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  • What Is Diksha (Deeksha)
    aspect Brahma experience of the existence of this universe or Atma human mind or self This is a gift that the Master gives his disciple in the moment he estimates that only this benediction gift will take the disciple to his next step of evolution in his spiritual experience When the Master evokes the Divine Energy without form and attributes to the realm of forms the energy will take the form and quality in the disciple that he requires for his next quantum step This new energy in this new system the body of the disciple will become one with the body keeping though the essential quality of being the Supreme Intelligence working and producing in this way the biological and energetic mutation in the parameters of the need of the disciple guided by the intention of the Master in the moment of Diksha There are different kinds of Dikshas with different purposes depending on the disciple and the qualities that flood on the Master Dikshas of Sri Kalki In Sri Kalki s lineage He has given different Dikshas to his different disciples and sadhakas spiritual aspirants through the years The purpose has been to free the obstacles which obstructs in the Awakening of Consciousness and to allow finally the full Enlightenment of Man s consciousness Today basically exist two kind of Dikshas which are given in India or through his western disciples these are VARA DIKSHA Diksha that removes obstacles in the psychological sphere allowing in the disciple or sadhaka a full satisfaction in his relationships healing all aspects of self esteem and financial aspects MUKTI DIKSHA Diksha that removes obstacles in the network of Nadis psychic nerves or energy and Chakras allowing the free Awakening of the Kundalini Energy reaching then the Lotus flower of thousand petals Sahasrara Chakra crown of the head opening then all the nerves and channels for the experience of Oneness Wholeness and Enlightenment What is the Mukti Diksha The Dasa faithful disciple of Sri Kalki who has concluded his process of Enlightenment and has received the blessings from Sri Kalki to transfer this Diksha is able to give Diksha to others When giving a Diksha the Dasa in a ceremony of Love Devotion starts vibrating with the suffering of the person that is in front of him He first perceives in his heart the reality of whoever is in front of him This can happen in a matter of seconds or minutes After perceiving and vibrating with the sadhaka or disciple he asks Sri Kalki through his Sri Murthi photograph of Sri Kalki Amma that is impregnated with their full consciousness or through his Paramatma Supreme consciousness abiding in his heart for the seed of Enlightenment to be bestowed to the aspirant In an instant act the manifestation of the energy of Sri Kalki Amma descends over his body taking full control of what is going to happened from that moment onwards The seed is in the hands of the Dasa in the

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  • What Is Enlightenment?
    our thoughts or emotions any more In this recognition we experience freedom Bhagavan teaches that there is no such thing as a personal mind Yes we have individual thoughts but they are simply emanations from what he calls the Ancient Mind a collective thought sphere of humanity that has existed from the beginnings of our current civilisation perhaps 11 or 12 thousand years ago All our fears inadequacies turmoil and pain all our lusts addictions insecurities and greed all our hatred rage jealousies and judgements belong to this thought sphere Additionally many of our impulses for kindness beauty pleasure happiness and courage also exist within this thought sphere Our brain can be visualised as a radio receiving station that picks up these frequencies at random depending on our state of mind or health physical environment or various astrological factors Our own individual traumas or conditioning from the past also contribute to the band of frequencies that we select However our thoughts are not our own thoughts Because our brain is programmed for separation we receive these thoughts feelings impressions and emotions as if they were our own thereby separating us even more effectively from the rest of humanity which we perceive to be better than less than or somehow different from us We watch a movie on the screen and very quickly get lost in the illusion that it is real However if we slow it down so that we can see it frame by frame we realise that it is only a movie In exactly the same manner we are conditioned by the self to perceive our own life as a living movie Enlightenment creates a fine tuning of the senses where we realise that the sense of a fixed continuous self is an illusion generated by the neurological circuitry of our brain There is a continual dance of personalities but no fixed or continuous self that somehow remains the same from birth to death Consciousness flows through your body moment by moment but it is the same consciousness that flows through all creation When there is no self there is no craving or attachment Cravings and attachments are based on a sense of separate existence or self importance where you continually desire things you do not have or have what you do not desire When there is no separate self attachments and cravings cease When cravings and attachments cease there is no suffering We are not talking about physical or psychological suffering here but existential suffering Existential suffering is the incessant desire to be experiencing something other than what is It is not our pain that causes us suffering but our resistance to that pain It is our attempts to escape from suffering that cause us suffering Enlightenment means to experience the reality of each moment as it comes your way without needing to resist it or change it in any way Once you are willing to fully experience what is there you are no longer separate from

