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  • Rubber Roundup: Tire-Inspired Crafts | Art Of Crafts
    to a fence or side of a structure then pot blooming plants in the rim just like a flower box Playground Accessories Nothing says fun quite like an old tire swing If you have a sturdy tree and want to take a trip back to a simpler time put up a swing for the kids If you don t have a tree handy consider upcycling a vintage swing set instead Turn the yard into a playground with tires Once you get the swing up cut a tire in half and install a strong board on the open side Screw handles to the board and create a rocker for a toddler or put another tire down on the ground and fill it with sand for digging Photo of tire tunnel by Don from USA via Wikimedia Commons Older kids can have fun with tires too Use them to create an obstacle course and get them active You can place three or four on the ground for sprints stack them up with a board to create an elevated platform for sit ups and push ups or screw many tires together to build a climbing wall Get Creative A tire is really just smooth rubber covered by tread Once you pry off the tread you open up a world of crafting possibilities Cut the rubber into strips and weave them into a door mat to welcome guests or paint the mat like a canvas for festive wall art You may even fashion a rubber basket perfect for storing firewood magazines or old books Don t throw away the tread you peeled off either Use the excess to cover tabletops or add texture to an existing wall sculpture A greater number of people are turning repurposing into a business Creative crafters are all over

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  • Washi Tape Frame Fun | Art Of Crafts
    you have available because I was making these along a wedding and engagement theme I of course went for hearts I just had three engagement photos and three wedding photos for this project so I laid them out on the card and surrounded them with the washi tape in the pattern that I wanted Washi tape is great in that it is very forgiving so if you don t line it up well the first time you can keep having another go Because of the nature of the pattern it s very easy to make it look good and you don t see the ends so it looks quite professional and that s saying something for my crafting attempts When my layout was complete and all securely stuck down with the washi tape I added the picture to the frame added the backing and just made sure that all looked good I wanted to decorate the frame in keeping with the layout and so I just added a border of the washi tape around the wood The only tricky part was making sure that where the tape met on each corner was cut well and all lined up although as I mentioned before you can easily peel off the washi tape and reposition I also decided to add the washi tape around the outside of the frame so that it looks great from the side and top not just straight on This was easy peasy and you can just overlap and cut the tape on the corners That was pretty much it I had taken two lost cost wooden frames and jazzed them up You can make it as simple a design or as full on as you like Because this was a wedding based one I made it quite

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  • Let's Talk About Crafting & Decorating With Vinyl Records | Art Of Crafts
    all You can arrange a group of bowls on the wall as an art installation A Record Curtain What can you do with a record curtain Use it to create privacy without completely blocking out the light divide a room while it hangs from the ceiling or decorate wall space Consider the following before you start Do the math to figure out how many records you ll need to cover the designated area Single records will require more work but their large center holes add more visual interest especially when displayed against a bright wall Ask yourself will you arrange records randomly or use the colors of the labels to create a quilt like pattern Then use an electric drill to make four holes in each record approximately 1 4 inch from the edge Space the holes at equal distances so you have one each at the exact top center bottom center and sides of the record Use twine twist ties wire pipe cleaner or key rings to connect one row of records For the easiest construction complete each row separately and then connect the rows Serving Tray If you re a hipster hosting a party you need a tiered tray made from vinyl records Place a vintage martini glass upside down and carefully align the center of the record over the stem base use adhesive that is safe with glass to secure the two together Affix another upside down glass something with a shorter stem than the first to the upright side of the record and place a second record on top of that stem base This project works with either LP or single records but if you want to make a three tiered tray use a single on the top for extra stability Décor pieces made from old

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  • A How To Guide For Making Pallet And Fleece Furniture | Art Of Crafts
    make do not require too many materials To make a pallet bed frame for example all you have to do is follow four easy steps 1 Gather the necessary materials All you need for this are two 44X48 wooden pallets a few feet of uncut lengths of fleece a dozen nails a hammer a crowbar and a wrench One of these pallets should be completely dismantled and the other will have one side free of wood The strips of wood that are left will make up the legs of the bed A bed like this can have anywhere from six to fourteen legs but eight is probably ideal 2 Taking apart the pallets Use the crowbar by wedging it under planks and then hammering it in until it creates a gap Once one side comes loose repeat on the other side When the plank is free use either the back of your hammer or a wrench to pry the nails out of the plank Repeat until one pallet is completely dismantled and the other only has one side with planks attached 3 Cutting the wood Use the pieces of wood you now have to make legs for the bed The size of the legs do not matter but a good rule of thumb is about half the length of one plank Make sure that all of the legs are of equal length Cut twice as many legs as you plan on having for the bed 4 Attach the legs The legs should be attached at the corners The legs can be attached using a hammer and nails At each corner hammer in two half planks Attach as many legs as you feel will be needed to give the bed the necessary strength this depends on the kind of wood used

