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  • Art Month Book Giveaway | Art Of Crafts
    error submitting your subscription Please try again First Name Email Address Subscribe We respect your email privacy and will never pass your details to a 3rd party Powered by ConvertKit Filed Under Art Crafts Giveaways Comps Tagged With art book giveaway art month Comments Susan Hagen says May 8 2015 at 12 38 pm I am interested in art but I do not draw much myself All of these four books look amazing and I would be happy to win any one of them Reply Samantha Warden says May 8 2015 at 1 57 pm I love art and am in the process of trying to grow my art and photography business I love painting and drawing most of all and am keen to explore new techniques It is so nice to get some time to unwind and do some art and always wish I could find more time for my art Sam Reply Linda Rumsey says May 8 2015 at 2 36 pm I would love to improve my artistic side especially drawing Reply Sherry says May 8 2015 at 3 30 pm I love all forms of art and love going to museums Could spend all day there Reply penny sue Wolfe says May 8 2015 at 3 49 pm I love doing all kinds of art whether it be using paint glue or thread These books look fab Reply Pat Collingwood says May 8 2015 at 9 13 pm I love art but have a lot to learn Reply Melissa SMith says May 9 2015 at 12 22 am I love trying all kinds of art It s so fun learning new techniques Reply rebecca picton says May 11 2015 at 8 48 am i love art work watercolour is my favourite but I need to practice my drawing skills I would be greatful to win any book in the collection Reply Jackie Poulouktsi says May 11 2015 at 8 58 am I love painting and drawing in all kinds of media and like to experiment and learn new techniques Reply David Raison says May 11 2015 at 8 58 am The reason I paint is to express how I feel about my world The subjects I paint have all given me pleasure at some point and I like transferring those feelings to the canvas Reply Neil Massey says May 11 2015 at 10 36 am I enjoy coloured pencil art I presently use Faber Castell polychromos pencils and have just begun to experiment with pastel pencils It s great fun and it s not just colouring in It s a positive and challenging art form Reply Kathy E says May 13 2015 at 1 47 am I enjoy art both as an observer and creator I love to sew and make hand made items plus pencil drawings and watercolor are a few other favorite mediums I am always trying to improve but enjoy the process Reply Lorna says May 13 2015 at 3 13 pm Hi

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  • Benefits Of Teaching Children To Paint With Acrylics | Art Of Crafts
    up while the offending paint is still wet but it can still be removed without a trace of the original color involved 3 A Little Goes a Long Way Artists only need small amounts of acrylic paint to reach their desired effects while paining This can help teach children that you don t have to use a lot of something to achieve what you want and that it s sometimes best to start with a little bit of something and then gradually add to it as needed 4 Brush Strokes While you can teach certain brush strokes using other mediums acrylics are often easier to manage in a controlled manner Water colors on the other hand tend to run together and it can be difficult to create the same effect with oil paints With acrylics though a fan brush can be used to create the leaf covered branches of a tree the wispy outlines of a cloud or the foaming tops of waves it all depends on the project Each different brush size can create a completely separate effect for a project Teaching your children how to determine which is more ideal for the setting can engage them further and encourage future developments 5 Non Toxic For the most part acrylic paint is non toxic making it safe for children to use as long as they re not drinking it from the tube This is why so many people use acrylic paint for face painting Conversely certain oil based mediums can be toxic due to how they are developed It s not often that acrylic paint causes any of the afflictions oil based paints cause It is important to note that depending on the type of acrylic you buy your child could experience a slight rash if the paint is

