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  • You Can Have A Green Thumb: 4 Innovative Ways To Grow Houseplants | Art Of Crafts
    adequate and regular care Taking a high tech approach they installed sensors and an LED display to notify the team of moisture levels and send out online alerts so people would know when it was their turn for watering They even wrote a program for remote access when team members were on vacation and their turn came up You can take a cue from Conductor s efforts by sharing workplace plant care with your office mates After all everyone benefits from healthy green office plants Wi Fi Care Speaking of high tech the Koubachi Wi Fi plant sensor makes plant care as easy as pushing a couple of buttons Dubbed the smart plant care assistant the Koubachi system features a sensor that is inserted into the plant s soil The sensor relays data to your mobile device about the current conditions of your plant reporting on everything from moisture levels to pH to temperature In addition to the real time info plant owners receive access to a wealth of botany resources including the Plant Cyclopedia and specific care instructions for that particular species Your office and houseplants have a chance at survival as long as Wi Fi is available Lighting Control It s possible that your plants haven t been thriving because of inadequate lighting Some sunlight is healthy but depending on the plant too much light can be damaging and lead to scorched leaves Likewise not enough sunlight inhibits growth Consider the type of houseplants you have or want and create ideal plant growing conditions through lighting Shop for window treatments at stores like The Shade Store and look for blinds or shades that enable you to adjust the amount of natural light Consider the artificial lighting in the room too The University of Tennessee s Institute of Agriculture

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  • 3 Beautiful, Wearable DIY Floral Arrangements For Spring | Art Of Crafts
    and it s easy to make These aren t large overpowering corsages like you wore to your high school prom These are smaller and much more elegant To make flower bracelets you ll need small colorful flowers green ribbon floral tape floral wire a hot glue gun a glue sticks Photo by SB Johnny via Wikimedia Commons The flower possibilities for this project are almost endless If you need inspiration try looking at some of the floral arrangements from FTD com First choose one flower to be the focus of the bracelet Cut the stem of this flower short and wrap it with floral tape Wrap green ribbon around the floral tape and hot glue it in place Then glue the flower to the top of the ribbon Add two or three smaller flowers of the same or complimenting colors to either end of the focal flower and glue them in place on top of the ribbon Wait for the glue to dry make sure the flowers are secure and tie the ribbon around your wrist with the focal flower on top 3 Flower Shoe Clip The flower shoe clip is the perfect accessory for a romantic date It is super easy to make too You ll need a pair of old clip on earrings two identical flowers of your liking a hot glue gun and two small circles of felt Photo by Bellafaye via Flickr First pull the clips off of the earrings Then hot glue a circle of felt to the side of each clip that will be on the inside of your shoes This prevents the clip from rubbing against your foot inside the shoe and giving you a blister Next cut off the stems of the flowers Hot glue a flower blossom to the top of

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  • Art Of Crafts Interview: Annie's Miniature Florals | Art Of Crafts
    impressed by them at that time i was selling on ebay myself clothes and things around the house etc and thought I would try selling the miniature displays on Ebay They sold so well and requests were coming in for larger barbie size The Silkstone s Fashion Royalty I had never heard of these Dolls but heck yes I could make them bigger for that scale and requests came in for the 16 dolls and Replicas of Princess Diana s Bouquet and Princess Grace So Annies Miniature Florals came to be I retired as a floral designer mainly because the shop closed down but continued with a friend of mine to do weddings and things on the side So I went from being a life size floral designer to a miniaturist and it is so fun and challenging when you get a request for something Like the casket spray and wreathe for a funeral or a complete wedding right down to the pew bows I Am a complete Doll Florist 4 Did you have any formal training or have you learnt by yourself as you have gone along The only training I had was thru the flower shop composition color I never went to school for floral design I just have a knack for it I guess I learned by doing 5 How did the idea for your business website come about I had a website about 4 years ago and I did nt find it feasible for me to continue with it so I just sell in www Etsy com under the name rubysweetpea after my grandaughter and nannieannies I sell on www Ebay com under seller name anniesflorals I like the interaction you get and the repeat clients and doing custom work for them 6 How long now have you been established I have been doing this for around 6 years now miniature scale 7 How do you find inspiration and where do you locate your materials I find inspiration from watching WE tv Bridal shows magazines mostly I just look at my vase and do what I want to do with it I go to alot of flea markets and purchase miniature vases under 1 tall to 4 work best for business I find some really neat things and since my hands aren t as good as they were I was lucky to find a lady in Canada that makes paper flowers and she does them to the scale that I need 8mm to 14mm And I am always looking for tiny little filler flowers or I dry my own like Liatris or yarrow and I use a Florist spray to keep them from crumbling 8 Do you do your business website on a full time basis or are you also working whilst you get it up and running I do my business whenever the mood strikes me I make quite a mess so I usually do it when I know we have no company coming so

