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  • Golden Balls
    day process Similar Balls of Light have appeared on photographs taken in the main street of Varadayapalem village near Golden City Diksha Deeksha Distance Healing with Solomon Faber 11886 Paddock Lane Grass Valley CA 95949 Please call 530 852 7836 for an appointment for distance or personal healing Home Distance Healing cont Environmental Clearing Rates Appointments and Scheduling Instructions Follow Up What is Reiki History of Dr Usui Chakras Philosophy

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  • 21 day process
    to live your life do your work and engage in your relationships As you become more present with each moment each ordinary moment will become an extraordinary experience Q Will my relationships change when I become enlightened and how A You will discover that what you have called love was simply the survival needs of a neurotic self You will begin to experience unconditional love and limitless joy in all your relationships including your relationship with yourself Q Is mass enlightenment really possible or is this wishful thinking A The idea of mass enlightenment is based on natural law Whether you call it the hundredth monkey phenomenon or the law of entrainment the idea is that when you have a certain number of people holding a higher state of consciousness what we call a critical mass the mass consciousness automatically comes into resonance with it Q What is a morphogenetic field A A morphogenetic field is a term coined by biologist Rupert Sheldrake to represent a field of consciousness specific to a given species The more members of a species that exhibit a certain trait or vibrate to a certain consciousness the easier it becomes for all the other members of that species to entrain with that trait or consciousness Q Will I be able to heal people when I become enlightened A What often happens is that your chakras and nadis become activated upon getting enlightened which in turn activates the capacity for healing the body as well as emotional patterns from the past The capacity for healing increases even more once you become God realized Q Do you find that synchronicities in your life increase once you become enlightened A Once you become enlightened you are no longer trying to run your life from your limited perceptions of life and reality You find that the entire universe moves through you Synchronicities become a way of life opportunities come your way with seemingly little effort and life becomes spontaneous and easy Q It seems that enlightenment is generally an Eastern concept Is it the same as becoming one with God A It is a difference in emphasis You can be enlightened without being God realized You can also be God realized without being enlightened But when the two go together then you truly have the grace power and splendour of divine consciousness radiating through everything you are and do Q I keep hearing that Amma and Bhagavan are avatars What is an avatar A An avatar is a descent of divine consciousness and can take many forms for many different purposes in order to accelerate the process of human evolution We are at a time now as we enter the Golden Age when we preparing to transcend our current level of dualistic consciousness Amma and Bhagavan are here with the specific mission to help humanity along this path Q What happens during the process offered by Oneness University A You enter a fairly intense process of self examination called

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  • 21 day process
    Lane Grass Valley CA 95949 Please call 530 852 7836 for an appointment for distance or personal healing Home Distance Healing cont Environmental Clearing Rates Appointments and Scheduling Instructions Follow Up What is Reiki History of Dr Usui Chakras Philosophy

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  • 21 day process-preparation
    Oneness Process This course should be attended only when one feels ripe for it when one feels a sacred call from within One also needs to go through a preparation course For the process to be fully effective some basic trust is needed If one gets operated for appendicitis for instance most people have trust in the surgeon who could theoretically replace any organ in you Or when one puts a huge sum of money in a bank people seldom worry or get sleepless nights In that sense one needs trust in the Founders the source of this phenomenon Amma Bhagavan as well as the guides Without this genuinely heartfelt trust it will be very difficult for you to get the deeper fruit of the process Trust is the opposite of fear and worry like a baby has in its parents Humility noble behaviour patience gratitude discipline all are a natural part of having discovered the sacred nature of the Oneness Process These points are only meant to help each person as well as the entire group to get the maximum benefit of the Process One must be more than willing to follow any discipline given by the guides of the process either personal or new disciplines for you During almost all the Process one has to be as silent as possible This implies no unnecessary talking or other ways to communicate with others One has to go within oneself otherwise ones attention is scattered in so many directions No cell phones no sms no emails etc As long as we have an ego we are bound to have images These we have built up as a means of survival it is all due to fear and lovelessness These images are our way to protect our ego Since this process is all about liberating us from the clutches of our own ego one must be prepared to see and accept ones images and cooperate with the guides so that they will help you to be freed from all this Often spiritual seekers have a tendency to be self righteous Christ had hard times with the spiritual people of his time and told them Unless you change and become like little children you cannot enter the kingdom of God So what is required is to be utterly honest and open to see things from a new perspective People and experts in spirituality can have immense knowledge but to reach the ultimate freedom one can t just go on in the same lines as one has done for decades Here also trust comes in One needs to trust the ways that are used in the process It is not theoretical knowledge used here The guides only use what really has proven to work very effectively It is often painful to get born it can also be painful when toxins and diseases leave the body during natural healing To be free one has to be utterly honest and innocent And for most people

