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  • Colorful Glass Paper Pendants Tutorial | Art Of Crafts
    It doesn t need to be perfect but try to angle the pencil as necessary to trace around the base of the cabochon as much as possible not just the sides which will be wider because of the tapered edges Then cut out the shape you drew on the paper using your scissors Squeeze out a very small amount of the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic onto the back of the glass gem in the middle it doesn t take much at all you just need to cover the surface in a thin layer DO NOT SHAKE the bottle you ll get way too many air bubbles Spread the liquid out using a toothpick as evenly as possible all the way to the edges You will also want to use the toothpick to pop any little air bubbles that may appear Flip the cabochon over and place it on top of your piece of paper which is pattern side up Turn it over and adjust the position of the paper if needed Use a toothpick like a mini rolling pin to press the paper down evenly and squeeze out any excess glue Wipe away the extra glue that does squeeze out around the edges using a paper towel Leave the cabochon to dry for 20 minutes Wash the sticky glue off your hands in the meantime Next dab a small bit of E6000 onto the gripping surface of your bail I m using a bail that I made here s my DIY Glue On Bail Tutorial video but there are tons of great options available for purchase Use a toothpick to spread it out evenly before applying it to the back of your cabochon Be sure to check the position before pressing it firmly in place Hold pressure against the bail for about 20 30 seconds to get a good bond with the back of the cabochon Use a toothpick to remove any excess glue from around the bail Leave the adhesive to cure for about 20 minutes Wash your hands again that stuff is messy When the adhesive has dried use some more Dimensional Magic to seal around the edges of the paper and the edges of the bail Use the toothpick to spread it out over the entire surface of the paper You can use a bit more liquid this time and you ll see that it will stay where you put it and dry 3 dimensionally leaving a nice clear glaze over the back of your piece which makes it blend in nicely with the glass Leave the pendant facing down on a level surface for at least one hour If you d like to apply another coat of Dimensional Magic do so in the same manner as before but make sure you leave it another hour afterwards Now your finishing touch is to clean up all the glue residue on the glass so your pendants will shine Using a cotton bud Q tip dipped in acetone carefully

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  • Jessica Barst | Art Of Crafts
    Newsletter You are here Home Archives for Jessica Barst Colorful Glass Paper Pendants Tutorial February 5 2014 by Jessica Barst 1 Comment Hi there I m Jessica from JewelryTutorialHQ com and I m thrilled to be able to share this fun cute colorful glass pendant tutorial with you today on Art Of Crafts TOOLS SUPPLIES clear glass vase filler beads the kind with the flat back rubbing alcohol paper towels

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  • Vegging Out Valentines Tutorial | Art Of Crafts
    recipient will be tickled Materials you will need heart cookie cutter s watercolor paper fancy patterned paper wrapping paper will do paints a paintbrush scissors a pencil glue stick a pen for writing a message adding details etc Step 1 Lightly trace around a heart shaped cookie cutter with a pencil Step 2 Decide on which veggies you d like to paint before you begin I chose to paint pea pods and radishes Paint your veggie subject in the middle of each heart Step 3 Soak your brush in a bright color of paint and trace around the outline of each heart shape Step 4 Cut out your valentines with a sharp scissor Step 5 Using a glue stick glue the back of each valentine to a piece of patterned paper Carefully cut around the heart shape making the patterned paper appear about a half inch to an inch larger than the painted heart Step 6 Using your pen write a cute message on the back of your Valentine Here are some ideas Turnip the Love You look Radish ing Two Peas in a Pod Cute idea Add a packet of veggie seeds inside each envelope when you send your Valentines out Ashley Lucas aka Lady Lucas is the Queen of Cute Characters She is an avid craft designer illustrator and needle felting artist You can visit her Etsy store online which sells adorable printable downloads and also her website www ladylucas com Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter please check your inbox There was an

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  • Halloween Cat Shelf Sitters | Art Of Crafts
    PDF for an instant decoration I hope you enjoy this festive idea and leave a comment below if you re feeling inspired You will need A printer Scissors Heavy white paper Colored pencils or markers 1 Download and print the Halloween Cat Shelf Sitters page on sturdy white paper Card stock or heavy matte paper works best Download the PDF Here wpdm file id 2 2 Color in the third cat with a cute design Anything goes try to use oranges purples and greens for a real Halloween look 3 Carefully cut around all three cats leaving about a 1 4 inch of white around the outline 4 Fold each cat at the waist and display on shelves or tables in your home Ashley Lucas is a children s illustrator and crafts designer She is known to her adorable art students as Lady Lucas and runs her business under the same name You can purchase her adorable plush creations directly by emailing ashley ladylucas com or visit her online etsy store and website at www ladylucas com Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter please check your inbox There was an error submitting your subscription Please try again First Name Email Address Subscribe We respect your email privacy and will never pass your details to a 3rd party Powered by ConvertKit Filed Under Crafts To Try Kids Crafts Seasonal Crafts Tutorials Tagged With halloween cats halloween craft halloween crafts for kids halloween tutorial Comments Ashley says October 13 2014 at 3 59 pm Thanks for posting Ali