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  • Annie's Miniature Florals | Art Of Crafts
    I went and looked at the flower arrangements to add that special touch to my rooms they were so expensive so I thought I can make paper flowers in miniature and my hobby began I used tiny 10mm beads and spacers to make the vase and glued flowers to it they were adorable Just Over An Inch Tall Then I decided to start selling them on ebay at anniesflorals and they sold very well I got requests to do larger ones for like the Fashion Royalty Silkstone Barbies Not being a Doll Collector I had no idea what these were so I started making them bigger Then I made them even larger for the 16 and up Doll Collectors for their Dioramas or as props for selling their own fashions they made I began on the hunt for anything I could make a vase out of This yellow glass is actually a drawer pull So my craft began and I love it I get to create what I did in real life in miniature I have done funerals and complete weddings So you can see I am a complete Miniature Florist Unfortunately my hands don t work like they should and I had to stop making the little mulberry paper flowers but I found a lady in Canada that sold them so I buy them from her now I have several websites I sell on Feel Free to look at what I make Ebay Annies Florals Etsy Ruby Sweet Pea Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter

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  • Art Of Crafts Interview: Ashanty Art | Art Of Crafts
    vacation He happened to be majoring in communications with an emphasis in public relations and after a day of getting to know one another he agreed to help us and teach us how to use the available online tools to grow our business free of cost 4 How long now have you been established Ashanty Art has been designing handmade jewelry since 2005 Our web store along with blog was officially launched in June 2014 All together we have been selling our art in Costa Rica for 10 years and for less than a year internationally 5 How do you decide what to make and how do you come up with your beautiful designs Our art is inspired by our relaxed pura vida life style as well as the ever changing natural environment around us As the seasons change so our designs In the summer months we find ourselves using a lot of bright warm colors In the fall we prefer neutral earth tones and during the rainy season a wide variety of blues and greens can been seen in our designs We also incorporate various semi precious stones into our jewelry depending on what s available during the season or for specific healing properties All of the semi precious stones used in our jewelry are all sourced from Latin American countries ensuring their authenticity and uniqueness of our art work 6 Do you undertake your business on a full time basis or do you have other work family commitments If the weather permits either my wife or I is at one of the nearby beaches Playa Negra or Avellanas selling our jewelry full time During the rainy season tourism slows to a halt so we take odd jobs around town to supplement our income Currently we re working with our business partner in the states to grow our online business and brand internationally Our end goal is to run our business full time and use proceeds from our art to fund sustainable employment opportunities for the community 7 Tell us a little about your typical day and what is involved in running the business Our family wakes at the first sight of sunlight each morning After a traditional Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto and fruit we take our two daughters to school Once the kids are dropped off my wife and I begin our short five minute scenic commute down a bumpy dusty dirt road to either Playa Negra or Avellanas to start setting up our displays While at the beach we use our spare time to design more jewelry or to host beach clean up days to give back to the community for supporting us In the afternoon around lunch time we find a computer and communicate with our business partner in the states to get updates and to answer any questions via Skype We have also taken an active role iearning how to design our website and add products to our web store 8 What advice