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  • Dark Night of the Soul
    night in earnest when you feel completely stranded In the fullness of the dark night you don t know where you are spiritually You re separate from God and man You do not know where to turn Your friends love you and wish you well but your condition does not improve The dark night is a very private matter The person in the dark night is generally able to function quite well despite inner suffering Often your acquaintances never suspect that you are going through the dark night they probably do not even know what it is Only people close to you especially friends along the path can recognize your pain You feel like a hollow person doing the activities of life with no motivation except expediency Your eyes seem deeper in your head You are profoundly aware of the suffering of humanity and the cruelty of one person to another You feel that cruelty and negativity far outweigh love and constructive action You Enter Midnight Alone and not wishing to be unable even to express yourself to others you enter midnight and the greatest intensity of the dark night Here you have finally come to the time of sovereign solitude In this precious time which has no apparent prospects of love or happiness you clearly perceive that nothing in the outer world has proven adequate to heal your condition Nobody not even your dearest friends and loved ones can make you whole Even if they have tried and love you enough to try loving you forever they can t give you peace You eye your books and consider all the benefit you have gained from these extremely wise vessels of truth Yet not one book not one thought goes deep enough inside you to where the affliction abides You look at your possessions your money container No material thing has been able to help you No material means have worked Nothing no one in the outer world has enabled you to come out of this dark night In your loneliness you next in a seemingly random process notice that none of your thoughts have proven adequate to your suffering Not one even repeated fifty thousand times breaks the inner storm and lets in light God and higher consciousness seem so far away that perhaps they are unreal Neither one has despite your protracted exposure of yourself done anything to ease or remove your agony Nothing appears efficacious Nothing works Clearly there is nowhere to turn There is nothing to be done All actions you considered have been tried There is nothing to think nothing to feel nothing to do nowhere to go It seems you have to accept this defeat or you can persist in struggling against it For awhile longer you go about thinking feeling and doing other options that occur to you But you realize in the midnight of your soul that you have tried every option you know of The Peace Comes Helpless totally helpless as well as ever so alone you abide in this condition And you accept your predicament You accept that there is really except for a murmured prayer to a remote Lord and a remnant of a shredded faith nothing else left Suicide would be absurd Suicide would be an act of arrogance and vanity You have grown far beyond such primitive responses to your private agony No nothing to do Nothing remains in this lonely helplessness There is without question nothing you can do You abide You accept your state How have you gotten to this place That s insignificant Musings and feelings aside you wait You feel you may have to stay this way forever doing the regular day to day things but in this mood of emptiness Nothing Nothing Then it happens A holy presence comes into your room sweetly softly You feel it filling you Your mind is filled with mellow or bright light Your heart your still heart is permeated with peace This peace moves through your body like a cold spring of mountain water It flows in your spine your brain and under your skin Everywhere Also this presence this comforter moves like a breeze across your arid mind and numb heart Then or a few days later the fire of joy begins to smoulder Here abiding with nothing more to do your ego drops away Your ignorant arrogant fearful sense of self falls away from you You stand in light a new being a free being transformed Your Ego Sense Believe it or not that s what the dark night is all about transformation Your ego your limited sense of self your inadequate complex of ideas about who you are had to be dissolved Your ego was you begin to see eclipsing higher consciousness and your true nature Your old sense of self was inadequate to your new hopes and proper state Your suffering intensified because of a major misapprehension You were too used to thinking of yourself based on inputs from your previous experiences in life On and on through life you gathered information and responses from the world which indicated to you what kind of person you were and are These superficial units of related inputs became integrated in what is called the ego your sense of self your sense of who you are As long as you allowed this inaccurate or only partial sense of who you are to dominate you could not know or abide in your true nature Your ego sense is so powerful you invest it with so much of your thought and feeling that your attitudes of life become based on an egocentric perspective The ego gains a progressively greater foothold on your entire life because your basic attitudes about your existence and essential nature are strongly linked with ego Then your ego sense due to your suffering or your limitations in life wants to have more power over circumstances and a more pleasant life The ego sense