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  • Upholstery: Should You Tackle It Yourself? | Art Of Crafts
    think seriously about contracting this work out to a professional Unless you have basic carpentry and sewing skills and the item is small and simple go no further If you insist on progressing then here are a few of the stages you will have to go through Ripping off This is where you discover some of the hidden secrets of the furniture s construction some good some not so good The old material and upholstery is removed to reveal the frame This is a dusty process which requires the use of pliers and ripping chisel Be careful not to damage the show wood and always wear a face mask At this point you can repair a weak or damaged frame Webbing Interweave webbing to form a structure on which to build the seat Tarpaulin Hessian Tack hessian into place over the webbing Bridle Ties Bridle ties loops of twine stitched onto the hessian platform using a curved needle will hold the stuffing in place F irst Stuffing Horse in reality often a fire retardant fibre hair is tucked under the bridle loops and knitted by hand to form a nicely shaped pad Scrim Hessian Hessian is placed over the pad and temporarily tacked in place Stuffing ties Stuffing ties help prevent the hair from moving You can sit on the chair at this point to check pad shape and density and the scrim can be re tensioned and tacked down permanently Regulating the hair The hair is redistributed within the pad using a regulator needle Edge Stitching The edge of the seat is stitched to form a robust structure The regulator is used throughout the stitching process to tease the hair into the edge Second stuffing More bridle ties are added for the second stuffing Cotton Wadding Cotton wadding is

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  • Giveaway: Complete Guide To Calligraphy | Art Of Crafts
    had bought two sets in 2009 one for my daughter and one for myself but my set got stolen when my house was broken in to 6yrs ago I was gutted and I have often thought about buying another set which included all the inks nibs and style templates I haven t seen the complete set ever since I bought them but to have this would be awesome to re teach me something I used to be quite good at Alison you have definitely have to give this a go calligraphy is very therapeutic when you have had a stressful week or day and it forces you to concentrate so deeply it s like meditating something of which I can t do Although I d love to win this good luck everyone Reply Dancing Rainbows says September 6 2015 at 1 51 pm I have always been fascinated by the beauty of calligraphy I am very artsy and would love to learn this beautiful art Since it s one of those mediums that needs instruction as well as supplies it would be fabulous to have this Guide Thank you for this offer the winner will be very lucky Reply Pat Crossland says September 6 2015 at 1 57 pm I am so interested in Calligraphy and have been on many courses for learning but one can never have too many books to stimulate ones interest Thanks for the chance to win one of these super additions to my craft section Reply Kay Hale says September 6 2015 at 2 15 pm Have tried calligraphy have failed need good help Reply Kathie Craig says September 6 2015 at 3 07 pm I have never tried calligraphy but would love the chance to learn Reply Alexia Day says September 6 2015 at 4 01 pm I tried once in my teens but did not feel I was very good at it I think maybe I did not have the best pen for it I have bought some new pens now but am not sure how to get started so this would just be amazing if I won Thank you Reply Debbie Living says September 6 2015 at 5 16 pm I work as an activity coordinator in a care home for older adults and this would be a really fun and interesting thing to try we could make personalised plaques for the residents to give as gifts to their grandchildren and great grandchildren Reply Chrissi says September 6 2015 at 6 23 pm used to do calligraphy and enjoyed it but have let it go even though with wire and stuff I could do better Reply colleen says September 6 2015 at 8 15 pm Years ago I bought one of those felt tipped calligraphy pens and had pretty good results but I d love to learn to do it the right way Reply Pat Collingwood says September 6 2015 at 9 22 pm Have never tried calligraphy but would love to

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  • Training To Help Build Your Handmade Business | Art Of Crafts
    Leave a Comment Today I just wanted to share with you some training I am running from the sister site to this one Cartwheels Across The Sky I have a Flash Sale running which offers all three of my training courses for one low price and you can find out more details on this if you click the Flash Sale image below I am also running some low cost individual webinars which are priced between 9 and 19 and you can find all the individual details at the images below Hope to see you there and if you have any questions you can always contact me You might also be interested in joining my free Facebook group Market Your Business With Joy Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter please check your inbox There was an error submitting your subscription Please try again First Name Email Address Subscribe We respect your email privacy and will never pass

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  • Grow Your Handmade Business With Pinterest | Art Of Crafts
    Grow Your Handmade Business With Pinterest July 26 2015 by Alison Wood Leave a Comment Pinterest can be such a hugely valuable site for driving traffic to your creative website craft blog or handmade marketplace Therefore on the 12th August I am running a webinar on Market Your Business With Pinterest which will dive into much more depth on making the platform effective for your business For this launch the price is just 9 but places are limited so register now if you would like to join me To find out full details head over to the sister site to Art of Crafts Cartwheels Across The Sky Hope to see you there Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter please check your inbox There was an error submitting your subscription Please try again First Name Email Address Subscribe We respect your email privacy and will never pass your details to a 3rd party Powered by ConvertKit Filed

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