this a true Transformation I am sure that many people who are reading this article would like you to go deeper and give us more clarity into what is the difference between Reformation and Transformation What we know today as change and personal development is basically Reformation Modern man has been greatly influenced by the paradigm of Science which has come into fruition as an analytical and rational mind We are perceiving the world other people things and nature from the standpoint of ideas concepts a mixture of concepts ideas or images that have been created in our minds through the past experiences that were significant in our lives Therefore any change that occurs in us is basically a change that manifests itself in the level of our concepts ideas beliefs and mental schemes The teachings we have received from great masters such as Christ Buddha LaoTse Mohammed Sri Krishna Confucius and many other great Saints Mystics and Sages have been transformed into mere concepts and ideas and that is the reason that despite the clarity manifested by these great beings it was and it is so hard to put them into practice and follow them wholeheartedly There is always a conflict between the teaching and our inner nature The teachings may be wonderful and we see the truth in them and we know that if we could apply these great truths in our lives all the human problems and sufferings would be solved But is almost impossible to follow them because our nature is different and it is not natural for us to love unconditionally as Christ did and it is not natural for us to feel detachment from desires as it was for the Buddha If we go more deeply we see that the inner nature of these great Masters was different their Consciousness was different For them what they preached and taught was natural it was part of their inner nature and drawn from their own experience A real inner change means Transformation and it is not a change in the realm of concepts and ideas but in your inner world Your whole perception undergoes a deep change your consciousness has been altered Please reveal to us in more depth the inner process that occurs in this journey of Transformation In this the journey of Transformation changes in the inner nature begin to occur At the beginning of this journey very often there is an internal crisis because our inner structures of thought start falling and our ideas concepts creeds and mental schemes change Much of what we have created in our minds images conclusions prejudices our perceptions of the world how we see ourselves our friends our family and life itself starts breaking down along with the security that we put on those images Slowly we begin to see reality as it is without masks without false protections we begin to perceive things as they really are In other words what we start experiencing is not a growth or an accumulation inside of us but a loosening of the attachments images concepts ideas sensations to which we have been tied up and that has given us a false security until today Remember Transformation is the journey of Liberation it means you begin to feel more light and free because you have given away a lot of unnecessary weight Therefore if we are not experiencing this process of structures falling does it mean we have not begun this journey Yes that s right That is why I have said that many who say that they are transformed and think they are spiritual beings are just fooling themselves because they have been accumulating and building up hence the unlearning process must be even harder Remember this is the journey of humbleness and humility it is not a competition to see who is more evolved Sri Kalki says in one of his Supreme Truths Life is a process of learning and learning is unlearning It means that if we are not unlearning the falling of mental structures everyday Maybe we are not living at all As this process of unlearning begins to occur in our lives when does this unlearning process end or we must be completely void And if it is so does it mean that we should lose the notion and memory of ourselves The answer to the first question is yes We must be completely void and until this occurs we should go on unlearning what we have accumulated in our lives Our purpose of incarnation in this planet is to begin our Spiritual Awakening and there is no other reason for being here I see that you do not understand the unlearning process and I am going to explain it further If we go deeper into the world of memories feelings and experiences of the past we will see that the remembrance of some past experiences carry with it a strong emotional charge and others do not This emotional charge affects us now in the present Through our life we have had positive and negative experiences that made a strong impact in our memory like the first years of our life childhood years at school University period etc These past experiences determine our present conduct and behaviour and how we perceive the circumstances of our daily life To be able to experience the present as it is without an emotional charge from our past and to feel really free in our daily decisions we must be liberated from our past experiences that carry a strong emotional charge Therefore the unlearning must occur at this level this does not mean you would forget who are your parents and your friends and that you are going to lose your memories but you are not going to be attached to them Attachment to these images that are charged with strong emotional feelings is what keeps you enslaved and keeps you away from freedom and from being spontaneous in the present Through this unlearning you are liberated from your past traumas and bad experiences such as fear anguish creeds accepted blindly by you and that you have never questioned and ideas of ourselves that limits us just to certain activities which makes us feel we are not able to realize our real self and does not let us apply the whole creative potential that we have inside of us If I am aware of the necessity to begin the journey of Transformation what is the next step I should take After being aware of the necessity and the desire to change you should see that every intent and effort to change your inner nature might just produce reformation and not bring the true Transformation into your life If we go deeper into the nature of our mind first we will see that our mind is constantly planning and programming events keeping under control and order the situations and events that are going to occur in the day in the week in the month in the year or even in the rest of our life If a change must occur in our inner world we must realize that every change in our feelings perceptions and emotions have the characteristic of being natural and spontaneous in nature Every experience is spontaneous it is not planned or organized I do not plan to get mad at my wife husband or friend neither do I plan to feel glad or happy today I do not program to feel depressed on Monday Tuesday and Thursday and be happy the rest of the week Therefore the nature of the experience and of the inner world feelings emotions sensations and perceptions is spontaneous and natural After seeing the necessity of a change and Transformation I should also realize that the key to success is not in my hands and in my own efforts because something spontaneous must occur an extraordinary experience must occur a transcendental experience a divine and mystical experience must be given to me to get the state of Transformation and Liberation What is a mystical and transcendental experience As we said in the beginning we are suffering and searching for a meaning in life because we have not had this mystical experience Our life is boring and we are always having the feeling that something is missing for us to be complete Constantly we feel emptiness in our hearts and a feeling of alienation and loneliness We may be with a group of friends or