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  • Dark Night of the Soul - 2
    more attached we are to our experience of a personal self the more devastating it can be when we recognize that this is merely an illusion projected by the human brain The ego which is just another term for the personal self throws up all kinds of resistance in response to what it perceives as its own imminent death All our emotional stuff comes up as old patterns of psychological self preservation move up to the surface A sense of existential darkness pervades the psyche All our life support systems including our spiritual props and support begin to drop away Our very faith in God which all too often is the ego s substitute for a direct experience of divinity begins to crumble The dark night does not have to be painful or difficult however It is only so when there is an extreme attachment to the illusion of a fixed and separate identity All fear eventually boils down to the fear of dissolution the fear of death Once the process of enlightenment begins and we open to the realization that the self who dies is itself an illusion the journey becomes smooth and exhilarating We enter into a place of mystery letting go our fears and expectations carried along by great big winds across the sky In esoteric circles this process is often referred to as a soul initiation It is said that this is the process that all initiates must undergo before they come into the flowering of their divinity It can be symbolized as a process of death and rebirth What dies is the ego What is born in its place is an inner divinity arising from the knowledge that everything is a flow of oneness Jesus himself underwent this process in the forty days of wilderness preceding his public ministry which established him in the state of permanent divine union This journey through the dark night cannot be measured in linear time Whether it lasts for moments or for years depends entirely on our willingness to undergo the death of ego Paradoxically this death takes place once we understand that there never was a separate self in the first place It is simply a rearrangement of perception which opens the pathway needed for our true nature to express itself We recognize that we are and always have been simply a flow of consciousness expressing itself moment by moment in the theater we call life Once this realization occurs accompanied by a shift within the neurobiological structure of the human brain we are established in a state of mastery There is no more room for separation or judgment in our perceptions of life Synchronicity becomes our daily experience Miracles happen all around us because we are no longer restricted to a linear perception of reality We establish a field of harmonic resonance all around us which becomes contagious There is no longer a need for psychological drama or existential suffering We radiate beauty and joy everywhere we

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  • the sky The first deeksha was to be given that evening Our guide warned us again that the purpose of this deeksha was to make us examine the sewers of our mind Until an alcoholic hits bottom he cannot overcome his slavery to alcohol Likewise unless we fully experience the slavery of our minds why should we seek liberation As we sat in the teaching hut two more guides came in As they began to open up to Bhagavan s energy they started going into high states of divine ecstasy and their bodies became channels for Bhagavan s grace As we went forward one by one these deeksha guides placed their hands upon our heads and initiated the process of neurological restructuring After the deeksha was given we were asked to go into our rooms and lie down Gradually a great sense of uneasiness began to grow within me My social persona began to dissolve and I began to see in great detail the games I played with people in order to manipulate them and get my own way all the while attempting to present an image of myself as kind loving wise honest and spiritual I saw my judgments and comparisons my jealousies and resentments all the while desperately trying to convince myself I was spiritually evolved I watched my aggression and rage then watched the suppression of my aggression and rage I watched the conflicts within my mind as I struggled to forgive still resentful on the outside still plagued by guilt inside I watched my need to be perfect to be special to be unique I watched myself reacting defensively to any assault real or imaginary towards the cherished spiritual identity that I had so carefully built up over the years I began to witness with utter horror the immense insanity and ugliness of my mind which Bhagavan defines as any kind of self centered activity I could see this extending into even the most spiritual of motivations Was I being good because I was conditioned to be good Was I striving to impress someone by my saintliness Was I helping because I was afraid to say no Did I love because I wanted to be loved back Did I want to be recognized for being wise or wonderful Was I feeling so empty inside that I had to run around from workshop to workshop filling myself up with every high that came my way Did I talk about dying to self only to use it as yet another building block in my spiritual edifice Did I want to be in total charge of my life even when I stated I was in service to the Divine Did I feel the need to achieve enlightenment by my own efforts so I could finally proudly place the crown of enlightenment upon my own head I saw how needy and inauthentic my entire life had been I saw that this wonderful personality that I thought myself to be was

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  • The Shakti Sthala and Mass Enlightenment
    universal flavor People s experiences in the Shakti Sthala will reflect this There will be an empty throne in the center of the meditation hall As people move into altered states of consciousness what they will see seated on the throne will be the deity specific to their own tradition or background A Christian will see Christ a Buddhist will see Buddha a Hindu will see their own favorite god or goddess A Muslim will simply see a Being of Light without shape or form From the perspective of cosmic union it makes no difference whether the gift of enlightenment and God realization comes through Bhagavan or Christ or White Buffalo Woman or Allah or Krishna or Isis or Buddha or whatever image of deity or wholeness one believes in Organized religions when used to divide people usually cause more harm than good and the last thing Bhagavan wants to do is to create yet another religion Once our guiding light comes from within all religions will die a natural death he predicts The Shakti Sthala is designed to serve as a powerhouse of energy so that these kinds of direct spiritual experiences will become possible for everybody within a very short period of time Bhagavan expects once the critical mass of approximately 60 000 enlightened God realized people is achieved it will only be a matter of a few months before the rest of humanity becomes entrained to the increasingly strong morphogenetic fields of the enlightened state There will be a moment when a doorway between the worlds opens and humanity will step through this doorway collectively as an enlightened species I am told that Bhagavan is only manifesting a tiny fraction of his power at this time It needs to proceed in stages As the work grows and the morphogenetic field of enlightenment gets stronger more and more of his power will be revealed until all structures of human separation will collapse in the face of this rising tide It is expected that the completion of the Shakti Sthala will allow a much greater release of power than is possible currently As the strength of these morphogenetic fields continues to grow more and more people will begin to move into permanent states of enlightenment and God realization with just a single deeksha Soon it will become possible for anyone who has received deeksha to give deeksha to anyone else and give them enlightenment as well Eventually the individual deeksha will not be required anymore The state will be transferred through a glance through a touch through a prayer It will happen through dance music and art It will happen as people in the healing professions go about their daily work It will happen as people fall in love It will happen as people open their hearts and eyes to suffering humanity It will happen spontaneously as an unstoppable tide of grace coursing through our collective consciousness Already spontaneous combustive awakenings are beginning to happen all over the world