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  • Freedom
    is Liberation from knowledge is Liberation from the self is Liberation from the mind is Liberation from the senses is Liberation of Life Understanding and applying this principle to one s life is Freedom is learning to truly Celebrate Life and experience bliss Diksha Deeksha Distance Healing with Solomon Faber 11886 Paddock Lane Grass Valley CA 95949 Please call 530 852 7836 for an appointment for distance or personal healing

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  • Yantra Meditation - Liberation of LIfe
    in our way of Peace Prosperity and Harmony and make everything work for us in orderly manner Shree Yantra the Multi Pyramid Geometric Grid is in 2 Dimension or 3 Dimension form In 2 Dimension Form it is a Symbol of 9 Intertwined Isosceles triangles It has been experienced World wide that Intertwined Triangles The 6 pointed Star or Double Triangle Jewish sacred Geometry has always been proven to be Good Luck and sacred symbols Shree Yantra is the symbolic form of all Gods and Goddesses Shree yantra was possessed by Brahma the creator of the Universe and praised by Vishnu the lord of the Earth Shree yantra is connected deeply with the Ancient Art of Vaastu and has been specifically mentioned in the Vaastu Shastra All constructions based on Vaastu must essentially have Shree Yantra in it The Vedas explain Shree Yantra as a scientific cosmic and planetary energy zone Shree Yantra is the source of supreme energy and energy is nothing but another form of element in the shape of waves and rays Shree Yantra is highly sensitive and has magnificent magnetic powers Shree yantra is said to be a divine store house of energy which pick up particular cosmic ray wave emitted by the planets and other universal objects and transform them into constructive vibrations These are then transmitted to the surroundings where the Shree Yantra is placed thus destroying all destructive forces within the vicinity Shree Yantra is credited with supreme hidden powers which can be noticed within a short span One of the most ancient pure and powerful Yantras is the Yantra of Mahalaxmi also called as the Shriyantra She is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and manifests herself at the place where this divine consecrated Yantra is established and worshipped The Shree Yantra

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  • Judgement - Lao Tzu in China
    Avatar I am an Avatar In that sense I am God But if you ask me am I that unmanifest God right now I am certainly not because I am fully physical But I am God in the sense that I am an Avatar So God has these three faces The example I give for this is steam water and ice They are the same thing As steam it is everywhere You can t control it A liquid is more controlled but still it is moving Ice is much more solid The physical Avatar is something very solid So Miracles happen around the physical Avatar You can come to me You can talk to me about your problem The problem is solved If you come to me I can say OK this will happen that will happen Many many miracles will happen Now it is very easy to contact me than to contact the manifested God and still more difficult to contact the unmanifest God That is the advantage You take my picture and you talk to me The response comes back And I am not claiming that I am the only Avatar There have been Avatars from time to time The world is full of Avatars through whom God is acting That s all Question How can we tackle the Ayodhya issue Sri Bhagavan To me all problems whether they are economical problems or political problems they all emanate from one basic problem That is man is not Enlightened So if one problem disappears another problem will crop up if you are not Enlightened Today it might be Ayhodhya tomorrow it might be something else So the ultimate solution is that man must become Enlightened And I maintain that large numbers of people will become Enlightened starting from June 2004 and by September November 2012 most of humanity will be Enlightened When that happens The problem will just disappear That is my solution to the world s problems I don t believe in national boundaries Dividing the world into nations into countries into religions as long as there are divisions there will be suffering All divisions must go If all divisions must go the Self must go That is Enlightenment Unless man becomes Enlightened there will one problem or the other Say there is water in the pipe If you press it here it will bulge somewhere else If you press it there it will bulge somewhere else again Ayodhya might go something else might crop up Where is the end to all this So the ultimate solution is that man must be transformed If man is going to live the way he is living he will destroy himself With all these nuclear weapons ecological pollutions and other conflicts We are only racing towards destruction Unless there is a transformation in his consciousness and he becomes a totally new being there is no hope for man I am interested in man s problem That will take care of this problem also Suppose Hindus and Muslims they can no more see themselves as Hindus and Muslims where is the Ayodhya problem But otherwise where is the solution The same thing can be applied for India Pakistan also It also boils down to a religious problem only And you must out grow religion which means you must outgrow the Self So we need a radical transformation of man which is possible I never talk about that which is impossible I can demonstrate to you that it is possible Question What is the root cause of fundamentalism How can it be rooted out Sri Bhagavan You see fundamentalism is basically