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  • Sarah Hewitt | Art Of Crafts
    in the arts Often if you are lucky there will be one lesson of art a week in which you can get a reasonable all round Read more 4 DIY Interior Design Ideas September 16 2013 by Sarah Hewitt Leave a Comment There are some nifty tricks you can do yourself at home to create some beautiful and intriguing design ideas They don t cost much at all and can be done by someone even with the most basic level of artistic talent and DIY knowledge check them out in the rest of this article String Art String art is a prime example of something that is easy to do very cheap to make and Read more The Healing Properties Of Amber Jewellery September 11 2013 by Sarah Hewitt Leave a Comment Amber is fossilized tree resin it has been around for millions of years to get to that stage and is now used in many aspects of modern life Due to its natural beauty and the various colours of resin that you can acquire it is regularly used in jewellery and gemstones It is also used as an ingredient in perfumes and for hundreds of years has also been hailed for its medicinal Read more Why Knitting Is More Awesome Than You Think July 19 2013 by Sarah Hewitt Leave a Comment When our grandparents were at school it was the norm for boys to be taught woodwork and girls to be taught knitting and sewing Children were taught the kinds of skills that would enable them to build a good home and clothe themselves Nowadays we have Primark and Ikea to do those jobs for us so the art of teaching these life skills in schools has died out However after Read more Alternative Non Traditional Wedding Photography

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  • How To Create That Special Greetings Card | Art Of Crafts
    For instance it could be inappropriate to create a humorous theme as a get well soon card The format could also include how the card is folded shaped or sized A card doesn t necessarily need to stick to the traditional 1 page folded over format Style the card Moving on from the format the style is important to set the theme Colour font and setting are all to be considered and keep the style consistent throughout the whole card Again the occasion is a good thing to consider For example a congratulatory card for somebody passing their driving test a car or road related theme would be appropriate Choose graphics The vast majority of cards will require some sort of graphic incorporated in to this A simple styled card may only require one or two images but it is important not to overload the card with too many pictures Again keeping with the occasion images should be relevant and stick with the style For a more cartoonish approach an image from clipart would be suitable as opposed to an actual photograph Choose a message A picture can tell a thousand words but a sentence is direct to the point and for this reason it could be argued this is the most important point to get right Again style is important a funny card will most likely involve a joke This message will make or break the card so choose your words carefully Print out a readymade template There are many websites online free and at a premium which provide ready to go cards which just require printing A great idea for those who lack time or creativity but in doing so can lose the personalised touch Sign it A card would not be complete without the sender s personalised

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  • Paper Punch Nursery Art Tutorial | Art Of Crafts
    shape punches colored card stock markers glue scissors a 4 x6 frame Step One Gather any paper punches you may have I acquired mine from all different places from craft to dollar stores to party shops Hole punchers are great for tiny details Step Two Punch some shapes out of very bright card stock Hearts always work great as well as circles Little dots from hole punchers are great for making eyes Step Three Glue your shapes on a piece of card stock sized 4 x6 that will fit in your frame You can use my arrangement as a guide or come up with your own cute idea Step Four After the glue has dried completely add accents with markers Less is more Here I just added some ears legs and arms to my bunny as well as some strings and faces for the balloons Step Five Frame your work of art and give as a baby shower gift or hang in a special little one s room Ashley Lucas is an illustrator and crafty girl with her own business called Lady Lucas that offers adorable handmade goods and art to the public Visit her online to see her whimsical artwork cute characters and free crafting ideas in her Etsy Shop and www ladylucas com If you have any questions you d like to ask about her tutorials she d love to hear from you at ashley ladylucas com Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter please check your inbox There was an error submitting your subscription

