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  • 2und40 - benandjerrys: BREAKING NEWS: We’re hearing...
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    nsphotographs The beginning to my first set out of four from this morning s shoots via horseriderproblems August 15 2013 Source nsphotographs Aug 15 2013 jumpsandbumps scout it out from our beach ride last month we galloped through a flock of seagulls haha I can t even express how much I love this picture via horseriderproblems August 15 2013 Source scout it out Aug 13 2013 via pofallabeendetdinge August 13 2013 Source pofallabeendetdinge Jul 18 2013 via notmybeautifulhome July 18 2013 Source Jun 23 2013 The Fascinating Part Of The Changes To Tim Cook s Restricted Apple Stock As many have noted Apple s filed with the SEC to make changes to the restricted stock unit award which is the major part of Tim Cook s compensation as the CEO of that company Amazingly given what we ve seen happen at so many other companies these changes make it more difficult This is a good read on Apple s CEO and his compensation And if you have read for example here in Germany how the Apple Board sanctioned Mr Cook and changed the rules on his RFU deals Well this is a different story Although the press stories and this

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  • 2und40 - done. :)
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  • 2und40 - homedesigning: 17 Light-Filled Modern Kitchens...
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