because people are not able to cope up with the changes that are happening The world is moving too too too fast So the old is not prepared to give way to the new If you are not prepared to give way to the new then fundamentalism arises It can be Islamic fundamentalism it can be Christian fundamentalism it can be Hindu fundamentalism But the fact is we cannot stop these changes from occurring So more changes are likely to take place and there could be a growth in fundamentalism also Again and again I see only Enlightenment as the solution because the world is growing very very fast You are not prepared to give up your old ways which means you have become a fundamentalist That s what is happening Islamic world is not able to cope up with the changes that are occurring and that is the root cause of fundamentalism So if you must be able to cope up with these changes you must outgrow the Self So ultimately you come back to enlightenment as the solution Question How can we achieve this kind of Enlightenment Sri Bhagavan What I am maintaining is 60 000 people must become fully enlightened If 60 000 people become fully enlightened all else is automatic i e Automatically everywhere people will become enlightened That s all It s automatic A natural process But to trigger it 60 000 people must go into a very high state of enlightenment If they emerge on the planet then the whole planet will be in that state So my work is only to produce those 60 000 people So I believe that by 2012 I will be able to achieve it Latest is 2012 It could well happen before that When that happens their mere presence on the planet brings the transformation You don t have to know about the movement come to the movement nothing Wherever you are suddenly one fine morning you will be enlightened You ll become very calm loving and peaceful It s natural It happens That s all That s what we are doing So we have allotted some numbers to every country We have people in every country All are working towards this So if 60 000 people if we successfully reach it s all over Question What is your vision

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  • Kiara Windrider Interview with Bhagavan
    he depends on it like his Mother so no one will even think of harming the earth This won t take some kind of education it will be a natural happening This is what will happen So we are going to see a very different earth a very different world I am not speculating I am just speaking very directly from the visions thousands of people have had in the last decade from various continents Question Bhagavan there are many scientists who predict based on what is happening on the planet today global warming possible ice age coming the quality of air and water and so on that there could be a major environmental catastrophe and that we might even end up wiping out all life on the planet How can you be so sure that there will be a planetary enlightenment Sri Bhagavan THE PREDICTIONS are quite true but what they are not aware of is that as we have seen in our visions a great transformation is sweeping across the planet which will in turn prevent these things from happening Already we are seeing signs of people becoming enlightened and how it affects the environment We are able to see this on a very small scale And from that we are able to predict that on a global scale this transformation is going to occur This is what is going to save the earth If that does not happen then what the scientists are predicting could very well come true So an example could be that if a village gets enlightened and there has been a drought for the past few years then the monsoons come The monsoons will come yes It is happening in many places in India We are seeing it So similarly when there are predictions of major earthquakes volcanic activity pole shifts even then as people become enlightened this will alter our relationship with the earth WE COULD SAVE the earth That is why we are telling people the house is on fire let us move faster let us hurry up Question Yes this is a very important message for people to hear There are so many people in despair and hopelessness so many good people who have given up any kind of future for the earth because of what they see with their outer eyes Sri Bhagavan YES BUT THERE is no need for them to lose hope because things are going to change dramatically In a very unexpected way things are going to change Question Yes I am so happy to hear that As people become enlightened and as the planet becomes enlightened as a collective how will that change the physical quality of the earth Sri Bhagavan THERE IS A VERY close correlation between human consciousness and the physical process occurring on the planet So the moment that conflict levels are reduced in human consciousness you will find dramatic changes at the earth level also So you will find a reduction of insects and pests in the crops and nature behaving in a much better way without the need for chemicals All these things are a natural consequence of the reduction of conflict in human consciousness There is such a close correlation between the two This also we are seeing on a small scale at the village level So as humans become enlightened then our relationship with the environment will change species that have become extinct will come back the oceans will become de polluted and so on Yes we have seen remarkable things happening on a small scale so we believe it can happen on a large scale also So that s why we are so confident that these things will happen Otherwise there seems to be no hope in living at all Yes otherwise there doesn t seem to be any point in going on Bhagavan one question I have is about yours and Amma s consciousness which pervades the deeksha How is it possible with so many people receiving the deeksha WE ACTUALLY FUNCTION on two levels When I am having this conversation with you certain things are switched off so that I can hold this meaningful conversation But at other times the switches are on and we can experience a lot of human beings at once and what is going on in their minds and their consciousness and we can intervene and