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  • Create Your Own Wedding Album In Five Simple Steps | Art Of Crafts
    your album be sure that it comes with photo protection paper to ensure your photographs are forever protected A great place to purchase quality photo albums or scrap books is the high street crafts shop Paperchase Here they have a selection of great albums that are suitable for all tastes and all weddings Hire a professional photographer Ok so it may be a bit late to be advising you to hire a professional wedding photographer but this is fundamental to the success of your wedding photography album Before hiring a wedding photographer ensure to carry out a few background checks and find some testimonials from previous couples who have use their services Wedding photographers generally work like anything else in this world you pay for what you get If you do decide to make your own wedding album request that the photographer gives you the photos directly and not bound in their own album Collect wedding memorabilia from the day This may be difficult to do on the day but this is a great way to add that personal and memorable touch to your day Objects that could be collected include a copy of the best man speech wedding invites table cards church service sheets and anything other materials from the day When you do decide to make your album combine all of these materials to produce not only a wedding album but a memory book Ensure the photos are protected If you want to treasure your wedding photographs you need to ensure that your photos are protected by a photographic protection seal When purchasing an album you can purchase them with seals already built in Get the style right When purchasing your album make sure it fits in with the style and theme you are looking to achieve when

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  • How To Reupholster A Wood-Frame Chair | Art Of Crafts
    you need to Fill any large holes or gashes with wood putty and sand it down until it looks good You might discover other problems that can be easily fixed with some wood glue and a well placed staple Put the frame in the best condition you can Tip If you want to paint or stain the frame now s the time to do it Instead of stripping sanding priming and painting the wood you could try going straight to chalk paint Not only is it easy to use and safer for the environment but chalk paint also lends itself to some great painting techniques to give your new chair more texture and character 3 Cut the foam cushion so that it fits snugly into the chair Keep in mind that after you assemble the seat cushion the foam will be compressed When you cut the foam during this step it ought to look a little too big 4 Create a paper stencil of the chair seat You can use an old newspaper to do this nothing fancy The finished stencil should cover every part of the seat that will be covered in the finished project 5 Use the stencil to cut the plywood to shape Some sanding around the edges of the cut piece can get the plywood bottom to fit perfectly into the chair Now you re ready to dive into upholstering 6 On a flat surface lay out all the pieces of the seat cushion Lay out your upholstery fabric first right side down Then put down the batting the foam cushion and then the piece of plywood 7 Pull the fabric over the plywood and staple it into place To keep the seat cushion looking nice and even pull the fabric tight as you go Don

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  • Scour Power: Using Sandpaper Around The Home | Art Of Crafts
    applying mayonnaise to a piece of bread Remember to clean the knife before and after sanding Perfect paint When you repaint a room you want the end result to be better than what you started with But if walls aren t properly prepared even the best paint may not help Before you head to the hardware store to pick up paint and primer prep your walls by spackling nail holes or gouges Then use fine grit sandpaper to sand the entire surface of the walls Wipe down walls with a damp lint free cloth to remove sanding dust before you apply primer and paint And then stand back and admire your professional looking paint job Remove the ring Cleaning the toilet is one of those chores that everyone hates especially when you scour the bowl and it still looks less than radiant But according to Linda Queen of Clean Cobb sandpaper can take care of those stubborn mineral deposits Cobb recommends turning off the water at the toilet tank and flushing to lower the water line Use a mild scouring powder and fine grit drywall sandpaper to remove the mineral deposit line Keep kids busy Looking for a way to keep restless kids busy on a rainy day You can use sandpaper to create a fun craft project and the best part is it doesn t make a mess You ll need some strips of colored yarn glue a sheet of coarse sandpaper and a piece of cardboard to provide stability for the sandpaper Glue the sandpaper to the cardboard and let it dry Then let kids draw with the yarn placing it on the sandpaper to create a picture The sandpaper will keep the yarn in place until they peel it off or flip their creation over and let