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  • Two Jewelry Making Books Up For Grabs In The Giveaway | Art Of Crafts
    over and read the T Cs for the giveaway here I have 1 copy of each book to give away and they will go to two different winners so each person will win 1 book each The closing date is the 31st July 2015 and the giveaway is open for entries worldwide Winners will be drawn by random number generator How To Enter To enter please leave a comment below telling me if you already enjoy making jewelry or if this would be a new craft for you If you want to be kept up to date with all Art of Crafts latest giveaways then why not sign up for my free newsletter Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter please check your inbox There was an error submitting your subscription Please try again First Name Email Address Subscribe We respect your email privacy and will never pass your details to a 3rd party Powered by ConvertKit Filed Under Giveaways Comps Jewelry Making Tagged With jewelry making book giveaway Comments Pat Collingwood says July 16 2015 at 7 05 pm I already make beaded jewelry and have recently started jewelry making classes to learn how to use metals etc Reply Jacqui du Rocher says July 16 2015 at 8 05 pm Thank you for the chance of winning one of these books Jewellery making is my most recent hobby which I have been experimenting with for the last six months or so I am still very much a beginner but am really enjoying it Winning one of the books would be both helpful and inspiring for me Reply Linda Rumsey says July 16 2015 at 9 45 pm I m new to jewellery making but will give any craft a go as it s fun to try different ones Reply Dancing Rainbows says July 16 2015 at 11 36 pm I think these would be great books to have I don t know anything about the Paracord Jewelry so would be interested in trying it I love new things Thank you for this giveaway Reply sharon goff says July 17 2015 at 10 50 am Oh this is something I would love to try and the book would give me the opportunity to have a go xx Reply Chrissi says July 17 2015 at 1 31 pm Ooh Paracord keep hearing about it never had the confidence to try anything with it and hubby is always after me to make him something any shortcuts and tips with beads are always welcome Reply Katherine Brooks says July 19 2015 at 8 38 pm This would be a totally new craft for me although I do have friends and family that bead a lot already x Reply Susan Hagen

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  • WiReD Boutique - Beautiful Handmade Jewelry | Art Of Crafts
    line of scrabble tile pendants in flowers butterflies and ladybug designs The scrabble tiles are the perfect size for young ladies I love it that girls as young as first grade wear my adorable necklaces to school However I m not surprised that my personalized photo scrabble tile bracelet has quickly become my best seller It uses your amazing photos with theme charms and birthstone beads I use PhotoShop and Lightroom as needed to resize your photos for adhering to the scrabble tiles A high quality jewelry grade resin is coated on top to protect your precious photos and provide a resilient coating The back of the tiles can be used to spell a name or to show initials I have two bracelets of my children and I m currently working on a black and white bracelet of my grandmother mom and aunt vintage style I get inspiration from just about everything While I will occasionally sketch out designs most of my ideas come about on the fly I love to try out a unique drawing or design directly on to the dominoes and scrabble tiles Through my jewelry business I ve met some amazing graphic designers who I am now able to include their beautiful work on my tiles Sometimes I come across a wonderful embellishment flat gemstone or some other type of filigree I love to use metal cutters to work these enhancements into my designs just the way I want I ve never had to say I can t do that yet and I try everything possible to avoid that statement WiReD Boutique is going on its third year and we re growing strong and solid I love all aspects of this business Since opening the Etsy shops I ve started my own website and blog I

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  • DIY Jewelry: Get Started Making Your Own Wire-Wrapped Pendants | Art Of Crafts
    beads with hundreds of pages for cabochons alone Whether you re looking for a delicate gemstone or a massive wooden carving try Etsy or your local craft and hobby store The Essential Tools Get the right tools for the job before you dive headfirst into your wire wrapping adventure Beading Daily recommends two different pliers the round nose and chain nose and wire cutters You may also want to consider a wire wrapping jig which is a small tool that helps you form loops curls and other decorative elements in your wire wrapping Three Basic Wire Wrapped Pendant Projects A briolette is a small drilled and faceted gemstone that comes in a variety of mineral options from amethyst to zirconian A briolette is a great option to start out with in wire wrapping because it already has a hole drilled through it They are also relatively low cost compared to some cabochons The wrapping technique Beadaholique demonstrates video below involves wrapping around only the top of the bead Consider using a custom molded o ring at the top of the pendant for a durable mounting option A slightly more advanced wire wrapping technique video below uses a wrap style commonly used in rope work to create a simple showcase for undrilled stones and objects The stone is wrapped using two folded wires and braided down the center of the stone It encases the stone down the middle to hold it in place and extra wire is available to create a decorative top wire design The wire wrapping technique used in the video below enhances the cabochon used as the focal of the work The wire wrapping for securing the stone is fairly simple but the real beauty in this project comes from the stylized and decorative wire around the piece

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