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  • Using Extruder Discs In Clay Modelling | Art Of Crafts
    planks can be cut out with a rectangular mould For clay designs that need columns or tree trunks a circular mould will have to be used Clay jewellery makes use of numerous shapes of clay bits and there is a range of discs that can be used for it as well Here are a few frequently used moulds and their applications Screen Disc Flower stems and blades of grass are used in scenery and the extruder disc that is used for this is a finely pierced one This same disc can be used to make likenesses of animal fur and human hair Slotted Disc Thin strips of clay are required to make ribbons bows and woven baskets An extruder disc with a thin rectangular slot can be used for this These strips can be used for creating letters as well Semicircular Disc Some clay models have timber or column designs in them A disc with a semicircular slot can give you the desired curvature for this kind of application Circular Disc Basic shapes and 3 dimensional letters can be created with these discs Adding Colour To Design No matter what you create adding some colour to it adds the attraction quotient The jewellery or model that you make will need the perfect mix of colours and shades to make it look more appealing Research a bit and experiment with a combination of colors Weaving differently coloured strands of clay can form stunningly unique accessories Take some time and look at online clay modelling tutorials They provide step by step instructions about mixing moulding baking and varnishing Baking is a critical step of clay modelling and so is varnishing Baking lends strength to clay while varnishing adds a gloss and smoothes the surface of the products you make Easy Does It

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  • May's Craft And A Beautiful Giveaway: Pottery | Art Of Crafts
    different but something that I think you are going to love It is this gorgeous Spring White Porcelain Flower Necklace from Jo Lucksted which will come either on the cream or a pink cord I think this necklace is simply beautiful and could be worn for a whole range of occasions To be in with a chance of winning the necklace please read through the following T Cs and then you can enter by completing the three steps below Terms Conditions No purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway The winner will be drawn randomly Odds of winning are based on the number of entries You may enter from today and entries will be closed at 11 59 pm GMT on the 31st May 2013 Only one entry is allowed per person Anyone 13 or over may enter from any country If you win you will be contacted via the e mail address that you use to enter the giveaway We will contact the winner by the 6th June 2013 and you will have 14 days to respond If we do not hear from you within that time then another winner will be randomly drawn How To Enter Step 1 If you are on Facebook please Like my Art of Crafts page Step 2 If you are on Twitter please send out a Tweet about this giveaway by Clicking Here it s all done for you just need to click and send Step 3 Please leave a comment below which will count as your entry Please do not worry if your comment does not appear immediately comments are moderated and it will show up soon Good luck everyone Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The Big Book of Craft Interviews Vol 1 2 and you will get access to my weekly newsletter Success You will now need to confirm your subscription to the Art of Crafts newsletter please check your inbox There was an error submitting your subscription Please try again First Name Email Address Subscribe We respect your email privacy and will never pass your details to a 3rd party Powered by ConvertKit Filed Under Ceramics Pottery Crafts To Try Year of Trying Something New Tagged With craft of the month pottery jo lucksted flower necklace giveaway learning pottery Comments DESPINA says May 15 2013 at 11 40 am Misspelled my FB name sorry I follow on FB as Despina Vnt plus I twitted https twitter com DESPINA VNT status 334633967867269120 thank you for the lovely giveaway Reply Gaynor Marshall says May 15 2013 at 12 07 pm Tweeted What a beautiful necklace good luck everyone Reply Melissa Suntych says May 15 2013 at 1 12 pm Beautiful Reply Kate Stokes says May 15 2013 at 1 35 pm Hiya have liked your Facebook page Love this necklace fab giveaway Reply Alexia Day says May 15 2013 at 5 35 pm What a lovely necklace And handmade even

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  • Art Of Crafts Interview: Ceramic Artist Jo Lucksted | Art Of Crafts
    it s whimsical has beauty and isn t practical it s either something I love or would love to make I admire old fashioned craftsmanship 6 Do you undertake your business on a full time basis or do you have other work family commitments I have a family three kids spanning the age of 3 up to 18 and a husband plus a sorely neglected house and allotment I would say my work is part time but in reality I probably devote more hours to work or work related activity than I did when I was employed and there was a cut off point I m including facebook as work which can lead me to be on the computer until stupid o clock most nights 7 Tell us a little about your typical day and what is involved in running the business Getting up and getting the kids out to school college and nursery is step one Once my youngest is at nursery for the morning I go to my studio to get on with making for orders At the moment most of the work I m producing is being made to order although I need some time to be developing new ideas to supply galleries and to put on my website It s easy to get stuck in the trap of selling online and then reproducing to replace stock it s important to keep coming up with new work but the growth of internet sales has changed the way a lot of makers produce now Once I finish physical hands on making I generally continue with taking photos and uploading images or doing admin or more computer based work in the afternoon and evening And then there s posting orders which always takes more time than you allow for all this is making me realise that I need a bit more structure to my week 8 What advice would you give to others who are considering running a craft based business Speak to other craftspeople they are usually very generous with advice based on their own experiences and can recommend good craft fairs or galleries Social networking is also a good way to meet other makers and share experiences Value what you do look around to see what others are charging but make sure that your prices enable you to make a living you have a skill and an original idea that should be valued so don t undersell yourself it doesn t do you or other makers any favours Get a business head on being creative and business minded don t usually go hand in hand but you must be prepared to take a step back and evaluate your business and where it s going learn from the past reflect on what worked and what didn t and be in a state of constantly assessing what you want to achieve and how to do it Self publicise it s not a sin You might have the most amazing