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  • Falling Into Grace
    world gradually yielded to a search for meaning in my inner world My spiritual quest began in earnest The only thing that mattered was enlightenment not just for me but for the entire messed up world we lived in I spent time in ashrams visited sacred sites explored all the major world religions I went to the US for college became involved with the environmental movement and became a peace activist I got interested in psychology and later became a psychotherapist I studied shamanism and the Native American path I explored altered states of consciousness through breathwork psychedelics vision quests and deep meditation practices I learned all kinds of healing modalities read every New Age book that I could find It was all very exciting I was always running from one workshop to another one spiritual event or teaching to another one meditation practice to another Somehow I thought if I could only gather up enough experiences enough knowledge enough goodness I would become enlightened I had this idea of enlightenment as a state of perfection and that as I continued climbing my spiritual mountain I would eventually find enlightenment at the peak I was constantly trying to move to the next level of perfection But as soon as I thought I had reached the peak there was another one even further beyond It was exhausting but I couldn t stop Every time I stopped long enough to reflect it was with the painful realization that I was no further along the path of enlightenment than I had been before There were some good things in my life and I was helping a lot of people but it wasn t enough I had become identified with the search I had to keep seeking have more experiences go deeper into myself understand the totality of the universe Occasionally I would slow down drop into my center and enter the river of being Still I wasn t happy with just being I was always trying to become more than myself I was happy as long as I was searching because as long as I was searching I could continue to feed my fantasies of the ideal world This ideal was always in the future The present moment was never enough I don t want to downplay my desire to seek more in life I have led a useful creative varied and even a fulfilling life in a lot of ways I have received a lot of life s gifts a lot of love a lot of beauty As a peace activist psychotherapist spiritual teacher and writer I have helped a lot of people and contributed to making a better world But what it always came down to is that it wasn t enough Which also meant that I wasn t enough not good enough not loving enough not accomplished enough not spiritual enough If I just had that one more experience one more tool in my spiritual toolkit and the whole cycle

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  • Deeksha: An Evolutionary Perspective
    who expect that enlightenment will mean an instant end to all psychological suffering this idea that enlightenment can have its dark aspects can be a little more troublesome and leads to many unfulfilled expectations There is a model that was developed by John Lilly one of the early pioneers of the consciousness movement in California He spoke of a scale of consciousness with a baseline of zero and which went up to 1 2 and 3 representing increasingly higher states of super consciousness Below the line there is 1 2 and 3 representing correspondingly lower states of un consciousness The interesting discovery he made was that in the process of awakening consciousness did not move up in a linear fashion from 3 up through 0 up to 3 Rather after going up from 0 to 1 it would drop down to 1 and only then go up to 2 Then it would drop down to 2 and then suddenly move straight up to 3 The greatest heights followed the greatest lows Like the ebb and flow of a rising tide we must expect that any infusion of the light will be followed by an equal or even stronger experience of the dark Sri Bhagavan speaks about the need to explore the ugliness of the mind as a prelude to enlightenment For each person this shadow may come up in a different way For those who have struggled with loneliness this may show up as feeling very isolated and vulnerable For those who have control issues in their lives this may show up as a greater need to control others or their own experience For those who have experienced trauma around money or self worth this may show up as financial contraction or survival fears And so on Just like the water in a well is connected at the underground level with the water table of an entire region we may even go past the personal unconscious and experience aspects of the collective unconscious that need to be brought forward acknowledged and healed In his 40 days in the wilderness Jesus was able to acknowledge and heal his personal shadows During his descent into hell in the course of his crucifixion he was able to acknowledge and heal aspects of the collective shadow If we are aligned with the awakening of humanity into the Golden Age we too will be called upon to do likewise It is crucial that people understand this within the deeksha community and create support networks with each other to enable people to go through this dark night when it comes up It is only when we have this support network in place that the deeper experiences of oneness can safely happen What is being challenged here is the very idea of a separate ego self which is ingrained very deeply in most of us We will likely go through a phase when our very sense of meaning or purpose in life is confronted when we flounder

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