do many things Man does not know that dimension I am not claiming this as something special to me because whatever I am experiencing I believe in making others also experience and there are also others now at that level who can similarly experience a few hundred beings at the same time This is a faculty that is very natural to man and will start to open up in many people To me it happens very naturally Because of what happened to me in my early life I can focus on a 100 000 strong crowd and go into them and do many things Question So you are able to go into the collective consciousness Sri Bhagavan YES IT HAPPENS very easily and very naturally And others too are now able to do it to some extent Soon it will start happening in a bigger way Question And that s very much a part of enlightenment Sri Bhagavan THAT S VERY MUCH a part of enlightenment in fact many things will start happening after enlightenment We are not talking very much about it because it is going to happen very naturally Enlightenment is not going to stop at just being aware of things or just being joyful or being in bliss There is a lot more to it But these will follow in the months coming Question One question which may sound a little strange how is your consciousness as an avatar different from the consciousness of someone who gets enlightened Sri Bhagavan AT THIS POINT in time the only difference could be in the intensity of the awareness or the intensity of the bliss but otherwise there is no basic fundamental difference But as these nadis open up and become stronger his awareness levels will also increase and the gap will soon close But it may take a little time But fundamentally there is no difference Except I do have some additional facilities Like I can see what is going on in some other place what s happening in somebody s mind how I can help them I can really intervene in helping their life by taking up a strong sankalpa a strong wish These too people will be able to acquire in the course of time Already a few of them have acquired this in a small measure Question So as people deepen into their enlightenment these will be things that anyone is capable of Sri Bhagavan YES AS YOUR concern for people grows these things naturally start happening It s all a matter of how concerned you are about others As you go deeper and deeper into enlightenment your concern also increases Along with this these things also start happening Question Yes seems as if an entirely new species is arising Sri Bhagavan YES IT S more like that an entirely new species is emerging Question Bhagavan there are so many different religions in the world today What is your attitude towards all the different faiths Sri Bhagavan I BELIEVE THAT different religions are required to handle the different needs of people I have seen people sometimes require a particular religion to handle a particular problem or their background needs the input of a particular religion I personally have never had any difficulty with people of any faith Because the deeksha is a neutral thing and the deeksha only activates a certain area of the brain or deactivates it and the person only discovers what his religion taught him So he discovers the truths of his own faith What I do or teach is not a new faith or religion it is not anything new at all it merely helps you to discover what you have been seeking all these years So I personally have no conflict with the people of any faith Question So once people are enlightened the Muslim will experience his unity with Allah the Christian will experience himself a Christ a Buddhist will experience Buddha consciousness and so on Sri Bhagavan AND SO ON There is absolutely no conflict at all That s why I am saying that soon there will be no divisions of man saying I belong to this religion or that religion you know we are going to become one family This is going to be a reality Question There is this beautiful song by John Lennon where he speaks of that Sri Bhagavan YES AND WE are seeing this happening especially in the areas where we are working we are seeing it happening Question Yes it seems that the differences between religions have only to do with ego nothing to do with the essence of that religion Sri Bhagavan Yes Question Bhagavan you speak of different stages different aspects of enlightenment You speak of the flowering of the heart you speak of the witness consciousness you speak about oneness Could you describe this in more detail Sri Bhagavan YES THE FIRST THING that often happens in the process of enlightenment is the flowering of the heart You for the first time discover real compassion real love for human beings But as this becomes deeper you lose a sense of separateness Even at this point we really do not call you fully enlightened We call you fully enlightened only when you are experiencing reality as it is To experience reality as it is these are some kinds of pre requisites Very rarely it happens suddenly in a big way So these may be called stages of enlightenment Enlightenment itself is experiencing reality as it is Question Is that equivalent to oneness Sri Bhagavan IT IS EQUIVALENT to oneness But of course oneness itself just takes off from there and finally becomes oneness with God or oneness with cosmic consciousness It is the ultimate oneness But that could be difficult for some people to say that man and God could become one That some people may not accept but it is a reality that people can become one with God Question You speak of designing your own God What do you mean by that Sri Bhagavan WHEN I SPEAK OF DESIGNING your own God I do not mean that you create your own God God is someone who creates you and you do not create God But the way he is going to treat you and the way he is going to conduct himself with you depends on how you expect him to conduct himself with you This is taken from the Hindu concept of bhakta paradeena that God is dependent on the devotee So if you want him to be a friend he behaves like a friend If you want him to behave like a mother he behaves like a mother So it is in your hands to design the way he is going to behave with you That s how I say you