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  • Some Things To Remember When Throwing Pots | Art Of Crafts
    walls of an object In other words you can t move any faster than the clay moves or else you will just create a spiral rather than even walls 3 Will power There s another good expression which can be applied to pottery Between a rock and a hard place Remember that you are in most cases much bigger and heavier than your ball of clay Be the rock upon which the clay smashes again and again until it moves to center 4 Slow down Each step of the process gets slower and slower until you stop and are finished From high speed while centering to the slowest speed while finishing the walls or wiring off 5 Chin up Don t lose hope because you re not a master potter on the first day week or even year Accidents happen and so do mistakes Just remember that there is plenty of clay in the world but very little time so it s key to learn from your errors and try try again 6 Practice practice practice As with any art whether it s playing the violin or painting repetition and learning from your mistakes and success are vital Work at it until you ve got it then work at it some more Mike Morrison is a 28 year old language teacher who loves foreign travel and learning new cultures He has visited 20 countries in the last 10 years including living in South Korea for two years teaching elementary level English Mike enjoys blog and article writing on assorted topics including pets hobby crafts music environmental issues and physical fitness Mike would love to hear from anyone sharing his interests Contact Mike Sign Up For My Free Newsletter As a thank you I will send you my two ebooks The

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  • Seven Steps To Throwing A Pot On The Potter’s Wheel | Art Of Crafts
    necessary are a bucket of water a wire tool a needle tool a wooden knife a sponge and a rib For beginners a wooden batt is often used This is a wooden surface that is placed on top of the metal wheel head to facilitate easy removal of finished products Now that you have your tools and your batt ready moisten the throwing surface lightly and smack your ball of clay down in the center 3 The next step is crucial to the success of your object The clay must be perfectly centered on the wheel or else your piece will be irreparably lopsided The easiest way is to eyeball it to center at a slow speed Simply pound and push until it looks centered Then with your elbows anchored into your hips or thighs the wheel spinning at the highest speed and with plenty of water use the palm of your left hand or right hand for left handed throwers to push the spinning ball of clay gently into center If you can see any wobbling you haven t done it right and you need to continue working at it until it is perfect 4 When you have it centered you now open up the lump of clay to form the interior space Reduce your speed and using the thumbs of both hands create an indentation on the upper surface of your centered clay ball The indentation should be perfectly centered Now using this dent as a guide push your finger s directly into the center of the clay pushing down with even pressure until you come to within a ¼ or ½ inch of the wheel head If you are unsure how deep you ve gone poke the needle tool through the clay until it hits the wheel head Congratulations If you ve made a cavity in the clay you ve just made a pot albeit not a pretty one but it s not finished yet Now to widen that hole you ve just created take the fingers of one hand and like a hook pull the wall of the clay towards you Make sure to keep your fingertips evenly on the interior bottom of the pot so you create a level floor 5 You should now have a squatty little pot centered on your wheel The next step is to pull the walls up to make them thinner and the piece taller To do this you reduce your speed a little and with your left hand inside and your right hand outside pinch the bottom of the wall until it forms a lump of clay above your fingers Stop pinching You only need to squeeze the wall until some of the clay is moved above your fingers pinching any more will result in too thin a wall at the base and the clay will most likely tear Now with that mass of clay moved above your fingers slowly no faster than the speed of the wheel and

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