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  • Guest Author | Art Of Crafts
    cool for you that I happened to love too It all started in January of 2013 when I opened my jewelry shop on Etsy I had previously opened a cross stitch shop Read more Benefits of Teaching Children to Paint with Acrylics March 24 2014 by Guest Author Leave a Comment Painting with acrylics is much different than painting with water colors oil based paints or other mediums Although it can be considerably messier than other mediums it can also be quite beneficial when teaching children how to develop an image In fact the different techniques involved in painting with acrylics can help children discover their inner artist 1 Color Read more You Can Have a Green Thumb 4 Innovative Ways to Grow Houseplants March 15 2014 by Guest Author Leave a Comment Not everyone was born with chlorophyll in their veins Caring for houseplants seems easy enough They just require water sunlight and the occasional scoop of plant food right Yet many of us are blessed with what the experts call a black thumb Though we don t set out to wield the power of life or death over potted products usually the latter there are always mitigating Read more Easter Arts and Crafts Ideas March 1 2014 by Guest Author Leave a Comment Easter is definitely one of the more crafty holidays celebrated each year Candy Easter baskets and painted eggs bring out the crafty and creative side to even the most uninspired and uncreative minds If you are the uninspired then here is a look at where to begin This will hopefully help you turn your home into a beautiful Easter setting great for entertaining and Read more 3 Beautiful Wearable DIY Floral Arrangements for Spring January 23 2014 by Guest Author Leave a Comment Spring is

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  • Art Of Crafts Interview: Elaine From Mortgage Free In Three | Art Of Crafts
    between the two gets applied to the mortgage capital My first project was to write and publish an e book to actually hold myself accountable and deliver a project in a short time frame I had a small sales target of 50 in my sights and within three days have nearly trebled that So we are off to a great start Q2 Your book A Turkey Is Not Just for Christmas is fab and one that I am definitely going to be trying out post Christmas but also in the year ahead Tell us more about the background to the recipes and maybe which of them is your family s favourite The background to the book is that I wanted to create a book about making the very best of the leftovers from Christmas without resorting to a sandwich The lovely ladies on the forum at www mortgagefreeinthree com let me know often enough that the challenge was not in the cooking but in looking at a pile of ingredients and being inspired to create something gorgeous out of them So I thought a short cookery book using one main ingredient as the launch pad would be a great idea Now of course the emails are pouring in requesting the same kind of book but on different main ingredients So I am busy pulling all my tested recipes together well it would be rude not to wouldn t it The Thai inspired recipes salads soups curries are our family favourites Using some fresh herbs and punchy flavours can turn the most ordinary of leftovers into a Frugal Feast Q3 Your recipes are great for everyone but particularly for those on a tight budget do you have any tips for people when it comes to sourcing ingredients and getting the best bang for their buck I pulled my shopping habits apart in year two nothing was sacred I got rid of the idea of the automatic shop where you shop at the same time in the same shops buying the same things and end up cooking the same meals and throwing out the same stuff every week I built a store cupboard called the Armageddon Cupboard on the site where I made sure I bought in all the staples my family needed at deep discounts I buy most of my staples from www approvedfood co uk where I can buy close dated food food close to its best before date at a deep discount usually at about 70 of RRP With some fresh stuff from my local LIDL our food bills for the last eighteen months have hovered around the 8 per week mark for a family of one adult one teen and one five year old Q4 What does the future hold in terms of your website and writing should we be looking out for the next Kindle book I don t intend to use the kindle books as my only revenue stream in 2014 in fact I only had

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  • Want The Best Beer Ever? 5 Tips For Home Brewing | Art Of Crafts
    find techniques and recipes online but the people who own and work these stores are experts and enthusiasts so listen and learn from them 2 Choose a type of beer to brew What s your favorite beer There s a home brew clone of it out there somewhere It s a great place to start if it s your first time brewing As a beginner plan on sticking to ales since they can be aged at room temperature Lagers require refrigeration so don t get ahead of yourself 3 Do you prefer a keg or bottles Should you serve your homebrew from a keg or bottle If you have a kegerator or have long been seeking an excuse to buy one a keg is a great option If you prefer your brew to be more portable or shareable you may want to bottle it Transferring the beer from the fermenter to a keg is much easier than bottling it Regardless be sure you ve got the container well sealed For kegs that means checking o rings applerubber com has a great o ring size chart For bottles that means capping carefully and checking your work 4 Don t forget to sanitize sanitize and sanitize That shiny new brewing pot Wash it and sanitize it Ditto for the spoon and spoon rest you re using Sanitize everything that comes in contact with your beer After you cook the wort the beer will ferment for seven to 10 days unless your recipe states otherwise Can you imagine what bacteria could do in that time Ruining your beer would be at the top of that list Beer making is an exercise in delayed gratification That delay is heavily compounded if you brew a skunky beer which you could have avoided by sanitizing 5