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  • 4 DIY Interior Design Ideas | Art Of Crafts
    It will build up a really nice geometric pattern that stands off the wall See the video tutorial below Invisible Bookshelf The invisible bookshelf is a really cool trick and looks great on your wall all you need to do is get a bracket that is normally used as a bookend on a shelving unit and screw it in to the wall the other way round so that there is a small flat section stuck out from the wall You can then go ahead and stack four or five books on the bracket and it will appear as if the books are simply floating in mid air the best way is to do this 4 or 5 times and dot them around the wall it creates a really good affect Homemade Fireflies Lantern This is a really great alternative to having candles everywhere and is nice in a child s bedroom It is really easy to do you just need to get a glass jar or vase buy a back of glow sticks crack them open and poor the liquid in to said jar vase Add some glitter to it and stir it in and it will give the effect of fireflies glowing in the dark in a lovely warm blue glow Homemade Candle Holders A neat trick to create a really modern contemporary candle holder is to use a few regular household items All you will need to do is get some plain white ramekins fill them up with coffee beans and then put your tea light in the centre of the coffee beans it looks really nice especially in a kitchen and gives you the added smell of coffee when the beans get warm Remember to use beans and not ground coffee though These are just a few

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  • 5 Crafty Ways To Brighten Up Your Child’s Bedroom On A Budget | Art Of Crafts
    chalkboard paint and write a bedtime message on it or paint an exposed side of an old wardrobe or chest of drawers if you re reluctant to paint the walls Hand painted pillows A simple effective and personal way of brightening up your child s bedroom is by hand painting cushions or pillows This can be done either by you or your child depending on their age or you could make a day of it and sit down and paint them together Use brightly coloured fabric paints on plain cushions to create a unique design that reflects your child s personality and character Wall stickers Wall stickers can be bought in a huge variety of different designs Even the fussiest children will be able to find a design that they love No matter how big or how small the space you need to fill is there will be a wall sticker that will fit in perfectly Popular kid s wall stickers include whimsical images of trees birds and flowers for girls and superheroes cars and dinosaurs for boys You can also purchase personalised wall stickers that combine your kid s name with a fun design Wall stickers are a popular decorating option for parents because of how simple easy and mess free they are to apply to the wall and once your child s outgrown them they can even be removed without damaging the wall Streamer bed curtains Colourful paper streamers can be bought very cheaply from craft shops and party stores Hang them around your child s bed to create a cheap and fun bed curtain that will brighten up any bedroom Handmade wall canvases Blank white canvases can be bought very cheaply from discount stores and craft shops and then decorated by you or your kids to hang

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  • Art Of Crafts Interview: Kelly From K Lynn Designs | Art Of Crafts
    myself Hey I could make that and so it began 3 How long now have you been established I ve been in business now for 9 years and it s exciting and fun to see how far I ve come since I started When you re first learning a craft it takes a while to perfect it and to be comfortable with the final product 4 How do you decide what to make and how do you come up with your designs Some of the pieces I make are styles that I ve seen elsewhere and really like Most of my designs are things that I like and would wear myself I usually take out the things I want to work with ie crystal gems chain or charms and I sit there until I decide how to put them all together And of course if there is a holiday coming up I focus a lot on pieces that would be good as gifts ie Mother s Day 5 Do you undertake your business on a full time basis or do you have other work family commitments I have been retired now for 2 years so I m able to spend a lot more time creating jewelry and marketing it I try to work on it every day as it is a source of relaxation for me And I love being creative and the feeling I get when I ve made something that I m proud of 6 Tell us a little about your typical day and what is involved in running the business I usually go into my studio to make jewelry in the late afternoon and when I ve finished a piece or two I take photos of them edit them and put them on social media However all day long I m checking my K Lynn Designs Facebook page and my e mail in case I get an order or a question about one of my pieces I would say I spend about an hour each day trying to increase traffic to my website and or Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin and now Google 7 What advice would you give to others who are considering running a craft based business Advice I would give to anyone wanting to run a craft based business is that they need to love what they do If you don t love the process of making the craft then do something else Also if you are going to sell your craft you have to get out there Not only on social media but in your community I ve gotten a lot of exposure from doing local craft fairs and donating items to for a raffle at local fundraisers So basically you have to have the time to do the legwork Since I ve been retired and have had so much more time to spend on the marketing part of the business my sales have increased dramatically 8 As this is Art of Crafts I