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  • Easter Arts And Crafts Ideas | Art Of Crafts
    to begin you must think about the general props that are most associated with Easter Of course Easter eggs it is and you ll probably need lots of them But instead of giving all of the hard boil eggs you ve slaved on to your kids for their enjoyment you should sit down with them and spend quality time with your children with a plan in mind Your plan should include color setting and display Now whether you plan on creating a beautiful Easter table setting or a table display by the front door they all have the same key elements You should first begin with a color scheme Good Easter color schemes include a white base with light matte colors Light matte colors that are flat and less shiny are easier on the eye Not only that but the Easter eggs you paint will have a matte finish to them as well since egg shells are not glossy Finally make sure that the colors you select are naturally appealing in natural sunlight If you have people at your house for Easter Sunday the most warming and welcoming way to light your home is by using the sun Easter decoration isn t all about eggs It s also about bunnies specifically chocolate bunnies So with your color scheme all figured out it s time to start and assemble your Easter egg nest This is where your creative side kicks in With all the tools in place it is now up to you to create a beautiful Easter egg nest including items such as Easter baskets candy eggs chocolate bunnies candles and spring flowers Just remember that this project is about love and family and can be a good way to spend time with your family and create something unique and

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  • Scrapbooking Christmas Layouts | Art Of Crafts
    sheets of holiday themed paper that can be used for a variety of scrapbooking projects Also included in the pack is journaling card paper and a sheet of cardstock stickers that complement the paper Other great companies that make Christmas scrapbook paper include We R Memory Keepers and K and Company Pick a Christmas Paper Collection that matches your style to create a beautiful Christmas memento Inspirational Books for Scrapbookers Finding ideas in inspirational books specifically made for scrapbookers is a great way to see the new trends in scrapbooking and use ideas that you like in scrapbooks of your own Suggestions for what to include in your holiday scrapbook what type of supplies to use and holiday scrapbook layout ideas are all a part of these great books You can decide to copy a page or two right from the idea book or twist an idea to make it your own These books will help you create memorable scrapbooks with beautiful details like borders and other accents Cutters Create your own custom shapes or use readymade designs to accent your holiday scrapbook this year Using a variety of electronic cutters and cutting software it s easier than ever to create designs fonts accents and more For more of a traditional look use die cutting tools to create interesting and textured Christmas themed cutouts to include in your scrapbook You can also find Christmas edger punches to make elegant borders for photos and pages Scrapbooking Albums In order to make your scrapbook look professional and beautiful from the very first impression you ll need to find the right scrapbooking album to house your precious memories Scrapbook albums come in a variety of materials and designs so finding one that matches your style shouldn t be took hard The classic looks

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  • Three Top Gift Wrapping Tips For The Christmas Season | Art Of Crafts
    website ButYouDontLookSick com suggests spreading your gift wrapping over a period of time can be especially useful for people who have weak hands or an affliction like arthritis Don t Use Too Much Paper According to home expert Martha Stewart this is the ultimate secret to making a perfectly wrapped box Too much paper can lead to bulky sloppy folds so be sure to use just enough paper to wrap your gift boxes Stewart suggests wrapping the paper around the box before you start cutting and sticking The ends should overlap just a couple of inches she says When folded over the ends the paper should extend a little more than halfway No Boxes Make Your Own Gift Bag Odd shaped gifts like plush toys can be some of the hardest things to wrap since they don t have any corners that you can use to make nice and clean creases You can make the job easier by putting them in boxes or using a store bought gift bag If you don t have either of those handy M S assistant design manager Liisa Dudgeon suggests making your own gift bag using plain old wrapping paper By following these handy tips you can hopefully make your Christmas season more hassle free than ever before Happy wrapping Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter please check your inbox There was an error submitting your subscription Please try again First Name Email Address Subscribe We respect your email privacy and will never pass your details to a 3rd party

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  • Why Paper Is The Ideal Introduction To Art & Craft For Children | Art Of Crafts
    clearly very talented all they get is a pat on the back there is no designated path for them to go down in the early stages of their life Something simple that could be done in schools is to start up activity lessons or hold them at break times each teacher would be able to choose an activity from drawing to sculpture acting or singing and then hold sessions where instead of being taught the children are just allowed to express themselves A cheap way of encouraging children to use their creative side a bit more and get a little more practical in the classroom is to use one of the cheapest and simplest materials paper Paper is fantastic in that it can be shaped folded and stuck together to make almost anything you want and is the perfect way of getting kids started with craft With a simple internet search online you can find paper suppliers who offer cheap supplies in every colour and size imaginable such as Paper Cutz and also thousands of templates that can be printed out and then folded and stuck together to create shapes like the Eiffel Tower If any children show some talent then they could be moved on to more complex projects like origami there are so many free tools at your disposal like YouTube to help out that there is really no excuse not to encourage children to do these things Hopefully at some point in the future education will take in to account not only arts and the creative side of learning but also people who prefer a more hands on approach Not everyone is book smart but some people can wire a plug in 20 seconds and build a wall Education needs to be far more diverse and encourage

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