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  • Art Of Crafts Interview: LISU Wedding & Handmade Jewellery | Art Of Crafts
    impressed with it that they said I should try and sell it I completed the online course with the London Jewellery School called How To Run A Jewellery Business set up my website and it just went on from there 4 How long now have you been established Since I opened my website which was in April 2012 so it is two years and nearly nine months 5 How do you decide what to make and how do you come up with your beautiful designs I like making different items and have quite a few books on jewellery making techniques I also have quite a good stock of beads and findings which I keep adding to I recently completed an online course on wire wrapping which is where my wire wrapped pendants and wire wrapped rings came from I decide what I am going to make for example a necklace or a bracelet I then decide the colour it is going to be and then I look through my stock to see what I have and what other colours match I just seem to get an idea of what I make in my head I mostly buy my beads online and I have certain websites which I buy from regularly who send me emails with their new stock 6 Do you undertake your business on a full time basis or do you have other work family commitments My business is on a part time basis as I also have a full time admin job 7 Tell us a little about your typical day and what is involved in running the business I actually don t have a typical day in running the business I run the business around my day job I do the business part of things at night or on the weekend Once the jewellery is made I photograph it and upload it to my website All my items of jewellery are on my website I also have a Facebook shop which is connected to my website I have an Etsy shop and I put all my newer items on there too but maybe not on the same day as uploading to the website as all of this takes time I try and put some of my new items on Pinterest and also tweet about my new items 8 What advice would you give to others who are considering running a creative business It s a lot harder than you think Whatever craft you are doing it will take up a lot of your time But if you love what you are doing then it is half the battle There are lots of craft businesses out there and you will have lots of competition so you really need something to make you stand out from the others 9 As this is Art of Crafts I have to ask do you enjoy any other crafts yourself in your spare time If so please tell us more I enjoy knitting

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  • Everything Old Becomes New Again – Organizing A Vintage Wedding On A Budget | Art Of Crafts
    will have been identified by the seller as being suitable for that market and will be priced accordingly Basically you need to rummage for those bargains just like you do in the real world The atmosphere This is the bit that really matters and fortunately it s easy to do on a budget Music Although a friendly DJ may be the ideal choice these days home music systems or even portable MP3 players and good speakers can produce party standard sound and there are plenty of CDs from the vintage era to play or use to make playlists Food It s up to you whether or not you recreate food from whatever period you choose although it s worth noting that vintage food is not necessarily veggie friendly but tables can easily be decorated with mementos from the period many of which can be made for free Try looking up images which represent the key points of the decade and printing them out glue them to card and add a strip of card at the back for a stand Depending on your budget you could buy some vintage tableware even if only a few key pieces They can always be resold afterwards Photos these are a key part of any wedding and this is one part of the wedding where hiring professional help is often worthwhile if you can afford it If your budget is really tight then it may be worth asking around to see if someone knows a friendly photographer who s open to barter While it may be too much of a challenge to set up a photo area with vintage props it s worth double checking it to remove or cover anything which is obviously out of period Transport There are plenty of quality companies which

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  • 5 Great Crafts To Personalize Your Car | Art Of Crafts
    to stick things such as gems or buttons on it Car Blanket Keeping a blanket in the car can be a lifesaver when you want to have an impromptu picnic or perhaps just didn t dress warmly enough for a day trip Depending on your level of craft expertise this can be as easy or as difficult a task as you care to make it The easiest way to make a blanket is to cut a blanket sized piece of fleece material and cut tassels around the edge tying a knot in each one For some more complicated ideas check out this list on the Huffington Post Seat Protector for Dogs We all love our four legged friends but we don t love them quite so much when they cover our car interiors with mud and hair Luckily there is a solution You can create a seat cover by using a layer of fleece fabric and a layer of cotton twill fabric You can then make hooks to attach the cover to the car s headrests For more detailed instructions and pictures read this step by step guide Steering Wheel Cover A classic way to personalize your car is with a steering wheel cover And although you can buy them it is actually relatively simple to make one All you have to do is pick a fabric that you like cut it to the right width and length give it a big seam and thread elastic through it If you would like to see exact measurements visit this blog Seatback Organizer Sometimes your car receives a little unwanted personalization through the sheer amount of items that build up and create clutter in your car You can fix this problem by creating an organizer that will hang nicely on your seatback

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  • Tips For Sending A Parcel To Canada | Art Of Crafts
    envelope should suffice but make sure it s properly taped up in case it opens in transit Label clearly If your handwriting isn t very clear print the recipient s address along with your own as a return address if anything happens and glue them onto the envelope or box Secure the edges of the paper with sellotape If you would prefer to handwrite your label use a pen relative to the size of the box On a smaller envelope use a ballpoint pen to avoid any smudging if it gets wet or for a big box use a large thick pen to make sure the address stands out Weigh and measure correctly If you miscalculate the weight or size of your parcel the recipient may end up having to pay extra to receive your parcel at best or at worst the parcel could be returned to you undelivered This is another reason it s so important to add a return address to your parcel in case there is a mistake with the measurements or weight so that it can be returned and resent when the corrected postage has been added Customs Be sure to check the customs laws for Canada Don t try to send items which are on the disallowed list or they will be returned or possibly destroyed or the package may be opened in order to remove the banned items Attach a customs declaration form to give the Canadian postal service an idea of what is in your parcel In order to avoid your labels becoming illegible don t place addresses over any openings in the box as if the customs team decide to randomly check your parcel the address will be torn in half making it hard for the postal team to know where to