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  • April's Craft & Giveaway: Cake Making, Baking & Decorating | Art Of Crafts
    others For the giveaway this month we have one copy of the gorgeous The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating by Autumn Carpenter available on Amazon USA Amazon UK To be in with a chance of winning the book please read through the following T Cs and then you can enter by completing the three steps below Terms Conditions No purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway The winner will be drawn randomly Odds of winning are based on the number of entries You may enter from today and entries will be closed at 11 59 pm GMT on the 30th April 2013 Only one entry is allowed per person Anyone 13 or over may enter from any country If you win you will be contacted via the e mail address that you use to enter the giveaway We will contact the winners by the 6th May 2013 and you will have 21 days to respond If we do not hear from you within that time then another winner will be randomly drawn How To Enter Step 1 If you are on Facebook please Like my Art of Crafts page Step 2 If you are on Twitter please send out a Tweet about this giveaway by Clicking Here it s all done for you just need to click and send Step 3 Please leave a comment below telling me what is your favourite food of all time Please do not worry if your comment does not appear immediately comments are moderated and it will show up soon Good Luck and happy April baking Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You

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  • Piping For Cakes: Step By Step To Success | Art Of Crafts
    easy to follow lessons Russell will show you everything you need to know to create dazzling piped details on a variety of cakes Members of this class will learn how to choose the best icing to how stabilize to draw fluid piped lines how to transfer line drawings to a cake how to tint mold and sculpt gum paste and how to make expert designs Alongside Russell course members will complete decorating projects including monograms and filigree stenciled surface designs cake jewelry from tinted gum paste and easy and inexpensive paper accents and table décor Learn how to design and present cakes that you will be proud of and that will stun your customers friends and family using Russell s instruction tips and advice The best part about this Craftsy course is that once you sign up for Modern Piping you can watch the course whenever it is convenient for you Members who sign up for Craftsy courses are given log in information for the course and are able to access the course at any time from the comfort of their own home Not only that but the course is packed full of great tips to make this the best beginner cake piping course on the web Craftsy courses are designed to be completely interactive and fun Members are able to ask the instructor questions upload photos of finished cake designs interact with other class members on discussion boards and bookmark parts of the course to return to This is a collaborative online course where class members help each other learn and improve Access to Craftsy courses never expires so once members sign up for Modern Piping they can log on to the course whenever they need to review material or reference something taught in the course Learn how to

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  • Creating Jeweled Wedding Cakes | Art Of Crafts
    insider knowledge This complete course is the best way to introduce yourself to the jeweled wedding cake trade You ll learn how to jewel your cake with confectionery buttons pearls brooches and blossoms You ll also learn how to add dimension and luster to multi layer cakes how to sculpt simple round cakes into tapered or wavy tiers and how to construct custom cake pedestals Sousa also covers how to apply patterns to cakes how to encrust and adorn the lower tiers of a multi tier cake and how to stack the cake tiers and put on the finishing touches With this course you ll be walked through everything you want to know from start to finish without any details left uncovered You ll need some basic tools to get started with this course like a multi tiered cake to decorate and some cake decorating materials but once you have those you ll be ready to roll With over three hours of course instruction broken down into easy to follow sections you ll have no trouble following along with Sousa as she teaches you everything you need to know to be a cake decorating expert The best part about this Craftsy course is that once members sign up for the Jeweled Wedding Cakes course they can take the course whenever it is convenient for them in the comfort of their own home Members who sign up for Craftsy courses are given log in information for the course and are able to access the course at any time Craftsy courses are designed to be completely interactive and fun Members are able to ask the instructor questions upload photos of cakes interact with other class members on discussion boards and bookmark parts of the course to return to This is a collaborative

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