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  • Oneness University
    that he is God Why Oneness You are divided within yourself There is a constant conflict and you are torn trying to choose between the good and the bad the right and the wrong the perfect and the imperfect The society has put in to you various ideals and life is a constant struggle to live up to these ideals You neither feel connected nor one with your loved ones with nature or God You exist in a state of alienation from all life This division is the source of all strife that exists between individuals families cultures religious or nations and the source of all mischief too In the words of Sri Bhagavan The only solution to all human problems and suffering is a state of oneness oneness within oneself with the world around and with God Location World Head quarters The movement s world head quarters is at Batthalavallam speading over a few thousand acres from the hills of Ubbalamadugu to the banks of the Pulicat India s second largest salt water lake Batthalavallam located off the Grant Trunk freeway is 70 kms from the city of Chennai This is also the land of the Oneness Temple and currently hosts all the Oneness University campuses The Oneness University was founded in the year 2002 A variety of courses are conducted here addressing different needs of people from mind development to God realisation Oneness University Anandha Loka 2 campus Avanthi Road Govardhanapuram Varadaiahpalem Chittoor Dist Andhra Pradesh 517541 India Phone 91 8576 279966 48 Email info ammabhagavan com Oneness Temple The Oneness Temple is a result of the noble vision of Sri Amma and Bhagavan This is a temple for all religions Totally embracing all belief its mammoth three floor marble structure now nearing completion will be Asia s

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  • Bhagavan on Carry Over
    life itself is reduced to nothing but suffering To be aware is to be enlightened The whole purpose of life itself is to live life moment to moment If one observes the thought process in oneself then it can easily be discovered that the CARRY OVER is the suffering For instance there were two friends who were very close right from their childhood Out of sheer misunderstanding they landed in a bitter quarrel and they broke up The fight by itself is nothing but mere calling names But it doesn t end there the event continues to plague the mind be it at kitchen office watching TV or even at a party It follows It continues The suffering springs only when our mind indulges in unnecessary thoughts about living in past or future without living in the present This constant commentary or dialogue in the mind is the cause for all suffering where even after an event has ended it is continued within where we still talk to the other person who has hurt us An enlightened person experiences everything which makes his life rich eternal and ever fresh but for an unenlightened life is mechanical and repetitive hence boring One who is enlightened enjoys the ice cream whereas one who is unenlightened does not enjoy the ice cream because he would be busy with the question who made the ice cream Which factory Which cow s milk Which grass did the cow ate One who is living will never question the purpose of life Why would he He is only experiencing Now the question is how to end this unnecessary thought process Any effort in this direction is a futile endeavour because any effort to silence the mind would only create more noise THOUGHT CANNOT END THOUGHT Buddha was

