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  • 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes | Resources for Evangelism
    a group course or as a give away or as a presentation visual Click here for more Why Jesus Came Rainbow Discovery is the ideal gift for seekers Why not include it in your church welcome pack too Click here for more The Purpose of the Cross Place Rainbow in public waiting rooms Keep copies for baptismal candidates hospital visitation and Bible in schools Click here for more Did Christ Rise From the Dead Rainbow is good for individuals or for three or four to sit around a table and discover the good news about Jesus Click here for more Awesome Christian Practices River is a discipleship manual which spells out the basics in language that new Christians understand Click here for more Why You are Special to God River Discipleship tackles vital subjects yet without losing sight of our personal need Click here for more Set Free Imaginative question and answer systems are employed to provide variety and interest to the end Click here for more Where do we go when we Die Rivers helpful diagrams add impact and visual clarity to important spiritual concepts Click here for more Go Preach the Good News 300 plus Bible references are logically threaded throughout makes River a 100 scripture based course Click here for more The Unforgivable Sin Some of our studies are printable in pdf format and available on this website for churches individuals or home groups Click here for more Have You Received the Promise Free loose leaf studies designed to fold into our manuals are being added here as they are being developed Click here for more Prayer that Works Please check out our free studies page and email the link to pastors home group leaders missionaries and friends Click here for more Things to Come A few of our supplements venture into controversial areas But what are differences between friends Just print the ones you want Click here for more Will the World come to an End Whether you choose all or some of these supplements we would like to offer each of them with our desire that the Church be blessed Click here for more The Atonement Clock Could it be a clock was behind history counting down toward a destiny which had already been written Click here for more What was the Crucifixion Date Some important timelines have gone unnoticed because the centre point of prophecy the cross has not been properly dated Click here for more Jubilee Timeline Discovered A grid exists of weeks periods of seven years and multiples of seven that extend beneath the pages of scripture Click here for more The Old Testament s Secret Surfacing briefly inside stories and seemingly innocuous chronologies is a neglected Bible subject Click here for more Sabbatic Mathematics Interesting new research from the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls into a no longer used soli lunar calendar Click here for more Spread it out before the Lord Podcast message from Chris Gedge What do we

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    us Guestbook Online Store Syndication River Discipleship 9 00 Rainbow Discovery 9 00 Rainbow Discovery Value Pack 80 00 River Discipleship Value Pack 80 00 River Rainbow combination Bulk Purchase 280 00 The Atonement Clock 10 00 All content 5

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  • Clipart | 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes
    no future date setting Christian Living There are 20 images in this gallery Last updated Wed 28 03 2012 4 35am Term description Churches prayer worship choirs sunday school crosses candles bibles and scrolls New Testament There are 12 images in this gallery Last updated Fri 20 06 2014 11 12am Term description Use this gallery for pictures from New Testament stories and practices Old Testament There are 14 images

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    message using the contact form below Your name Your e mail address Subject Message Word verification verify using audio Type the characters you see in the picture above if you can t read them submit the form and a new

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    More Options Good News Contact us Guestbook Online Store Syndication Login to post new content in the forum Forum Topics Posts Last post Frequently Asked Questions Questions about materials 0 0 n a All content 5 Loaves 2 Fishes unless

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  • Chris and Maureen's Guestbook | 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes
    and get back on track kueh Thu 24 12 2009 4 38pm A wonderful website that is godly blessed n a joy to being a member of the sharing forums God blessing indeed for the world to be able to access this website God bless Denise Craig Sun 22 11 2009 5 00am I want to thank the two of you for your service You have been a blessing to so many Brendan Thu 01 10 2009 12 14pm Been on the forum for yonks but all this remained a hidden treasure till today Great site and God bless Justin Rutledge Fri 18 09 2009 3 32am I found this site on Bible Forums You advertised it and I bought This is a good site I also like your take on the timing of Acts I also enjoy your many posts Heather Fri 03 07 2009 2 19pm Loved your web site its concept is awesome I will be back to visit you again Karl Spence Tue 12 05 2009 2 28pm Hi I think the website is very enjoyable and interesting to read jeffweeder Thu 05 03 2009 4 01pm Fantastic work Robin Sam Mon 19 01 2009 5 54pm Chris and Maureen God bless you both for the good work you are doing My prayer is that in 2009 you will continue to be a greater blessing to many more people than in the previous years Robin Sam John Sun 16 11 2008 9 17am I have enjoyed my visit to your website May our wonderful God bless you with His grace and love Susan Hill Wed 27 08 2008 9 02pm Hi Loaves and Fishes I will need to check my site I may have link to your old name What I wanted to ask was do

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  • 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes Manuals | 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes
    Online Store Syndication Rainbow Discovery River Discipleship Rainbow Discovery 9 00 Rainbow Discovery Value Pack 80 00 River Discipleship 9 00 River Discipleship Value Pack 80 00 River Rainbow combination Bulk Purchase 280 00 The Atonement Clock 10 00 All

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    address A valid e mail address All e mails from the system will be sent to this address The e mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e mail Password Confirm password Provide a password for the new account in both fields Word verification verify using audio Type the

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