at work and feel that we do not belong to this place or to this group of people In other moments I may be in a family party and still feel I don t belong here either even though we are together there is something that divides us and makes me feel separated from others I may be in a wonderful and beautiful place in a mountain with vegetation around me and birds wild animals and a pure river with crystal water flowing through it but while I am there observing the landscape and the whole place I feel fine just for a moment after a while I feel I am just passing by this place I am a visitor a pilgrim that always must go on in his way again getting in touch with this sense of not belonging There is something that does not let me engage with others and with the rest of the world I may share certain things with others but there are so many things inside of me that I have never shared and I do not know if I ever will This feeling of being individuals and of being separated from others is born from the lack of this transcendental and mystical experience This makes us lose the experience of union and communion with others So experiencing this union and communion with others is a transcendental and mystical experience There are so many kinds of mystical and transcendental experiences in fact they are unlimited and the main characteristic is that they are unique and very different from one person to another What can I do to have these mystical and transcendental experiences Many people are craving for these mystical experiences The question that we should ask ourselves is from where comes the desire to have an experience of this kind Everybody has an access to such mystical experiences that free us from suffering and give us much joy and happiness in our life We will receive these experiences immediately if the desire is born from the real need for a change in our lives but if it is a simple wish born from curiosity it could take a little bit longer If I have the necessity and I think I am ready for this experience what should I do next Then you are ready to attend one of our ANUGRAHA YAGNAS retreats for awakening the Divine Love within your heart These are retreats of one day where you can experience the awakening of your spiritual heart the awakening of your intuition Other worlds are revealed to you which makes you understand the meaning of being in this world you will acquire meaning in your present life and much more will be revealed to you in this retreat Who is the source that lets us experience all this in the retreats The Source that lets you experience this and begin your journey of Transformation is Sri Kalki He helps you to start this journey of discovery by giving you these mystical and transcendental experiences guiding and bringing you to the necessary state so that you will be more perceptive to receive them After this discovery and realization has happened to you you are in a new state in which you become the creator of your life along with your Antaryamin Inner Dweller and the source of your future mystical experiences is now in your heart Do you conduct the retreats alone or does somebody else help you in this wonderful work I conduct more advanced retreats After participating in ANUGRAHA YAGNA one day retreats where you experience the awakening of your heart and the root cause of your suffering is revealed to you you may participate in more advanced and deeper retreats for entering in a permanent state of Transformation which is a state where we are liberated from all human suffering There are three monks of the order of Kalki and also Bhaktas devotees helping me with the work in America and Latin America They conduct retreats seminars conferences talks prayer and meditation meetings and have personal interviews with those who have begun their personal journey of Transformation Their mission is to guide the Spiritual Seekers in their path to self realization What are the retreats that follow the ANUGRAHA YAGNA and what can we expect of them After participating in the ANUGRAHA YAGNA you may go to retreats in which we go deeper in the truths revealed by Sri Kalki to the world These retreats have duration of one day in them you will receive GNYANA it means Supreme Knowledge that has the power to liberate you and guide you to even deeper experiences Then there are retreats for meditation DHYANA that let you get in touch with inner worlds and internal visions of your heart and the Universe After you have participated in these retreats you may participate in the RETREAT FOR LIBERATION which is a 21 day retreat that is given only in India in Satyaloka the place where Sri Kalki resides To participate in this retreat in which you will receive another state of consciousness a superior state of being compared with the one you live today you must be authorized by the monk or the Bhakta who has been observing your personal work and spiritual development In the end of the article there is a presentation of the courses and retreats that are currently offered in West Where and when was this movement born Foundation for World Awakening was born in 1991 in Madras India How many followers do you have around the world Over 15 million Where are the followers of this Foundation Ceylon United Kingdom Sweden Ukraine Argentine Chile Uruguay Russia India Brazil United States Canada Japan Mexico Ecuador Singapore China Australia and other countries from the former Soviet Union Who are the other disciples of Sri Kalki 1 Paramacharya Sri Sankara Bhagavad Pada 2 Acharya Sri Sama Darsini 3 Acharya Sri Vimala Kirti 4 Acharya Sri Akshaya Mati 5 Acharya Sri Kaushika 6 Acharya Sri Maitreyi I know that three of the direct disciples of Sri Kalki are women am I right Yes that is correct It is rare to see women with spiritual authority guiding large groups of people especially in the religious tradition Does Sri Kalki say something about it It is completely a new phenomenon in India as in other parts of the world that a great number of our followers are women Women have a spiritual potential that is easier to awaken because they are more connected with their hearts Man has mainly developed his intellect which has made him more cold and rational Now in this world there is greater number of women than men What would happen if they rebel against the rules and laws made by men in this society and instead of trying to imitate men they felt proud of being women and teach men about Love Besides the seven disciples are there more persons who spread the teachings of Sri Kalki Yes as I mentioned before there is an order of monks and bhaktas devotees who conduct retreats talks conferences and seminars All of them come from India No they come from all parts of the world How many monks nuns and bhaktas are spreading Kaki s message There are two hundred monks and nuns and the number of bhaktas is presently two hundred and growing rapidly What are the statistics concerning the growth of the movement It is growing in such an astonishing manner that we can no longer have an accurate statistics From what we know it is the fastest growing movement in the world What do you think is the reason for such an incredible growth Today we are experiencing a unique phenomenon on earth And each man and woman that walks on this planet must discover it The coming of Sri Kalki is very important and is a milestone in the evolution of man and of our planet Our beloved Sri Kalki is the source of the innumerable insights realizations and the source of the highest mystical experiences that are awakening the mystic within the hearts of the seekers What are the experiences that people are having in the retreats In the retreats a door is opened to the mystical dimensions and many

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  • Acupuncture
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  • Alternative Healing
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