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  • Awakening - The Heart
    away a lot of unnecessary weight Question Therefore if we are not experiencing this process of structures falling does it mean we have not begun this journey Yes that s right That is why I have said that many who say that they are transformed and think they are spiritual beings are just fooling themselves because they have been accumulating and building up hence the unlearning process must be even harder Remember that this is the journey of humbleness and humility that it is not a competition to see who is more evolved Kalki says in one of his Supreme Truths Life is a process of learning and learning is unlearning It means that if we are not unlearning the falling of mental structures everyday maybe we are not living at all Question As this process of unlearning begins to occur in our lives when does this unlearning process end or we must be completely void And if it is so does it mean that we should lose the notion and memory of ourselves The answer to the first question is yes We must be completely void and until this occurs we should go on unlearning what we have accumulated in our lives Our purpose of incarnation in this planet is to begin our Spiritual Awakening and there is no other reason for being here I see that you do not understand the unlearning process and I am going to explain it further If we go deeper into the world of memories feelings and experiences of the past we will see that the remembrance of some past experience carry with it a strong emotional charge and others do not This emotional charge affects us now in the present Through our life we have had positive and negative experiences that made a strong impact in our memory like the first years of our life childhood years at school University period etc These past experiences determine our present conduct and behavior and how we perceive the circumstances of our daily life To be able to experience the present as it is without an emotional charge from our past and to feel really free in our daily decisions we must be liberated from our past experiences that carry a strong emotional charge Therefore the unlearning must occur at this level this does not mean you would forget who are your parents and your friends and that you are going to lose your memories but you are not going to be attached to them Attachment to these images that are charged with strong emotional feelings is what keeps you enslaved and keeps you away from freedom and from being spontaneous in the present Through this unlearning you are liberated from your past traumas and bad experiences such as fear anguish creeds accepted blindly by you and that you have never questioned and ideas of ourselves that limits us just to certain activities which makes us feel we are not able to realize our real self and does not let us apply the whole creative potential that we have inside of us Question If I am aware of the necessity to begin the journey of Transformation what is the next step I should take After being aware of the necessity and the desire to change you should see that every intent and effort to change your inner nature might just produce reformation and not bring the true Transformation into your life If we go deeper into the nature of our mind first we will see that our mind is constantly planning and programming events keeping under control and order the situations and events that are going to occur in the day in the week in the month in the year or even in the rest of our life If a change must occur in our inner world we must realize that every change in our feelings perceptions and emotions have the characteristic of being natural and spontaneous in nature Every experience is spontaneous it is not planned or organized I do not plan to get mad at my wife husband or friend neither do I plan to feel glad or happy today I do not program to feel depressed on Monday Tuesday and Thursday and be happy the rest of the week Therefore the nature of the experience and of the inner world feelings emotions sensations and perceptions is spontaneous and natural After seeing the necessity of a change and Transformation I should also realize that the key to success is not in my hands and in my own efforts because something spontaneous must occur an extraordinary experience must occur a transcendental experience a divine and mystical experience must be given to me to get the state of Transformation and Liberation Question What is a mystical and transcendental experience As we said in the beginning we are suffering and searching for a meaning in life because we have not had this mystical experience Our life is boring and we are always having the feeling that something is missing for us to be complete Constantly we feel emptiness in our hearts and a feeling of alienation and loneliness We may be with a group of friends or at work and feel that we do not belong to this place or to this group of people In other moments I may be in a family party and still feel I don t belong here either even though we are together there is something that divides us and makes me feel separated from others I may be in a wonderful and beautiful place in a mountain with vegetation around me and birds wild animals and a pure river with crystal water flowing through it but while I am there observing the landscape and the whole place I feel fine just for a moment after a while I feel I am just passing by this place I am a visitor a pilgrim that always must go on in his

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  • Trip To India
    humor The sacred plants our precious earth offers up to us that are psycho active in confluence with years of T ai Chi practice Chi Kung the Gurdjieff Work and Buddhist and Taoist meditation practices opened the doors to my consciousness so that the terrain I entered was already quite known to me The sacred drink of the Santo Daime in particular seemed to prepare the way well Kalki said that these places these dimensions already traversed where the neuro pathways have already been cut would be the first places the diksha would guide one through So in the middle of south India I felt that I may have been in the jungles of the Amazon But it was better than that The light kept shining The clarity shown through There was no toxin or substance in my system This was this brain itself I was what I was always looking for In this holy place for which we had spent a good 10 days and many lifetimes preparing this humble still intent being Bhagavan through his dasaji s servers touched us indirectly and awakened our consciousness to its appropriate Divine place loca dimension The dream of lifetimes was coming to fruition I went to India on an intuition and a hunch I hadn t been there in 7 years My visit to Satya Sai Baba interesting and worthwhile as it was didn t do it for me There was no connection to speak of and certainly no offer of enlightenment But Kalki s website and conversations with a few friends helped me feel the potential Here the power was being given away Bhagavan says Be your own teacher Take the diksha let your own enlightenment guide you Then if you want go back to your own religion or practice or teacher enlightened A true Taoist These are the words of a master He wants nothing but for our collective playground this beautiful earth and all of our playmates our brothers and sisters to be in our fullness as Divinized truth ensconced joyful Beings to our core You know that when you really look at the biochemistry you see that the human organism is designed for the ongoing experience of joy pleasure and bliss What s an endorphin What are the skin and the senses A fragrant yellow bursting flower There s no escaping it we re set up for bliss But look at us We ve missed we ve totally missed the mark We live instead in suffering These are not new ideas to me nor possibly to you But now I m living the truth of it it is feeling and experience based and connected They re not just words They are my reality So all the teachings I ve ever listened to are now living in me They re not static they re not intellectual they re not even just a mild stoke They have a real living or as Mr G used to say vivifying home

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  • Judgement - Lao Tzu in China
    people gathered and they said Old man you were right This was not a misfortune it has indeed proved to be a blessing The old man said Again you are going too far Just say that the horse is back Who knows whether it is a blessing or not It is only a fragment You read a single word in a sentence how can you judge the whole book This time the people could not say much but inside they knew that he was wrong Twelve beautiful horses have come The old man had an only son who started to train the wild horses just a week later he fell from a horse and his leges were broken The people gathered again and again they judged they said Again you proved right It was a misfortune Your only son has lost the use of his legs and in your old age he was your only support Now you are poorer than ever The old man said You are obsessed with judgment Don t go that far Say only that my son has broken his legs Nobody knows whether this is a misfortune or a blessing Life comes in fragments and more is never given to you It happened that after a few weeks the country went to war and all the young man of the town were forcibly taken for the military Only the old mans son was left because he was crippled The whole town was crying and weeping because it was a loosing fight and they knew most of the young people would never come back They came to the old man and they said You were right old man this has proved a blessing Maybe your son is crippled but he is still with you Our sons

