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  • Wall Decor | Art Of Crafts
    for wall decor Creative Ways to Display Your Photos January 17 2014 by cgray Leave a Comment Picture frames you can buy at your local department store are just so traditional and the coolest ones are always expensive If you have some photos or other pictures you want to display you aren t limited to frames Try some of these ideas for displaying images in other ways Cup hooks and

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  • Artful Welding And How You Can Get Started | Art Of Crafts
    of all clutter especially any items that may be flammable Gather your welding supplies If you don t have access to a welding studio you ll have to stock your own studio from scratch If you re new to welding you can expect to spend 400 on welding supplies and equipment To get started you ll need everything from a torch kit to cylinders for oxygen and fuel to safety supplies regulators and more You can purchase a welding starter kit or put together all the supplies on your own Don t neglect safety When you re welding especially as a first timer or fairly inexperienced welder it s very important to put safety first The sparks produced by welding are so bright that they can blind you with prolonged direct exposure Always wear protective goggles or a helmet with a shield when welding Don t skimp on the eye protection All lenses and helmet shields should be effective at guarding against radiant energy You ll also need a safety jacket or apron made of leather or other non flammable material Wear flame resistant clothing like denim and heavy leather work boots Invest in heavy duty welding gloves to protect your hands and secure all loose hair and clothing before getting started Find your inspiration Even after you have all of your supplies getting started can still be the hardest part You can research artists like Calder to learn more about the history of welding as an art form and to get ideas You can also check your favorite home design art and DIY blogs to find ideas to make functional and decorative pieces for your home Pinterest and Tumblr are great places to search for inspiration Keep an eye on your equipment and perform regular maintenance Once you ve

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  • Craft Storage | Art Of Crafts
    5 Simple Storage Solutions January 7 2014 by Alison Wood Leave a Comment Love and money are two things that most people feel they can never get enough of However if given time to think of a third category of wants or needs that are in short supply after giving it a little thought storage would probably come in a close third It seems as though no matter how much

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  • Wimberry Designs Studio | Art Of Crafts
    Wednesday Gaynor from Wimberry Designs June 19 2013 by Alison Wood Leave a Comment So we come to the second of our Workspace Wednesdays and I hope you enjoyed hearing about the craft space of Gina from Zuleikha s Art last time This week we pay a visit to Gaynor over at Wimberry Designs Gaynor says of her space I ve recently been lucky enough to move into my own

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