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  • Art Of Crafts Interview: Lechlade Craft Barn | Art Of Crafts
    Our Christmas papercraft workshops proved extremely popular particularly wreaths made from vintage books and music We ve just launched our next programme of workshops dates and will be adding more soon We re delighted to welcome back crafters again and again to our workshops everyone seems to love our laid back atmosphere and of course lovely location 5 How do you decide what to offer We devour crafting magazines such as Reloved Making and Mollie Makes and keep informed on the latest trends in crafting We also keep an eye on demand for workshops around the country and ask our customers for ideas of crafts they d like to try Pinterest is a particularly rich source of ideas and also the greatest time waster We ll be offering a residential course for June 2015 partnering with a local accommodation provider right on the river it will be a great chill out weekend with fab food and lots to explore 6 Do you undertake your business on a full time basis or do you have other work family commitments We run a couple of other businesses in tandem with Lechlade Craft Barn one of which is Lechlade Music Festival a 3 day family friendly festival that takes place at the end of May You ll find our Craft Barn calendar is empty in May as the music festival swallows up the whole month We have legendary rockers Status Quo performing this year so we re expecting a big crowd we re thinking about pom pom bombing the festival site with the local primary school children Last year we made willow lanterns with the kids and they paraded through the town to the festival site to open the festival with the school choir We run the Arty Smarty Crafty Party at the festival too where children can create and craft it s a great way of bringing our businesses together 7 Tell us a little about your typical day and what is involved in running the business Typically we check bookings for workshops and send directions or any queries from customers We keep the Facebook page updated with ideas share great ideas from other pages and news of our recent projects or new workshops We schedule daytime and evening sessions throughout the month to get together and work on designs and ideas or prep for a workshop We have our workshop format pretty much sussed out now and decide before each who is going to deliver which sections of the workshop This ensures the learning process and outcomes are clear for our customers right from the start 8 What advice would you give to others who are considering running a creative business If you don t have the skill set to complete all of your business and marketing tasks make sure you have the funds to buy in the services you need or have a friend who will support you through the set up stage We re lucky as we run other

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  • Art Of Crafts Interview: Joyce From Sashiko Southwest | Art Of Crafts
    you come up with your designs My designs are based on a traditional running stitch technique called Sashiko in Japan and Kantha in India I have been stitching sashiko designs from Japan for about fifteen years My images are inspired by the American Southwest both the natural environment and cultural artifacts I am especially interested in cactus and other desert plants Many designs are influenced by the historic art of Native American peoples in the Southwest pottery weaving and basketry 6 Do you undertake your business on a full time basis or do you have other work family commitments I handle everything from creating the designs to maintaining the website marketing and bookkeeping Sashiko Southwest is very much a full time job 7 Tell us a little about your typical day and what is involved in running the business My work day looks like a juggling act Creating new designs is a long process I work on the website every day and write the blog Sometimes I photograph samples or work on packaging I am always thinking about ways to attract the attention of potential customers like being listed on The Arts Crafts Directory 8 What advice would you give to others who are considering running a creative business I think the hardest part of starting a creative business is accepting that your time is an investment not something you can expect to be paid for My advice is don t even keep track of your time You will only get discouraged about pursuing your dream 9 As this is Art of Crafts I have to ask do you enjoy any crafts yourself in your spare time If so please tell us more I paint and love to make collages I have submitted notebooks to the Brooklyn Art Library https

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