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  • The Significance of the Year 2012
    likely to be 13 cycles per second When this resonance is 13 cycles per second the earth s core would stop rotating with the magnetic field gone your mind is gone When I say your mind what I mean is your samskaras The pressure of the past 11 000 years of samskaras will vanish In the dharma we also say Mind is Karma All actions start from your mind The mind is nothing but a storehouse of samskaras or past life vasanas from which all action emanates This is stored in the earth s magnetic field So in the year 2012 it will become zero for a few days After that the core will start rotating again This would be a fresh beginning for man or the dawn of the Golden Age This is the significance of the year 2012 How do we know it will happen The study of fossil records has shown that it happens roughly after 11 000 years It s only a short time away and then we can all start afresh That is why I want you to become Enlightened by 2012 If you are all enlightened with all your samskaras gone we can begin a new yuga which can be called Sathya Yuga or the Golden Age Man will enter into a new state of altered consciousness As I told you already the earth s resonance is increasing which means the earth s heart is undergoing a transformation The earth has got a physical body like you have a body It has got a consciousness as well Now as the resonance is increasing the earth s heart is functioning very differently from before Now your heart and the earth s are connected The earth s heart can be influenced by your heart and visa

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  • Padukas, Homa & Aarati
    the aarati flame The aarati is an ageless tradition eternal religion as it exists in India It is a welcoming service to the divine The aarati prayers appeal to the divine grace for fulfilment of desires and to dispel the illusion of maya Homa The fire is sacred and is considered divine Sitting by the sacred fire purifies ones vibration Fire is a manifestation of the divine energy shakti and is the element of transformation Fire is really light in action By feeding the fire with material offerings while reciting mantras it transforms the vibration of our energy body and balances the atmosphere The electromagnetic field and psychic fields The fire ceremony has been performed for eons of time It was originally brought by the Aryans to India Again all five elements are offered to the fire along with fruits ghee clarified butter incense and seeds while reciting mantras At the sound of swaha the offering is made It means I offer to the fire By mastering the elements we gain mastery over our own nature Padukas It is believed that the padukas represent the person The padukas symbolize the feet of the master and are seen as sacred Diksha

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  • The Ultimate Reality
    While we do say this how many of us actually experience it It is basically a concept we can identify with and intellectually play upon It makes no significant difference in our lives At the same time there are Saints Mystics and other people both past and present who portray a very different personality a personality which seems to be representing a strange sense of joy of wisdom and of clarity of issues in life There are a lot of human beings we meet in the course of our lives also who represent a strange fullness in everything they do They are fascinating to observe and watch and we realize that we are missing something a fact that is highly frustrating Another distressing reality of our lives is the division between what we would like to be and what we naturally are We wish that we should not get angry with others but the reality is that we do get angry and can do nothing about it We would like to believe that we are honest and truthful the reality is something else We would like to believe that matters of the spirit rule us while in reality we are led by matters of the flesh If we were really to see the realities of our life the picture is not a very fascinating and inspiring one It is downright depressing to observe unacceptable facts about oneself The solution then is to wear a mask and pretend to be someone else It is in the same fashion that we pretend to relate or not relate to God Except for an abiding fear in time tested rituals and dogma for social factors seem to be demanding adherence we really are pretending to relate to the objects of our worship When we consider the lives of mystics and certain others mentioned earlier we see the key difference They seem to have enjoyed a deep personal communion with the source of inner worship be it any particular form or in a formless state It is this communion which is the result of a mystical experience that has enabled them to come to terms with their reality We started off this article with a question on whether the term God itself meant anything at all to us or was it merely a belief system sanctified by years of usage Don t you think that this is a question relevant to each one of us whatever be the denomination we follow or even if we do not follow any denomination for us to come to a state where we KNOW it is no longer required that we just believe If we belong to any religious denomination isn t it a responsibility we owe ourselves to go down to the depth of the issues and come to conclusions regarding the reality of our own lives and live the truths of religions we proclaim to pursue in the light of that understanding Yes this question of whether

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