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  • Crafts Directory USA, UK And Everywhere! | Art Of Crafts
    to find each other in an easy to use website The Art of Crafts Directory offers craft lovers a searchable way to find out all about craft store owners and their businesses It also offers a link back to crafters Facebook Twitter or Pinterest profiles so that you can read even more about their crafting business You will also find links to crafters online shops on sites like Etsy Artfire Folksy and DaWanda in addition to links to craft business owners websites or blogs Crafters love this website because they can list all of the information about their craft business in one place This site acts like a home base for crafters who are able to link to all of their other online locations including social media and ecommerce sites The Art of Craft directory also provides a way for craft lovers to get in touch with craft business owners right from the directory providing a direct line of communication that can result in sales The Art of Crafts Directory is broken down into Craft Categories that make searching for information sites and craft businesses within the categories easy Categories include things like Card Making Embroidery Glass Crafts Cross Stitch Pottery Stamping Photography Knitting Handbag Design Wood Crafts and more Within each category visitors to the site will find listings for businesses that create handmade crafts Links to the crafter s website and more information about the business are available within the listing field From here you can visit the company page see contact information visit social media sites and contact the owner directly to ask questions about products In addition to listing a craft business on sites like Etsy Folksy and Artfire listing a craft business on a directory helps get even more exposure to an online craft business

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  • How To Create The Perfect Party Bag | Art Of Crafts
    put in the obligatory slice of birthday cake that has long featured in these types of party bags Toys that can easily be used inside are also popular Things like yo yos or a miniature pack of colouring pencils can be popular with children of all ages and they won t break the bank if you re on a budget Teen party When children get a bit older it can be a lot harder to know what to put in party bags The sweets and cake will be good bets to put in party bags for people of any age so feel free to throw a few of those in there If budget isn t really an issue you might want to include a gift voucher to a high street store giving the teenagers a choice of what they can buy If you want to keep the cost down try going for things like stickers or cool stationery that teenagers can use for school You might want to add in some make up or hair accessories for teen girls and perhaps some sachets of hair gel or body spray for boys It shows that you ve put some thought into what you include but you don t necessarily have to spend a fortune Fancy dinner party Some people like to create gift bags for people that come to a dinner or cocktail party that they are throwing If this is the case you might want to bypass the sweets but the cake could be a good bet An alternative to a slice of a larger cake is to make lots of smaller cupcakes or macarons to include instead Tealight candles pretty jewellery or even miniature bottles of wine can all make very nice gifts for these sorts of bags If

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  • Craftsy Deals And Steals | Art Of Crafts
    people that love to get hands on and make new and exciting things and then share with and inspire one another to keep pushing the limits with crafts If you re new to crafting the Classes and Workshops sections are great places to start And of course you can pick up some much needed materials in the Deals section In addition to the Classes Workshops and Deals pages Craftsy also runs the Craftsy blog where visitors can go to get new ideas inspiration updates on the site and tips and resources for crafting The Patterns page also recently debuted and features an interactive patterns market where independent designers can easily upload and sell their original patterns to buyers around the world So if you wanted to buy a quilting pattern from the Pattern page you could easily download the pattern and use the quilting supplies you buy from the Deals page to make your vision come to life With the trends in fashion turning towards handmade and vintage now is the best time to get involved with crafting and explore the amazing world of handmade goods Websites like Craftsy help crafters learn and make everything from jewelry to sweaters so it s easy to find a craft you want to pursue and get involved with learning the steps to make beautiful unique items Visit the Craftsy Deals page regularly to take advantage of discounted craft supplies to help you make your crafting dreams come true or sign up for a free Craftsy account to be kept up to date Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to

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  • Craftsy: A Place For Patterns | Art Of Crafts
    created by craft lovers around the world for use by other like minded crafters Before buying a pattern on Craftsy you can read all about the designer where they are from why they create patterns and what they love most about crafting This level of personal interaction is lacking on many other pattern purchasing sites but is an integral part of the Craftsy experience Support Designers Buying a pattern from Craftsy also helps to support the many small business owners and independent designers that use sites like Craftsy to build their businesses Craftsy supports these independent crafters by making it easy for customers to find and buy the great products listed on the site When you buy a pattern from Craftsy you can have the peace of mind to know that your money is going to a real person who is dedicated to providing quality products and not just some huge faceless company The pattern categories on Craftsy include Crocheting Embroidery Felting Jewelry Knitting Paper Crafts Quilting and Sewing Patterns Visitors can choose a category to browse search for a specific type of pattern or glance over the Featured Patterns sidebar for inspiration Within each section the top 20 patterns for each category are also displayed so that visitors can see what is trendy and hip Patterns are very affordably priced with most patterns selling for under US 10 Sell Your Own Patterns If you re an independent designer and want to sell your own patterns on Craftsy the process is simple and free Craftsy does not charge any fees for listing or selling patterns and buyers pay directly through PayPal after a purchase is made Buyers are also able to download the patterns right from the pattern sales page so sellers don t have to worry about emailing patterns

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