design your own God Question So certain aspects certain views of God will make it easier to actually receive this gift Sri Bhagavan YES IT CAN BE VERY EASY to receive this gift If your concept of God is a very friendly one then you don t even have to pray You just ask it and he gives it to you Thousands of people have this kind of relationship I am only talking about when people have actually achieved it not before that So people have made God their friend a very friendly God This includes Christians Muslims Hindus and people of all faiths Question And God is masculine as well as feminine Sri Bhagavan GOD IS MASCULINE AS WELL AS FEMININE or light or formless Many have only a formless God Many have it as just light Some even have him as both male and female Each person has complete freedom It s the individual s choice Question You also speak of designing your own enlightenment Sri Bhagavan YOUR OWN ENLIGHTENMENT yes like for example you can design how much of heart you want or how much of oneness you want or how much of experiencing your reality you want Again it depends on your passion the kind of books you have read the kind of seeking you have had Question So it s really the beginning of a lifelong journey or exploration Sri Bhagavan EXPLORATION YES And you can change it also in the course of time you can change it In practice we find that people achieve different states of enlightenment Question What determines what state of enlightenment a person receives Does it have to do with karmic factors or does it have to do with your belief systems Sri Bhagavan IT HAS A LOT TO DO with your belief systems closely followed by your karma Very often it has to do with your belief systems the kind of conditioning you have gone through But you can change it if you want to at some point in time if you feel like it So that s why I am saying you can design your God and you can design your enlightenment Question Bhagavan I remember when I was young I was very fascinated by the life and teachings of Jesus and always wondered what it would be like to be born in his times to be one of his disciples when he sent them out to go heal the sick and relieve suffering What is fascinating to me now is that the same kinds of miracles the same kinds of healings are beginning to happening now with the deekshas and with other circumstances Would you like to say something about that Sri Bhagavan YES THIS IS THE CONTINUATION of that work that Christ left behind This should have happened in fact 2000 years ago this transformation of man but for some reason it got aborted But now the same thing has come back So in the deekshas people are getting in touch with Christ consciousness especially in the west They are discovering the same consciousness that Christ was trying to give them It is no different from that In fact I would say that would be true Christianity as Christ intended it to be Question Yes Christ said I and the Father are One Sri Bhagavan Yes Question So from that consciousness miracles are possible So as people experience the same consciousness today the same miracles are being evident Sri Bhagavan Yes exactly Question You mention that here are certain miracles taking place in Orissa Sri Bhagavan YES THERE IS A PLACE in Orissa called Gutagaon where thousands of people come and get healed There is another place called Bhimavaram where surgeries are done on them as they come and lie down in front of the Srimurti Question Like miracle surgeries Like psychic surgeries Sri Bhagavan MIRACLE SURGERIES YES More and more this will be happening around the country and around the world These are not miracles that I go and do they are spontaneous miracles occurring around the planet I personally do not do any miracles like that I am not a miracle worker in that sense Question But you train people to become miracle workers Sri Bhagavan Yes around them these miracles happen Question So it s really cosmic consciousness that allows the miracles to take place So the fact that is happening more and more and that enlightenment is happening more and more you have spoken about this in relationship to what you have called the morphogenetic fields Could you describe that phenomenon Sri Bhagavan YES FOR EXAMPLE this phenomenon is about 12 years old and we have found that at certain intervals it becomes more powerful So what we have discovered is that the more people get that state it becomes easier for other people get that state whether it is in connection with healings or the enlightened state or other states of consciousness We find that people who come later are getting it more easily and much faster So obviously there is a field which is absorbing all this transformation and is able to transfer it to others much faster That s how the morphogenetic fields are really helping We can see it in action Question There is a psychologist in America David Hawkins And he has devised a scale of consciousness from 0 to 1000 At the bottom end of the scale are emotions like guilt shame fear whereas on the upper end you have love and joy and enlightenment What he says is that one person who is holding the state of joy or love or enlightenment can actually counterbalance thousands or even millions of people who are holding the states of guilt shame and fear that so many people are stuck in So what he says is that this is also a morphogenetic field and what is taking place is that because it doesn t take a large number of people as long as they are high on the consciousness scale they can actually create a huge wave of enlightenment Sri Bhagavan YES THAT S VERY TRUE That is the purpose of the sages and saints they have to counterbalance the other negative energies That is why we believe that once we have 64 000 people that will be enough for transforming the whole of mankind Question Why 64 000 Sri Bhagavan SOMEHOW THAT SEEMS to be the necessary number for making this happen very spontaneously These are factors that have been revealed to us We don t fully understand the dynamics but these were revealed to us We go on the basis of revelation It is not just something

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